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A no non-sense chart pattern detection, screener for swing traders! By Joe Qi.

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1 A no non-sense chart pattern detection, screener for swing traders! By Joe Qi

2 Brief History I used classical chart patterns for trading, but could not find stocks based on chart patterns I desired. 2007: Created the first N-top / N-bottom and H&S pattern detection. 2008: Initial launch of the website, with trendlines and detection added 2010: TA indicator based screeners and statistics screeners added. 2011: Flat channel breakouts, rounding bottom patterns added. 2012: Real time web charts with trendline. Mobile applications launched (Trendline Charts) 2014: Desktop Java application replaces web-based chart. Mobile Android app redesigned to be more interactive and all TA indicators supported (Interactive Stock Charts). A major facelift. 2014 (October): Trend Reversal & Exhaustion indicator added and screeners supported. 2015: TR Intraday trading method developed. Continued improvements and iOS support?...

3 What is it NOT! Screenulator is not a penny stock pick site! Screenulator is not just another stockcharts! Screenulator is not a speculator forum

4 What it IS A suite of tools to help you TA analysis and make more accurate predictions on future stock prices Chart pattern screeners Custom screeners Interactive Stock Charts (computer + mobile) TR Indicator & Intraday trading candidates. Supports over 17000 stocks in 12+ world markets

5 Interactive Stock Charts

6 Interactive vs Static: You can scroll, zoom, pan and show info on mouse over / touch Automated trendlines + Chart pattern screeners. Desktop version supports custom screeners 15+ TA indicators and 5+ chart types Supports both mobile and desktop (OSX and Windows, Java) Interactive Stock Charts

7 Classical Chart Patterns Chart patterns are highly sought after and reliable way to analyze stock charts Examples of support patterns: Double top / bottom, H&S, Wedge, Channels, Resistance breakouts, Near support, Flat channels, Rounding bottom, Trendlines. Recognizing these patterns is an art rather than science. Computers hasn’t been able to do it as well as humans.

8 Head&Shoulder (CRME 2015-3-25) Trendline Channel (BLKB 2014-10-2)Flat channel breakout (ESPR 2014-9-30) Rounding bottom (PAM 2015-2-11)

9 Common Trading Pitfalls Wrong Approach (most people do this): Select stocks based on a news story, and try to analyze its charts with patterns / technical indicators etc. Signals may never come or disagrees with fundamentals. This leads to missed opportunities, or buying too early, or lack of confidence and confusion. Right approach: Select stocks based on chart patterns and technical signals, then see if the stories fit.

10 Chart Pattern Screeners Select stocks based on technical indicators + chart patterns (then perhaps fundamentals – optional?) You can trade these stocks right away instead of having to wait for weeks / months Screenulator screens all the chart patterns and common TA indicators over 17,000 stocks daily!

11 Example1: Chart of OVTI (Omnivision Technologies) – supplier to Apple, shows a blue support line with pivots labeled A - E. After pivots A, B, C are detected, the support line is established. When price reapproaches point D and E, "near support level" criteria is triggered and alerts traders to buy.

12 Example 3: One year chart of GLOG (GasLog - ships LNG on vessels) shows a steady uptrending line pivots marked A - D. At point D (December 2014), it showed "near support level" screener. Buy around $14, and in a couple of months, the stock moves up to $20

13 Example 3: ESPR Esperion Therapeutics develops cholesterol drugs, showed high volume breakout on September 24th, just prior to the annoucement of Phase 2 clinical trials. There is evidence of price movement before the news even comes out. Stock rockets from teens to $40+ in the following three months.

14 Gold ETF 5 year chart shows an example of support trendline break-down. On May 3 rd, 2012, support line is first breached at $159, also coincides with psychological $160. Subsequent retest on the same support line bounces off confirms the long term downtrend of Gold prices. The next chart shows continued dropping of Gold.


16 Custom Screener Customize your own screeners by combining chart patterns and TA indicators and price metrics. bin/browse_index for full list of supported screeners and chart patterns bin/browse_index Use ISC app for quicker and easier access to custom screeners!

17 TR Intraday Trading New Addition to Screenulator. Trend Reversal Indicator is based on 9, 13 count TD Sequential Proprietary indicator only available to institutional and high net-worth traders. High accuracy: 90% win rate on 5 min. charts icks.php icks.php

18 More to come… Candlestick patterns Options / commodity charts More world markets support More TA indicators support If you have any suggestions / questions contact Joe at

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