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Certification… How do I choose ??

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1 Certification… How do I choose ??
By Roberta L Cook CNP Updated by Rebecca Neeley-Rollins, CNP

2 Introduction The purpose of certification is to provide a valid and reliable program for the entry-level nurse practitioner to recognize their education, knowledge and professional expertise. Certification is the process by which a nongovernmental agency or an association grants recognition to an individual who has met certain predetermined qualifications.

3 RELAX………..

4 ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center)
ANCC incorporated in 1991 as a subsidiary of the American Nurses' Association. It is the largest nursing credentialing organization in the world. ANCC’s professional certification services provide national and international recognition for nurses who have proven themselves through education, experience, testing and professional conduct. ANCC offers over 25 examinations including advanced practice specialties for nurse practitioners and nurse specialists.

5 AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners )
AANP was formed in 1985 to provide NPs with a unified way to network and advocate for NP issues. It was the first national organization created for nurse practitioners of all specialties.  AANP is the largest and only full-service national professional membership organization for NPs of all specialties. AANP represents the interests of the more than 125,000 NPs currently practicing in the U. S. and continually advocates at local, state, and federal levels for the recognition of NPs as providers of high-quality, cost-effective, and personalized healthcare. 

6 American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)
January 2013 American Academy of Nurse Practitioner (AANP) and American College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) merged together to form American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) which is now the largest full-service national professional membership organization for nurse practitioners.

7 Application Process…ANCC
Apply online or print application from the web site and mail Within 4-6 weeks, receive a receipt of application in the mail Within 10 weeks, will receive an eligibility notice or a letter requesting additional information You will have 90 days to schedule your test Schedule appointment on line

8 Application Process…AANP
Apply online or print and mail application for an additional fee effective The application must be submitted with the appropriate documentation to the Certification Program for review. Once approved you will receive ATT (Approval to Test) and can schedule for the computer base test online in a 120 day window. A notice of application acceptance will be sent to the applicant. Candidates found ineligible will be refunded the registration fee less a $60 processing fee.

9 Credentials…ANCC As of Dec 2007…
NP-BC (NURSE PRACTITIONER-BOARD CERTIFIED) preceded by a letter indicating the particular specialty ie: Family Nurse Practitioner-FNP-BC Adult Nurse Practitioner- ANP-BC Gerontological Nurse Practitioner- GNP-BC Last separate Adult Gero Dec 2014 (now extended Dec 2015)

10 Credentials…AANP Candidates who become certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program will be able to use the initials NP-C to indicate their certification status. Candidates taking these computer-based examinations will be given a preliminary result at the time of testing followed by written score notification and authorization to use NP-C credentials via US mail.

11 AANP vs ANCC AANP ANCC Qualification of Candidates
Certification is offered to graduates of approved Masters, Post Masters and Doctorial level adult, gerontologic and family nurse practitioner programs. ANCC Academic degrees for advanced practice nursing exams must be awarded from an institution of higher learning. Graduate transcripts in a sealed envelope can be included in the application or mailed separately and must show the degree and the date earned.

AANP… Family, Adult and Gerontology, Adult-Gerontology ANCC… Pediatric, Family, Adult- Gerontology, Family Psych and Mental Health, Acute Care, Adult Psych and Mental Health

13 FEES AANP Computer based: Members are $ and Non members are $ (individual membership is $99.00/year which can be sent with the application as 2 separate checks. ANCC Non-member $395.00, ANA membership $ Dues depend on where you reside; currently, 9 states handle their own membership process and you apply and the info is transferred to the local ANA data base; Ohio is one of these 9 states.

14 Timeline AANP ANCC 120 day window to test 90 day window to test

15 DAY of the EXAM What you need to bring:
Two valid forms of ID, one must have your photo and both must have your signature. DO NOT BRING: -books, calculators, cell phones, PDA’s, food, drink, water or notes!! Both the AANP and the ANCC will give you results of PASS or FAIL the day of the exam.

16 Notification of PASS/FAIL at time of exam
Examination Details AANP ANCC 150 questions (15 pretest- do not count) 175 questions (25 pretest- do not count) 3 hours to complete Score to pass 500/800 Score to pass 350/500 Notification of PASS/FAIL at time of exam

17 Test Domains ANCP ANCC Assessment (35%) Diagnosis (25%)
Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (34%) Diagnosis (25%) Professional Role (26%) Plan (22%) Independent Practice (40%) Evaluation (18%)

18 RECERTIFICATION AANP Must be done every 5 years either by sitting for the exam or clinical practice and continuing education. May complete up to 1 year prior to due. Clinical practice-need 1000 hours documented as a NP in your specialized practice Continuing education for 75 contact hours relevant to NP specialty by accredited/approved agency.

19 RECERTIFICATION Beginning January 1, 2017 AANP
1- Complete 100 CEU w/population focus 2- Completion of minimum of 25 pharmacy content hours. 3- A credit option for precepting NP students. 4- A minimum of 1000 hours of clinical practice. 5- Remains 5-year certification period.

20 Renewal Requirements ANCC Candidates must meet the following criteria:
1-Hold a current active registered nurse license in the US or its territories 2-Meet the professional development requirements for your specialty. There are 6 categories. You must fulfill two of these categories or double one of the categories. #1 is required

21 ANCC Categories Category 1-Continuing education hours
Complete 75 contact hours of continuing nursing education (or 150 continuing nursing educations hours if you are doubling this category.) All must complete at least 75 hours (Jan 2014) 25 of which must include pharmacology. Category 2-Academic credits Complete either 5 semester hours of 6 quarter hours of academic courses in your certification specialty.

22 ANCC Recertification con’t
Category 3-Presentations Present 5 different topics related to your certification specialty. Presentations that are required of your employer are disqualified.

23 ANCC Recertification con’t
Category 4-Publication or research Publication-Publish an article in a peer reviewed journal or a book chapter or develop education materials. Research-serve as the primary investigator in an URB-approved research project related to your certification specialty.

24 ANCC Recertification con’t
Category 5- Preceptorship Complete a minimum of 120 hours of direct clinical supervision to nursing students in your certification specialty.

25 ANCC Recertification con’t
Category 6- Professional Service Complete 2 or more years of volunteer service with an international, national, state or local healthcare organization (ex board of directors, committees, editorial boars, review boards or task forces).

26 RETEST AANP May apply for retesting after obtaining 15 hours of continuing education. No more than 2 times in calendar year. ANCC May apply to retest in a minimum of 60 days but no longer than 2 years. There is a one time reduced fee for retesting.

27 WEBSITES AANP-American Association of Nurse Practitioners: ANCC-American Nurses Credentialing Center:

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