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Your Name A + G or J Your Company’s Name MN PIE – City Your Legal Signature Today’s date 012345 All.

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1 Your Name A + G or J Your Company’s Name MN PIE – City Your Legal Signature Today’s date 012345 All

2 Kay Sargent, Agricultural Consultant Applicator Licensing, Certification and Recordkeeping Categories: A – Core G – Forestry and J – Rights-of-Way Add-ons: P – Pocket Gopher & F – Aquatic MN PIE Workshops · April 5, 6 & 7

3 MN Department of Agriculture 3 Federal & MDA Roles Federally FIFRA establishes the pesticide distribution requirements –Pesticide Registration –Pesticide Label MDA is authorized by state law to regulate pesticide use in Minnesota –State Pesticide Registration –Applicator Certification and Licensing –Compliance

4 Aquatic Compliance MDA regulates pesticide use –Pesticide Applicators License DNR regulates water management –Aquatic Plant/Nuisance Management Permits PCA regulates Clean Water Act & NPDES

5 Majority of MDA misuse violations are label violations. All labels read: ‘It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with it’s labeling.’ Review labels often

6 Additional Common Issues Application records Personal protective equipment Application site Rate of application Environmental conditions

7 Reporting Violations & Complaints to MDA Call MDA at 651-201-6333 Use MDA’s online ‘Pesticide Misuse Complaint Form’ Information needed –Your name, address, phone –Specific info on the incident Confidential investigation Upon completion, results may become public.

8 Applicator Responsibilities Carry and display License Responsible for application outcome May not use, store or handle pesticides –Inconsistent with label directions –Beyond target area –If in doing so it endangers humans damages ag products or causes adverse effects to the environment

9 Licensing and Certification Licensing Steps Recordkeeping

10 Commercial License All commercial applicators need to be licensed. Required for any pesticide application made “for hire” Employer must meet financial responsibility requirements

11 Non-Commercial License Required for a Restricted Use Pesticide application made as part of job duties on employer’s property

12 Licensing Steps 1.License Application and Fee Complete application form online or hard copy Pay application fee 2.Certification 3.License Renewal 4.Recertification

13 Licensing Steps 1.License Application and Fee 2.Certification Verify identity Must pass closed book exams Core + Use Category 3.License Renewal 4.Recertification

14 Licensing Steps 1.License Application and Fee 2.Certification 3.License Renewal Sent in December Late fee after March 1 Can renew online (if no changes or no retesting) or by mail 4.Recertification

15 Licensing Steps 1.License Application and Fee 2.Certification 3.License Renewal 4.Recertification Attend a recertification workshop in order to renew your license next year If you don’t attend: Retest! $75/test!

16 Check Your Licenses APPLICATOR, AL FOREVER GREEN 1971 VIKING AVE E NOWTHEN MN 55330 LICENSE # 20123456 AGAG 12/31/2011 03/29/2011 - 12/31/2011

17 Applicator Changes Licenses do not transfer to new employers Cannot change address or employer information online Notify MDA to get a change form Complete form and pay fees to MDA MDA will issue the new license Changes – Contact MDA

18 License & Certification Summary Renew your license annually. Attend Recertification Workshops as required. Example: 2011 - Renew & Attend Workshop (or retest) 2013 - Renew 2014 - Renew & Attend Workshop (or retest) and so on….

19 Keep your license with you when applying

20 Pesticide Application Records

21 MN Pesticide Control Law  A commercial or noncommercial applicator, or authorized agent, must maintain a record of pesticides used on each site.  Minn. Stat.18B.37

22 MDA Pesticide Records May be a part of –Invoices, Work Order –DNR, other organizations’ records –Paper or Electronic Needs to be Accurate and Honest

23 Considerations  License Type & Category  Determines record content and format  Pesticide Application Records must be  Kept for 5 years  Given to MDA upon request

24 License Type & Records Commercial Applicators are required to keep records of ALL applications – Restricted Use (RUPs) and General Use

25 License Type & Records Commercial Applicators Must provide customer a complete record –18B.37(2)(d)

26 License Type & Records Noncommercial Applicators are required keep records of all RUP applications

27 Category Specific Records Category F: Aquatic –Lake name/other description –Average depth –Units treated Surface area or volume –Optional DNR Permits Target Pests

28 Category Specific Records Category J: Rights- of-Way –Starting Location –Ending Location –Update weather information every 2 hours

29 Category Specific Records Category P: Pocket Gopher –Start Point –End Point –Description of the application site

30 MDA Record Requirements Company name and address Location Customer name and address (Commercial)

31 MDA Record Requirements Pesticide –Brand name –EPA Reg. No. Applicator –Printed name –License number –Signature

32 MDA Record Requirements Units treated Pesticide –Dose Rate per Acre Rate per Acre-Foot

33 MDA Record Requirements Application start & stop time Weather information – prevailing conditions Temperature Wind Speed Wind Direction

34 Application Record Complete as soon as possible One page –May attach map Applicator or designated agent must keep copy of record for 5 years

35 Common Mistakes Omit required info Incorrect info given Example EPA Reg. No. Multiple days work on a single record Pre-printed/written: –Time, Weather, Signature

36 MDA Sample Records  Sample records available on web –  Samples illustrate requirements – compare to your records

37 Sharing Records  MDA inspectors, medical staff can request records  Who decides what records are shared with the public?

38 Recordkeeping Summary Commercial Applicators –Keep records of all pesticide applications –Give a copy of record to customer Noncommercial Applicators –Keep records of Restricted Use Pesticide applications Use the category specific records.

39 Your Name A + G or J Your Company’s Name MN PIE – City Your Legal Signature Today’s date 012345 All

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