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 Respect everyone and all materials at all times.  Speak appropriate English in class.  Take notes and keep an organized notebook.  Give maximum effort.

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2  Respect everyone and all materials at all times.  Speak appropriate English in class.  Take notes and keep an organized notebook.  Give maximum effort.  Turn in all assignments.  Be on time.

3 1. Follow all policies and rules in the BVHS student handbook. 2. Listen and follow instructions when they are given. 3. Food and drinks are not permitted.

4  Review policy in handbook/newsletter  In my class – ◦ If I catch you, I will ask you to put it in the basket on the bookcase. ◦ No argument – no problem; pick it up at the end of class. ◦ If unwilling to use the basket, you may choose to go to the office. ◦ Note the policy during tests on an upcoming slide.

5  You must have the school’s technology usage form signed.  Use the laptop that corresponds to your desk number.  Do not print without permission.  Be on-task; do not “shop” or play games without permission.  Always carry equipment carefully.  Shut down completely before closing the machine.  Plug the machine back in when returned to the cart.

6 1st time: Warning or conference with student 2nd time: Lunch or after-school detention (at teacher's convenience) 3rd time: Discussion with parent or guardian 4th time: Discipline referral

7  All students are expected to keep an orderly notebook and to take notes. ◦ Notes may be collected at any time for a grade. ◦ Notebook checks will occur at least once a quarter but possibly more often.  Daily objectives will be on the P-board; get prepared and ready to begin as soon as attendance is finished.

8 1.Your name, the date, & assignment description written on them 2.Be legible 3.Turned in on the due date & when requested in class

9  Some assignments may be requested turned into Drive.  All students will receive a BVLS email address.  I will use this address to communicate with you.

10  Long-term: more than five school days for completion.  Must be requested at least 2 days before the original due date to receive credit.  Requests will not be granted on the due date; the grade at that point is a zero.  You may request only 1 extension per quarter.  You cannot request extensions on daily homework that is due the day after it is assigned.  You must submit the assignment within 5 days (counting Sat/Sun) of the original due date. I won't remind you; this is your responsibility.  You must request the extension in person or via email so that I can record it.

11  Definitions: ◦ Cheating is the giving, receiving or taking without consent answers on any assignment. ◦ Plagiarism is claiming another's intellectual property (writing, projects, etc.) as your own without giving credit to the original creator.

12  1st offense: receive a zero; plus, parents/guardians and administration will be notified.  2 nd offense: results in failure of the current quarter.  3rd offense: results in failure of the semester.

13  *During tests: ◦ Turn your cell phone off or put it on silent ◦ Place it face down on the corner of your desk ◦ If you choose not to do this and the phone rings or your hands are below the desk, you will receive a zero. ◦ Use the tri-fold “blinds”

14 1.Homework is to be done at home or in study hall (do not complete homework for another teacher during this class or mine in someone else's). 2.Most research, typing, etc. will need to be done outside of class time. 3.Students will not be permitted to leave class to finish or print assignments. Come to class with everything you need or it is late.

15  If you would like to receive text reminders about upcoming due dates or tests, subscribe to my Remind101 © number: (239) 449-6642.  Text your class code to the above number: American Literature @mshooperal AP Literature@mshooper Mythology@bvmyth

16 1. Bring blue slips and homework to me. 2. I will give you any missing handouts. 3. Check the homework board for missed assignments. These will also be posted on my webpage. 4. In accordance with the BVHS handbook, you have one day for each day absent to submit make-up work. However, long term projects are due on the due date despite absences. If you are absent on the due date, email the assignment to me by 3 p.m. on the due date and bring a printed copy when you return. 5. If you are in the building but not class, put assignments in the folder outside my door by 3 p.m.

17 6. All submitted make-up work (received within the policy) will receive credit (even if the absence is unexcused). 7. Missed tests must be made up within two days of your return. 8. Missed tests receive credit only if your absence is excused. Show me a blue slip! 9. See me to schedule make-up tests. 10. Missed make-up tests will receive a zero.

18 1. All forms must be given to me before the lesson begins; I'll sign them and return them before class ends. 2. Homework is due when you return. 3. Check my webpage for due dates if you are uncertain. 4. Missed tests should be scheduled before you leave and are to be taken the day you return. 5. NO tests can be taken in advance.

19  I will grade as quickly as possible but there will, inevitably, be delays…please be patient.  If you check PowerSchool © and see an assignment listed but no grade, it means I haven't grade it yet.  I will frequently leave comments about scores; please read them.  Keep all returned papers; I am human, so I do make mistakes. If you find an error, bring me the graded paper and I will correct it. I will not make a change without seeing the graded work.

20  American Literature & Mythology ◦ Unless otherwise stated in the assignment, you can only receive ½ credit on late work! ◦ You must complete the “Missing Work Log”  AP Literature – late work is not accepted

21  You may request a retest for any test except a "pop quiz".  Here's the catch: you must provide evidence of your efforts to improve.  You will need to submit a "Request to Retest" (completely filled out and with the requested materials).  You must correct the original test.  You have two days to take the retest (scheduled like a make-up test).  The retest will have the same concepts and format but will not be identical to the original test.  I will not "beg" you to take a retest…this is completely your responsibility.

22  Discussion regarding grades needs to be conducted before or after school not during class time. Schedule an appointment during my office hours.  Keep all your returned papers. If I have recorded a grade incorrectly, you need to show me the paper before I’ll correct the grade book.  Grades (except for AP Lit) will be recorded as points earned over points possible. Note: some tests, projects, papers may be weighted.

23  Please put the chairs on top of the desks before leaving at the end of the day.

24  Conference period – 1 st period  Everydat: 7 - 7:30  Monday - Wednesday: until 4 p.m.  Thursday-Friday: until 3:15 *Please sign-up on the sheet on the door outside

25  All of this information and more can be found on my webpage.  This can be accessed through BV’s website. ◦ Don’t forget to check the guidance page for updates about:  Employment opportunities  Scholarships  Important dates for ACT, SAT, PSAT, Graduation, etc.

26  Email:  Phone: (740) 363-1349 ext. 4127

27  Your first assignment: ◦ Have your parent/guardian read the Expectations and Procedures” handouts ◦ Complete and sign the acknowledgement ◦ Return only the acknowledgement on Monday, August 18 ◦ Put the handouts in your binder – this will be part of the first notebook check.

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