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Behavioral Assessments Danielle Nickles March 30, 2011.

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1 Behavioral Assessments Danielle Nickles March 30, 2011

2 Behavioral Assessment for Children, Second Edition

3 BASC-2 Behavioral Assessment for Children, Second Edition ▫Multimethod ▫Multidimensional ▫Used to evaluate self-perceptions and behaviors of people ages 2-25  For ages 18-25, there is a modified Self Report version for use

4 Multimethod Parent Rating Scale Teacher Rating Scale Self Report Scale Structured Developmental History Form Student Observation System ▫A form for organizing behaviors observed in the classroom

5 Multidimensional Measures numerous types of behaviors ▫Positive/adaptive ▫Negative/clinical

6 Parent/Teacher/Self Each form is answered on a 4-point Likert Scale ▫Never ▫Sometimes ▫Often ▫Almost Always Each form takes between 10-30 minutes ▫The teacher form is the shortest

7 Strengths of the BASC-2 (to name a few) Not only does the BASC-2 assess for personality/behavioral problems, the test will provide you with some of the clients strengths Addresses symptoms concurrent with the DSM and IDEA High internal consistency and test-retest reliability Available in Spanish

8 Research behind the BASC-2 Normative Samples ▫General Norms: based on a representative sample of population  Sex, race/ethnicity, parent education, geographic region, clinical/special education classification ▫Clinical Norms  ADHD norms and LD norms

9 Research behind the BASC-2 Validity Indexes ▫F Index: respondent is excessively negative ▫L-Index: child’s tendency to paint an extremely pretty portrait of themselves ▫V- Index: Highly implausible statement ▫Consistency Index: respondent answers differently to questions that should be answered the same* ▫Response Pattern Index: detects patterns in responses* *software scoring only

10 Research behind the BASC-2 Teacher Rating Scale ▫Internal Consistency: high.80’s to high.90’s ▫Test-Retest: mid.80’s to low.90’s ▫Inter-rater Reliability:.53-.65 dependent on age

11 Research behind the BASC-2 Parent Rating Scale: ▫Internal Consistency: mid.80’s to high.90’s ▫Test-Retest: low.80’s to low.90’s ▫Inter-rater Reliability:.69-.77 dependent on age

12 Research behind the BASC-2 Self Report of Personality ▫Internal Consistency: mid.80’s to mid.90’s ▫Test-Retest: high.70’s to low 80’s  This becomes better at the college level

13 Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Second Edition

14 ABAS II Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Second Edition ▫Provides assessment of adaptive skills, identifies strengths and limitations, and monitor’s progress over time ▫Produces scores for a General Adaptive Composite, specific Skills Areas, and Adaptive Domains ▫Normed for ages 0-89 years

15 Skill Areas ▫Communication ▫Community Use ▫Functional (Pre)Academics ▫School/Home Living ▫Health and Safety ▫Leisure ▫Self-Care ▫Self-Direction ▫Social ▫Motor/Work Adaptive Domains ▫Conceptual ▫Social ▫Practical 10 Skill Areas 3 Adaptive Domains General Adaptive Composite

16 ABAS II: Adaptive? What does adaptive mean? ▫When measuring adaptive behaviors on the ABAS II, you are measuring the amount of difficulty with daily skills necessary for functioning

17 ABAS II Results can be used to make diagnostic decisions and to plan interventions/services Special Education and Disability services usually require an evaluation of adaptive skills

18 Forms included in the ABAS II Parent/Primary Caregiver ▫0-5 years ▫241 items Parent ▫5-21 years (K-12) ▫232 items Teacher/Daycare Provider ▫2-5 years ▫216 items Teacher ▫5-21 years (K-12) ▫193 items Adult ▫16-89 years ▫Self-report and Reported by others ▫239 items

19 Psychometric Properties: ABAS II Norms ▫Are representative of the US population based on gender, race/ethnicity, and parent-education level Validity ▫Not reported in the manual

20 Psychometric Properties: ABAS II Reliability Internal Consistency: ▫GAC:.97-.99 ▫Adaptive Domains:.91-.98 ▫Skill Areas:.80-.97 Test-Retest: ▫GAC:.9o’s ▫Adaptive Domains: high.80’s – 90’s ▫Skill Areas:  Infant/preschool:.70’s,.80’s, and.90’s  School age/adults:.80’s-.90’s

21 Psychometric Properties: ABAS II Reliability Cross Form Consistency ▫Teacher/Daycare and Parent/Primary Caregiver:.68 ▫School age Teacher and Parent:.70 ▫Adult Self and Other:.94 Inter-Rater: ▫Teacher/Daycare:.81 ▫Teacher:.90 ▫Parent/Primary Caregiver:.82 ▫Parent:.91 ▫Adult: (when individual was rated by 2 respondents).89-.93


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