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Managing Testing Presented by: Dana Ali Al-Malki.

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1 Managing Testing Presented by: Dana Ali Al-Malki

2 Outline: Planning Testing Documenting Testing Test Plan Test Case Specifications Test Incident Reports Summary Report Assigning Responsibilities Regression Testing Automating Testing

3 Planning Testing Developers can reduce the cost of testing through careful planning: Start the selection of test cases early. Parallelize tests.

4 PlanningTesting Test G Nov 13Nov 14 1d2 Test A Nov 13Nov 14 1d1 Test F Nov 13Nov 14 1d3 Test E Nov 13Nov 14 1d4 Test A,B Nov 14Nov 15 1d5 Test A,C Nov 14Nov 15 1d6 Test A,D Nov 14Nov 15 1d7 Test D,G Nov 14Nov 15 1d8 Test A,D Nov 14Nov 15 1d 9 Test A,B,C,D Nov 14Nov 15 1d5 Test A,B,C,D,E,F,G Nov 14Nov 15 1d5

5 Documenting Testing Testing activities are documented in four types of documents: A. Test Plan B. Test case specifications C. Test incident reports D. Test summery report

6 A. Test Plan (TP) Test Plan 1. Introduction 2. Relationship to other documents 3. System overview 4. Features to be tested/not to be tested 5. Pass/Fail criteria 6. Approach 7. Suspension and resumption 8. Testing materials (hardware/software requirements) 9. Test cases 10. Testing schedule

7 B. Test Case Specifications (TCS) 1. Test case specification identifier 2. Test items 3. Input specifications 4. Output specifications 5. Environmental needs 6. Special procedural requirements 7. Intercase dependencies

8 C. Test Incident Report Lists the actual test results and the failures that were experienced. Failures from all Test Incident Reports are collected and listed in the D. Test Summery Report

9 Assigning Responsibilities For stringent quality requirements, A separate team is required dedicated to quality control is responsible for testing. They are provided with: System models Source code The system for developing & executing test cases Test Incident Reports and Test Report Summary are sent back to subsystem teams for analysis. The revised system is then retested by the testing team.

10 Cont. Assigning responsibilities For systems that do not have stringent quality requirements, Subsystem teams can double as a testing team for components developed by other subsystem teams. The same test documents can be used for communication among subsystem teams. There are several problems of usability tests

11 Regression Testing Developers must retest the components as a new feature is implemented or improved. A system that fails after the modification of a component is said to regress. Integration tests that are rerun on the system to produce such failures are called regression tests.

12 Cont. Regression Testing There are different techniques developed for selecting specific regression tests: Retest Dependent Components: Components that depend on modified components are most likely to fail in a regression test. Retest Risky Use Cases: Focusing on use cases that present the highest risk. Retest Frequent Test Cases: developers focus on the use cases that are most used by the users.

13 Automating Testing Manual testing can be costly and error prone. The repeatability of test execution can be achieved by automation. When tests are repeated many times, the cost of testing is decreased.

14 Cont. Automating Testing TestResult Test Run (TestResult) TestCase testName:String run(TestResult) setUp() tearDown() runTest() ConcreteTestCase setUp() tearDown() runTest() TestSuite Run(TestResult) addTest()

15 My Questions Integration tests that are rerun to produce failures that are caused by changing a component of a system: Documenting Testing Regression Testing Automating Testing

16 A JUnit test in java is an example of: Documenting Testing Regression Testing Automating Testing

17 Start the selection of test cases early is a main key in: Documenting Testing Regression Testing Automating Testing

18 Thank you for listening Any Questions?

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