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Test Security/ Accommodations and Special Populations Issues DTC Workshops January 29 and 30, 2008.

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2 Test Security/ Accommodations and Special Populations Issues DTC Workshops January 29 and 30, 2008

3 District Test Security Policies  Statements of Assurance – Due January 1, 2008  Verify current policies Reflect changes in SBESE Test Security Policy Updated November 2007 (Bulletin 118, chapter 3)  Update policy if adopted prior to 2007  Main additions or changes Administrative error End-of-Course Tests EAGLE System Confidentiality of data – electronic and hard copy (FERPA)

4 Alternate Environment Form  Required if not testing In class-sized groups (Bulletin 741) In the usual classroom environment  Not required if environment is provided as an approved accommodation  Submit 30 days prior to testing (by February 8, 2008)  Must describe testing environment Adequate spacing between students Sufficient space for students to handle materials  If in multipurpose spaces (e.g., cafeteria, library), describe procedures for controlling interruptions.  May not schedule different assessments in same room at same time – even small groups

5 Test Security Issues  Monitoring by state during testing Forms at, Testing,  End-of-Course Testing Arrange room and computers to prevent copying Test in class-sized groups (Bulletin 741) Scratch paper and graph paper must be picked up and shredded after testing. Personnel in room Must be trained in test security and administration Recommended: more than one monitor

6 Test Security Issues  Test administrator name and TA number Must be the person who administers most of test If more than one person administers test, keep documentation of who tested and what sessions they tested. Added to ELDA for 2008

7 Administrative Errors  If tests are voided by the district due to administrative error that result in questions regarding the security of the test or the accuracy of the test data, the LEA superintendent may request in writing an opportunity to retest prior to next scheduled test administration.

8 Administrative Errors (continued)  If administrative errors result in a question of the accuracy of the test data, the LEA superintendent or parent or legal guardian of the affected student may request in writing an opportunity to retest prior to the next scheduled test administration.  If LDE determines that a retest is allowable, the tests in error will be voided.

9 Administrative Errors (cont.)  LDE will contact the superintendent.  LEA must provide a corrective plan of action.  Vendor will assess the LEA a fee.  For LEAP, the LEAP placement test will no longer be allowed for retest.  A memo will be produced with student’s scores.  Scores will not be included in reporting.

10 Major Types of Administrative Errors in 2007  Test administrator read aloud Reading and Responding to students with the accommodation Tests Read Aloud.  Students not provided approved accommodations.  Students given accommodations not on IEP or Section 504 plan.  Students not allowed to finish test.  District lost answer documents.

11 Special Populations Issues  All test administrators, proctors, monitors, and interpreters MUST be trained in test security and administration.  Reading aloud or signing the following tests = VOID. LEAP/GEE – Reading and Responding iLEAP –Reading, part 2 (grades 3, 5–7) – Reading Comprehension (grade 9) LAA 2 – Reading and Responding ELDA – Reading  Small group Maximum of 8 Testing irregularities that result in voiding of tests continue to happen. May test students with IEPs and students with Section 504 plans in same group.

12 GEE Waiver Requests  For graduating seniors with disabilities (IEPs only)  Required documentation: Testing history Statement of remediation or tutoring offered by school or private provider Documentation of disability in the area of test not passed Every IEP from high school years Evaluations that document the disability Student transcript  August 1, 2007, correspondence regarding waiver:

13 GEE Waiver Requests  Deadlines for submitting waiver requests: February Seniors Only Retest: February 6 Spring: March 5 Summer: May 28  Do not wait until test scores are received to submit requests.  Waiver requests need to submitted only once a school year. LDE will check test scores of any student who was denied the waiver within the year.  Requests after deadline are processed after the next test administration.

14 Accommodations Issues Transferred Responses STC must verify that responses are transferred. DRC will not transfer responses that have not been transferred. Any materials containing student responses other than the scorable answer document or large-print test booklet must be kept by the STC in locked, secure area until test scores are returned. Do not attach papers to answer documents. Assistive Technology STC must verify that all test items and student responses are removed from computer hard drives, including the recycle bin (Windows) or trash (Mac). Students with a calculator as an accommodation may use a calculator for the entire test. On LAA 2, all students may use a calculator for the entire math test.

15 End-of-Course Test Accommodations  Must be entered prior to starting test  Tests Read Aloud Headphones–check sound before beginning testing Icon on screen Small group not required unless student requires small group for other reasons.  Communication assistance – may test in small group if signing test  Answers recorded – individual testing  Braille – Test administrator must enter responses online.

16 Accommodation Questions?  Call or e-mail if you have questions regarding legitimacy of accommodation  Guiding questions Does it subvert the purpose of the test? Examples: reading the reading test, LEP accommodations for students taking ELDA Does it breach test security? Examples: providing class-made glossaries, test administrator clarifying questions Does it provide an unfair advantage over other students? Examples: providing a dictionary for sessions other than Writing, allowing access to electronic thesaurus for sessions other than Writing

17 Resources  Louisiana Statewide Assessments, Accommodations and Assistive Technology Accommodations Dos and Don’ts Currently being updated  Special Populations and Accommodations Guidelines Handout for each testing program Test Administration Manuals

18 Contact Information  Noah Wartelle (; 225-342-0576) Questions regarding students with disabilities GEE waiver LAA 1 and LAA 2 eligibility  Jeanne Johnson (; 225-342-1722) LAA 1 and LAA 2  Leslie Lightbourne (; 225-342-0170) Test security and testing irregularities Special population testing issues, including accommodations ELDA


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