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11i Cloning Panel Panel Moderator: Sandra Vucinic.

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1 11i Cloning Panel Panel Moderator: Sandra Vucinic

2 Panel Members Lynne Paulus - Fair Isaac & Company John Stouffer – Solution Beacon James Lui - Employers Insurance Group Steve Noynaert – RingMaster Software Sandra Vucinic – VLAD Group, Inc. Panel Contributors: Eric Cole - National Institutes of Health

3 Agenda Available cloning methods Differences between methods Cloning Options available for each method Advanced Rapid Clone Options Future Cloning Options Rapid Clone – Tips, tricks and lessons learned Case Study - 11i Cloning at NIH Custom cloning method Automated third party tools

4 How can I clone an Oracle Applications 11i System? Available methods: –Cloning using AD Clone utility ( –Cloning using Rapid Clone –Custom cloning methods –Automated tools

5 What are differences between available cloning methods? Cloning using method –Applicable for all 11i releases up to 11.5.5 that are not AutoConfig enabled – method requires that you run Rapid Install and apply RDBMS and Technology Stack patches to target system Cloning using Rapid Clone –Applicable for all 11i systems that have migrated to AutoConfig and enabled Rapid Clone

6 Which cloning method is best for your environment? The best method depends on: –Version of applications: Prior to version 11.5.7 ( Version 11.5.7 and higher (Rapid Clone) –Version of Database: 8i ( and Rapid Clone) 9i (Rapid Clone only)

7 Future Cloning Options Fully automated RAC cloning with Rapid Clone (available now !!!!!) Cloning using Oracle Maintenance Wizard version 1.10 and Applications Cloning Assistant for 11.5.10 (planned to be released this summer)

8 What cloning options are available for each method?

9 Advanced Rapid Clone Options Cloning a single-node to a multi-node system Cloning a multi-node system to a multi-node system Adding a new node to an existing system Cloning “shared appl_top” Cloning a multi-node to as single-node system –Follow the procedure for Merging Existing APPL_TOPs doc id: 233428.1 Use Rapid Clone from OAM

10 Rapid Clone Advantages of Rapid Clone –All Tech stack is copied unlike adclone Includes RDBMS, 8.0.6 and iAS Exact copy of Source Environment Able avoid re-applying tech stack patches Create new environment without running Rapid Install Disadvantage of Rapid Clone = Numerous Steps, not a single program

11 Rapid Clone Tips - RMAN ‘Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone’ (doc # 230672.1) Integration with RMAN: –‘Copy database tier file system’ (Section 2-Step 2b) Copy rman files, Delay $ORACLE_HOME copy –Use RMAN, ‘duplicate’ source DB –Pre-create ‘tempfile’ for TEMP tablespace –Shutdown Target DB after RMAN complete –Complete Step 2b, copy Source $ORACLE_HOME –‘Configure target system database server’ (Section 2- Step 3a)

12 Rapid Clone Tips - Patching Rapid Clone and AutoConfig tightly coupled –Patches to either destabilize cloning –Retest Clone method after patches to either Avoid patches to either unless time for testing –We did not patch either for 1 year after 11.5.8 upg After patches to either, build new target context file –Do not reuse existing since usually new entries –Use ‘Port Pool’ logic when running –RDBMS context file rebuilt with

13 Rapid Clone Tips…. RDBMS AutoConfig, Rapid Clone may/will clobber files –init_.ora, tnsnames.ora, sqlnet.ora Avoid direct changes to AutoConfig generated files Take advantage of ‘ifiles’, not clobbered Give ‘ifiles’ meaningful names in RDBMS context file –init_ _ifile.ora, tns_ _ifile.ora

14 Rapid Clone Tips… Check log files (some not documented) –/tmp/adcfgclone*, $ORACLE_HOME/install/make*log Unset environment before run –Problems if point to Source by accident –Call _.env instead of APPSORA.env Reuse Target context file (except after some patches) –perl./ dbTier –perl./ appsTier Develop detailed Rapid Clone cookbook

15 Case Study – 11i Cloning at National Institutes of Health Five year phased implementation –Multiple, nightly clones (approximately 100/year) –Automated/unattended – cron scripts –Releases 11.5.3 to 11.5.9 –Multiple servers, accounts, mountpoints, ports –Multiple database environments (Oracle/Gelco)

16 Environment Statistics Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i - Production – 550 Application Users – 200 Database Users – 225,000 Database Objects – Total Environment Size – 210 GB Disk Allocated, 179 GB Used – 125 GB Database – 30 GB Application Code – 9 GB Patches – Nine Production and Production Support Environments (Production, Quality, Test, Training, Development, Sandbox, Patch, Year-end, Upgrade) Gelco Travel Manager 8.10 – 33,000 Traveler Users – 2,700 Application Users (Planners, Reviewers, Approvers, Administrators, System Administrators, Super Users) – 10 Database Users – 3,900 Database Objects – Total Environment Size – 30 GB Disk Allocated, 24 GB Used – 14 GB Database Size – 7 GB Application Code – Nine Production and Production Support Environments (Production, Quality, Test, Training, Development, Sandbox, Patch, Year-end, Upgrade) Total Environment – Production, Development and Project Phases – 44 CPUs – 101 GB RAM – 10 TB Disk Space Case Study – 11i Cloning at National Institutes of Health

17 –Weekly cold backup using gtar/compress to separate disk mountpoint – also used for disaster recovery –Untar cold backup of source environment into $ORACLE_BASE of target environment gtar –zxvf _weekly_diskbackup.091304.gz –Supply source and target environment information Hostname SID Starting port –Post clone tasks Scramble privacy act data Remove old directories Implement customizations - WebADI –AutoConfig enabled but not executed during clone process up through 11.5.9 Case Study – 11i Cloning at National Institutes of Health

18 Service Oriented Architecture

19 Process Layer – Part 1 of 2

20 Process Layer – Part 2 of 2

21 RingMaster 9i/10g Repository + Agent Architecture PROD TEST Real time Clone Hot or cold Backup Backup based Clone SAN NAS STAGING SSH SCP FTP RCP Telnet NetApp EMC Hitachi Tar Gzip Compress RMAN Apache Client: IE Mozilla Netscape Oracle Applications 11iRingMaster

22 Cloning Prod to Test PROD TEST Pre-clone steps Data transfer (Threaded) Post-clone steps Automatic Audit Trail Downtime, who, what, when? Reports Single click Scheduling request

23 Benefits Single click - Component complete Reduce time spent on cloning Clone more frequently SOX compliant (audit trail, reports)

24 Q & A

25 Thank You! Lynne Paulus - John Stouffer – James Lui - Steve Noynaert - Sandra Vucinic -

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