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2 4/12/2017 Logging In

3 Log In

4 Select Application

5 Delinquent Reports

6 Delinquent Query Options
With no search criteria, results will display all delinquencies

7 Delinquent Query Results
Option to select a lease to file on and a “File on ALL” button forthcoming

8 Select Type of Filing

9 File G-10

10 Search Criteria - Preview
Due date required for Surveys

11 Preview Entry/Generate EDI File

12 Search Criteria – Create G-10

13 Select Wells to File

14 Filing Selection “Show Available” button is used to display wells that still require filings

15 Validation Key test data and select save button

16 Saved - No Errors NO ERRORS - SUBMIT!

17 Submit Report

18 Successful/View Image

19 Print or save to your files

20 Select Type of Filing

21 File W-10

22 Search Criteria – Preview/EDI

23 Preview Entry/Generate EDI File

24 Search Criteria – Create W-10
Retest can only be filed on the same report if tests are in the same month

25 Filing Selection

26 Validation Key test data and select save button

27 Saved - No Errors NO ERRORS - SUBMIT!

28 Submit Report

29 Successful/View Image

30 Print or save to your files

31 Select Type of Filing

32 EDI Upload EDI files are uploaded nightly, can be deleted prior to upload

33 Rejected EDI Reports

34 EDI Reject Query Options

35 EDI Reject Results

36 Work In Progress Query

37 Work in Progress Query Results
Click on the TRK # to access the report Reports can be deleted that are a work in progress Only “Work in Progress” filed can be edited

38 Results from Selecting TRK#
Complete your work in progress and submit

39 Status Report Query

40 Status Report Query Options

41 Status Query Results

42 Processed Reports Query

43 Processed Report Query Options

44 Processed Reports Results
Click on PLUS symbol for error message Click on TRK# to review report - must be re-filed

45 Online Filings

46 Security Requirments

47 User Account Creation

48 PowerPoint Steps

49 Notes on Filings General
No rules or procedures have changed regarding the G-10’s/W-10’s. Majority of the procedural points you see here have always been done “in house”. Hardcopy G-10/W-10 Surveys will no longer be mailed out. You will receive a listing of wells and a letter when surveys are due. Check “Wells Lacking G-10/W-10 Query” at the beginning of every month by due date to ensure you are filing timely. You can also use our proration schedule by field to view test cycles, due dates, & effective dates.

50 Notes on filings (cont’d)
General (cont’d) Any status other than “work in progress” cannot be edited. You can file a retest the following day to correct. EDI files can be deleted up until 5 pm same business day. Initial EDI validate only validates for syntax errors, business rules will be run that night for actual filing errors. is issued day after EDI upload with successful & failed records.

51 Notes on Filings (cont’d)
General (Cont’d) Show available button under surveys will only display wells that do not already have a filing pending/processed. If Surveys are filed early i.e. at the beginning of test cycle, they will be held “pending” until due date. Only wells that have a survey due or are delinquent will be available for filing type “Survey” all others must be filed as a retest. There is no due date for retests. As always, test date must be from designated testing cycle for that survey.

52 Notes on Filings (W-10) W-10 You may file a late W-10 survey
You may file a W-10 back dated up to 24 months Effective date of retest may be adjusted if cumulative overproduction is detected All test dates on the same report must be from the same month If no overproduction is detected effective date will be the 1st of the month of your test month

53 Notes on Filings (G-10) G-10
If Survey effective date is more than 15 days past you must file as a retest. Retest effective dates are always 15 days prior to received date (this is calculated for you). SIWH pressure exemptions and field exemptions are pre-programmed in for you. *EXC* will not appear on filings but you may view your well specific exemptions under the Generate API XREF File.

54 Contact Us – For immediate assistance call the Well Compliance’s (Proration) new phone number:


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