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NCPR Spring Council Meeting 2014 Hosted by Silver Bits Pony Club.

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1 NCPR Spring Council Meeting 2014 Hosted by Silver Bits Pony Club


3 Annual Meeting 2014 Highlights  New Website  New 2014 HM Handbook  New VI Instructor Program Guide  New D1-C2 Lower Level Examiner Guidebook  New Upper Level Testing deadline is 12 weeks prior to test  New Re-Test Policy for Upper Level and Club Level Test: *A candidate may retest only if the candidate qualifies for a retest by passing the minimum number of sections stated on the test sheet and the original Examiner has recommended the candidate to retest. Those testing during the current year have until August 31 of the following year to retest. Candidates must arrange for retests through their DC/CA  Change in “interpreting” the National Member in Good Standing policy  New Dressage Tract for D1-C2  Continuous Improvement- Accounting Project

4 Calendar Update and Rallies  Feb 22-23 Upper Level Prep: Paddock Hills  March 15-16 Quiz Rally: Hopedale/Tremont, IL  April 1 Champs Intents Due and Upper Level Testing Intents Due  April 5/6 Upper Level Prep: Iowa  May 10-11 HA Prep  June 6-8 TET, Show Jump and Dressage Rally  June 20-22 Eventing Rally  June 27-29 HB Test: Tremont, IL (April 4 th deadline to apply)  July 14-22 Festival/Champs  July 25-27 C3, B, A Test (May 2 deadline to apply)  Aug 2-3 D Rally  October 25 Fall Council Meeting

5 Championships/Festival Intent deadline April 1 st Members should also indicate on Rally entries they are intending to qualify

6 Policy Changes and reviews Proposed to changes in NCPR Policies:  Add Assistant RIC and Assistant HMO to regional officers. To be slated by Nominating Committee and voted and accepted by council  Add: In order to set our candidates up for success the Region requests that each candidate participate in an Upper Level Prep or provide information to the RS and/or RIC detailing their preparation.  All Region’s Policies will be reviewed by national Office this year, next year will be a review of all clubs

7 RIC Report  Presented by Bridget Bryson  Check out the new NCPR Instructional Website! 

8 HMO Report  Presented by Kristy Votoupal  Welcome Julia Davies as Assistant HMO

9 New Business: Fundraising

10 New Business: CHMJ Meeting  National office has requested that we as a Region support our Chief HM Judges to go to training meeting.  Propose to support Andrew Marsh in attending  $500 for meeting, hotel and transportation

11 Other Business: Regional Grant  Presented by barb McMorris

12 Other Business: Foxhunting  Art Richardson has would like to help our NCPR members/clubs who are interested in Foxhunting to have a good, solid and safe experience learning the basics of Foxhunting with a long term goal of participating in a hunt.  Invite: All clubs  Start with riding n the open, move to mock hunts  Needed: 8-10 kids and adult mounted chaperones  Earn Foxhunting Badge

13 Adjournement  Thank you all for coming!!!

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