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The College Application Process Prepared by Mr. Pérez, Counselor and Ms. Pinesett, Talent Search Counselor For students in the Class of 2011.

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1 The College Application Process Prepared by Mr. Pérez, Counselor and Ms. Pinesett, Talent Search Counselor For students in the Class of 2011

2 Information You Will Need 1. Your social security number 2. Family information –Mother & Father’s address, date of birth and occupation –Mother & Father’s college, degree, date of graduation –Siblings, ages and college's attended 3. Your transcript –Courses taken –Grade Point Average –Class Rank –Test Scores 4. Extracurricular activities (prioritized in order by importance) 5. Honors and awards 6.School Information –CEEB/334630 – Mr. Pérez’s phone (845)-451-4910 –fax number (845)451-4923 –Email

3 The College Search

4 Defining Your Search The College’s Admission requirements Majors/Academic programs available Location Population/Setting Social Clubs/Sports Start your Search in your Junior year or as soon as possible

5 Key Terms Associate’s Degree – degree given by a two- year college Bachelor’s Degree- degree given by a four- year college Types of Schools –Universities– degrees in various fields –Schools of Technology – degrees in science, technology and engineering –Community Colleges—Local colleges that offer two-year degrees

6 Key Websites –Public colleges throughout New York State – Public colleges within New York City –Public and Private colleges throughout the U.S.

7 What Colleges Consider Transcripts (Coursework, grades and accomplishments throughout grades 9- 12) Test scores (SAT/ACT) High school courses taken Difficulty of courses taken

8 Parts of the College Application General application Supplemental application College Essay Letters of recommendation Transcripts SAT/ACT test scores Application Fee

9 2011 Seniors Guidance Department Transcript request Form Student name ___________________________ Student ID # ________ DOB _________ Please check appropriate boxes Transcript Pick up ___ __ official copyTranscript mailed ___ __ unofficial copy 1st Quarter ___ Mid- Year (FEB) ___ SAT or ACT included ___ College/University _________________________________________ Mailing Address ___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (For Guidance Use only) Processed by ________________________________ Date ____________________ Date Mailed _________________ Date Picked Up_______________

10 Key Terms Early decision – (binding) Early Action EOP/HEOP Rolling Admissions On Campus housing Off Campus Housing

11 Methods of Applying Paper Applications –Download from college’s website –Request a copy through the mail On-line Applications – – –

12 Helpful Tips Complete the supplemental application even if it is optional Type your application Make a copy of each application for your records Follow up with colleges Make sure that you list each college you intend to apply to on your SAT or Act registration form

13 Top10 College Application Mistakes Misspellings and grammatical errors Applying online, but the application isn’t actually submitted Forgotten signatures Not reading carefully Listing extracurricular activities that aren’t Not telling Mr. Pérez, your school counselor, where you applied Writing illegibly - #$%^@ Using an email address your friends might laugh about, but colleges won’t hotbigdaddyflavorflaverman Not checking your e-mail regularly Letting mom and dad help you fill out your application

14 What kinds of students is the college looking for (athletes, musicians, artists)? What are the three most popular majors at your school? What research are faculty members involved in and what opportunities do undergraduates have to participate in this research? Questions to ask Admissions Representatives

15 Do graduate students teach most freshman classes? If a student has a learning disability what support is available to that student? What courses would a student take their first year in a particular major (for example: Business Administration)? If a student is undecided about a major, what services and support are available to help them explore various majors? Advisor, counselor, support center?

16 Questions to ask Admissions Representatives What is the retention rate for students at your school after freshman year? What is the percentage of students that graduate in four years? What are some of the extracurricular activities available on campus? What percentage of students receive financial aid? How long does it take to become an In-state student?

17 Questions to ask Admissions Representatives What kinds of activities and events are there in the area around the school? Is it safe in the community? Are there things to do on weekends on campus? What opportunities are available for internships? What is the average financial aid package (excluding loans) for an Out-of-State student?

18 Should I test again? You should definitely consider retesting if you had any problems during testing, such as misunderstanding the directions, running out of time, or not feeling well. Many students test twice, once as a junior and again as a senior.

19 Should I test again? You may also want to consider retesting if you don't believe that your scores accurately represent your abilities, especially if you see a discrepancy between your SAT or ACT scores and your high school grades, or if you have completed coursework or an intensive review in the subject areas included in the SAT or ACT since you tested.

20 FREE SAT PREP Do you need to get ready for the SAT’s? Do you want to improve your scores? Free SAT prep class - PHS summer school Reading & Writing Taught by. Mrs. Laffin Math -TBA See Mrs. Laffin or Ms. Pizer for information

21 Let’s Get Ready SAT Prep Sign up for the SAT Prep program called Lets Get Ready Class begins in September Applications will be available in August

22 Questions to ask Admissions Representatives Research shows that of the students who took the ACT more than once: 55% increased their Composite score on the retest 22% had no change in their Composite score on the retest How will you do on a retest? 23% decreased their Composite score on the retest If you test more than once, you determine which set of scores are sent to colleges or scholarship programs. ACT reports only one test date per report.which set of scores are sent

23 Apply to "Choice" Colleges A prerequisite is a course that must be taken before enrollment in another related course. (Example: French 1 is a prerequisite for French 2.) A transcript is the official record of high school or college courses and grades, generally required as part of the college application. Before you start applying to schools, find out the application deadline and fees for each school you are considering. The application process at each school is unique. You'll find different requirements, prerequisites, and levels of selectivity. Some things remain consistent though, and we have advice to help you through the application process.

24 Apply to "Choice" Colleges Start early. It takes time to get ACT scores tabulated and sent, and it takes time for school counselors and others providing references to gather information. Follow the instructions and proofread. The application form is often an admission committee's first contact with a prospective student. Make a good impression with a neat application free of spelling and grammatical errors.

25 Apply to "Choice" Colleges Work with your high school to send transcripts & test scores. Go to your school guidance office for help getting all necessary transcripts, records, test scores, and applications sent to prospective schools. If you decide to apply to schools that have not already received your ACT scores, you can ask ACT to send your scores to that college. send your scores

26 Apply to "Choice" Colleges Make the most of personal references. Ask people who know you and can support the recommendation well. Prepare a neat and legible reference form. Give your references plenty of time—a school counselor isn't likely to write glowing recommendations for last-minute requests! Allow at least two weeks before application deadlines.

27 Senior Profile Poughkeepsie High School Senior Profile Class of 2011 __________________________________ Student NameID # The following self assessment assists your counselor and teachers write an informative and important letter of recommendation. The more specific details you can give us, the more thorough your recommendation will be. You may attach a separate sheet of responses or a resume, if you prefer. Don’t me modest! You may add any personal comments or anecdotes that will help your counselor/teacher in writing your recommendation. Be Honest! I plan on majoring in _______________________________________________________________ I am applying to the following colleges: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________ Name the people who have helped shape your character (parent, teacher/counselor, relative, friend, etc.) How have they influenced you? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________

28 Senior Profile Describe how your family life and or situation have contributed to the person you are today ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ List your interests and or hobbies. Include any summer activities/volunteer service and employment experiences related to these interests. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ I am involved in the following activities in the community: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ List all the school activities you have participated in, the number of years, and the amount of time per week you spent, and what you have gained or learned from each activity. Consider artistic, athletic, leadership, service. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Which activity was most important to you? Why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

29 Senior Profile What experiences in high school (both positive and negative) have affected you? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Describe any academic accomplishments (major paper, term project, artistic project) you are most proud of, and tell why you take pride in it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ What books have had the greatest impact on you? Why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ List honors, awards, and extra curricular involvement during your four years in high school. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ List your three most distinguishing or most admirable qualities. Explain each in several sentences ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Please list any other information that your would like your recommender to know about you that could be shared in your letter of recommendation. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

30 Apply to "Choice" Colleges Write an outstanding essay. Most college applications require an essay, so spend time crafting a good one. A great essay probably won't get you into college if you don't meet the other academic requirements, but if a student is a "possible admit"— one of the "maybes" the college may admit—it can move him or her higher up on the list. Be ready to interview, audition, or submit a portfolio. Some colleges also require a personal interview or examples of work in special areas such as art or music. Keep a copy of all your application materials.

31 Senior Time-Line September Begin a challenging Senior year! Meet with college representatives who visit Poughkeepsie HS Register for SATI/ACT or SAT II Tests. Have your scores sent to colleges. Continue to make appointments for college interviews and/or tours. Visit colleges

32 Senior Time-Line Narrow down choices as a result of visits and other research Make decision whether to apply to a specific college on an Early Decision Plan Request college application forms. Send follow-up letter if necessary Update your filing system to keep track of college information Ask staff to write a letter of recommendation

33 Senior Time Line October Meet with Mr. Pérez, counselor for Senior Interview Attend any college mini-fairs that may be held locally Attend College Fair at PHS, DCC, and Marist Attend Open House at colleges Register for December SATII Meet with college representatives who visit PHS Begin to work on applications Discuss essays with English teacher, parents and others AVOID SENIOR SLUMP- Keep Your Grades Up!

34 Senior Time Line November Meet with Mr. Pérez for your Senior Interview Take SAT or SAT II tests at PHS Meet Early Decision deadline if applicable Continue to make college visits Talk with college friends home for the holidays Finalize college choices and continue to work on applications. Proofread everything you send Have someone else proofread completed essays and applications Submit transcript requests to guidance office (if you haven’t done so already) with applications Notify Mr. Pérez of any online applications

35 Senior Time Line December Take SAT or SAT II tests if required Re-check for college application deadlines Register for January SATI or SAT II tests if needed Ask staff to write letters of recommendation Attend financial aid workshop at PHS or area school Pick up financial aid form (FAFSA) in guidance office Keep track of scholarships in the Guidance office January Applications should be submitted Keep track of deadlines Take SATI/ACT or SAT II if necessary File financial aid form (by end of month if possible--use the previous year’s tax return)

36 Senior Time-Line February Request in Guidance that mid-year grades be sent to colleges Register for March SAT if needed Begin to explore opportunities for summer employment Pick-up applications for local scholarships Note early deadline on some March Take SAT, if needed Apply for local scholarships National Merit Scholarship winners notified Begin hearing from colleges about acceptance

37 Senior Time Line April College notification continues Review your financial aid package with college financial aid office (you can appeal a preliminary aid package) If you are accepted by a college, you must: Make an enrollment decision Decide whether or not to accept the financial aid offered

38 Senior Time Line If you are accepted by a college and plan to attend, follow through with: Deposits, Housing request, other correspondence If you decline admission and/or financial aid, you must: Notify college to give others a chance Notify financial aid office Notify Mr. Pérez of all college decisions and scholarships received

39 Senior Time Line May If a College accepts you, you must If selecting a New York State College, mail in completed TAP form even if the FAFSA was not completed. Make an enrollment decision Decide whether or not to accept the financial aid offered Take Advanced Placement tests, if desired

40 The Final Stretch!!! June Notify Mr. Pérez of any scholarships received Return Senior Survey to counselor ENJOY GRADUATION!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Stay in touch with Mr. Pérez

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