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ORANGE COUNTY SCHOOLS Leadership Retreat June 23, 2010.

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1 ORANGE COUNTY SCHOOLS Leadership Retreat June 23, 2010

2 Cameron Park Elementary School Highlights Attained high growth - will continue to be a School of Distinction Hosted community/school events that embraced parent involvement Implemented Whole-to-Part Intervention in the a.m. in addition to our other interventions 2

3 Central Elementary School Highlights Received the NCASCD Lighthouse Award Increased Parental Involvement/Partnerships with Families and Community Purchased new books for our Media Center which put our collection copyright date one of the highest in the district 3

4 Efland-Cheeks Elementary School Highlights. 07 of a point from High Growth in grades 3-5 as indicated on 2009-10 EOGs 100% of the students in Whole-to-Part Intervention groups made one year of growth- No rising 6 th graders below the 3 rd grade level Attendance at Title I Parent Involvement events increased 190% 4

5 Grady A. Brown Elementary School Highlights Decrease in discipline referrals due to strong character education program Parent involvement increased – especially concerning minority families Staff commitment to Tier I and II interventions 5

6 Hillsborough Elementary School Highlights Phenomenal team work centered around PLCs and SMART goals across the school Successful start with Whole to Part intervention Service Learning projects throughout the school involving local and broader communities 6

7 New Hope Elementary School Highlights Successfully completed Title I Audit and hosted a SACS visit Received USDA Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grant Increased outreach efforts to all stakeholders, with the Family Outreach Specialist and school-wide efforts 7

8 Pathways Elementary School Highlights Home of Orange County Teacher of the Year – Wayne Wilson Replaced the computer lab and 3 classroom work stations in each class through PTA and district technology collaboration Collaborated with the PTA to host events 8

9 A. L. Stanback Middle School Highlights Our focus for this year was Building Leadership Capacity: Strengthening the PLC Implemented a school-wide Literacy Model/Whole-To-Part. All students and staff read for 25 minutes daily 193 students received targeted interventions, with 74% (142) made 2 + years of growth 9

10 C.W. Stanford Middle School Highlights Completion of our Outdoor Classroom for CWS and OHS to utilize Focused intervention with our Literacy program. Targeting students who really need assistance and students showing growth Established an excellent theater program, presenting three outstanding productions 10

11 Gravelly Hill Middle School Highlights International Reading Association’s Exemplary Reading Program Award for 2010 Concert Band received a superior rating at the Central District Music Performance and were invited to perform at the NC Music Educators Convention One student scored a Level I on the reading EOGs until this year, he scored a Level III 11

12 Cedar Ridge High School Highlights 87.5% of students taking the 10 th grade writing EOC test were proficient Highest 4-year graduation cohort rate on record Posted the lowest drop-out rate in the school’s history 12

13 Orange High School Highlights Significant improvement on EOCs across the board with many all-time highs Seniors earning more than $3.2 million dollars in scholarships Growth with PLC groups. Staff has become more focused on true collaboration 13

14 Partnership Academy Highlights The expansion of Partnership Academy began! A library collection has begun with the receipt of several grants and matching funds from the BOE Over $5,000 was raised to send students to DC. It was an unforgettable experience for the students and staff. 14

15 District Highlights Strong financial support from the Board for AIG, EC, ESL and At-Risk Programs Completed District Accreditation with numerous accolades Developed a new mission, vision and comprehensive Strategic Plan Teacher Working Conditions and Parent surveys demonstrated outstanding results Conducted an outstanding PACE Summit 15

16 District Highlights Redesigned the district’s website Expanded the Community Learning Centers Received 5 Star Rating for all afterschool sites Increased the number of Pre-K Classrooms Implemented Sub Finder Installed AEDs in all district schools and buildings Increased the district’s internet band width 4 fold 16

17 District Highlights Fully implemented NC WISE Transitioned to a “paperless” payroll Initiated on-line Professional Development Established the Special Education PTA Held a very successful Project Graduation 17

18 District Highlights Received the Foreign Language Assistance Program Grant for nearly $750,000 Efland-Cheeks received the Toyota Tapestry Grant for $10,000 Added wireless networks in all schools Upgraded auditoriums at Gravelly, Cedar Ridge and Orange High 18

19 District Highlights Completed work on the Orange High Track Nearly completed Phase II of Partnership Academy Completed preliminary work for the C.W.S Auditorium Project Began meetings with architects to renovate Central and Efland-Cheeks elementary schools 19

20 District Highlights Expanded Community Partnerships – The Cedar Grove Ruritans – BB&T – GlaxoSmithKline – Northern Orange Educational Task Force – The Chamber of Commerce – Habitat for Humanity – Eurosport – Time Warner Cable 20

21 District Highlights Governor Perdue’s visit to Stanford Jason Johnson named to the Distinguished Principals Leadership Program Dr. Sue Florence received her Doctorate in Education Bobby Shriner inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame 21

22 Academic Highlights Honored by the State Superintendent for having a “Top Ten” Graduation Rate Dropout Rates decreased by more than 20% All 12 Traditional School made “Expected Growth”, 8 made “High Growth” 7 of our 3-8 schools made “High Growth” in Reading 5 of our 3-8 schools made “High Growth” in Math 22

23 Academic Highlights Proficiency Rates increased in all 8 EOCs Highest Proficiency Rate recorded for U.S. History, Civics, Biology, Algebra II and Geometry Adopted Whole To Part across the district Adopted Math Expressions in all grades K-5 23

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38 Cedar Ridge High School EOC Results 2008-10 38

39 Orange High School EOC Results 2008-10 39

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41 O utstanding student achievement and individual success C ommitment to excellence, communication and collaboration S erving students, staff, families, and the community through strong, active relationships 41

42 42 The highest level of academic achievement is our prime core value. Fundamental belief: high achievement best prepares students for a successful future O utstanding Student Achievement

43 43 Through an overriding focus on student achievement and learning: C ommitment to Excellence Leadership that is committed and proactive A focus on the learning of all students Belief that each of us makes a difference A sense of personal responsibility A sense of urgency

44 44 All adults in the system are held accountable for student learning: C ommitment to Communication Communicate higher expectations Align curriculum and assessment Provide embedded professional development

45 45 Develop a culture committed to Professional Learning Communities: C ommitment to Collaboration Foster commitment and mutual respect Increase staff stability Cultivate a clear focus on learning Commit to professional excellence

46 46 Develop high quality relationships with students, staff, parents and community members: S ervice to the Community Intense focus on customer service Develop and maintain community partnerships Treat people like you would like to be treated

47 Moving towards Excellence The Next Steps 47

48 Bottom Line: 48 When we really focus on something, we make enormous progress

49 Strategic Planning Goal 1: Orange County Schools will provide excellent instruction to prepare students for global competitiveness. 49

50 Strategic Planning Goal 2: Orange County Schools will recruit and support highly qualified educators who work collaboratively to enhance student achievement. 50

51 Strategic Planning Goal 3: Orange County Schools will provide opportunities for involvement of the community in improving the health, safety and well-being of our students and their families. 51

52 Strategic Planning Goal 4: Orange County Schools district leaders will promote a culture that embraces constructive change and focuses on continuous improvement. 52

53 Strategic Planning Goal 5: Orange County Schools will be supported by effective and efficient operations. 53

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