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COUN 200- Orientation to College Ms. K.D. Lê (½ unit) P/NP.

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1 COUN 200- Orientation to College Ms. K.D. Lê (½ unit) P/NP

2 Guest Speakers (Financial Aids) Health Services La Donna Yumori-Kaku (Office of College Life)

3 Get to Know Each Other. Name? Major/Educational Goal? Hobbies/Talents? 1 interesting thing about you? Pair up with a partner. You will introduce each other to the class afterward.

4 Grading Guidelines-Coun 100 SLO: Develop a 1-quarter Student Education Plan that supports your individualized educational goal and reflects your placement test results An Education Plan must be submitted in order to pass the course. Areas of the Education Plan that should be accurately completed are: Placement test results, work week hours, GE pattern, transfer institution, major, preferred and alternative courses for two quarters.

5 Grading Guidelines (Rubric) PASS AEducation plan has no mistakes. BEducation plan has only 1 mistake. CEducation plan has only 2 mistakes. NO PASS DEducation plan has only 3 mistakes. FEducation plan has 4 or more mistakes. (or) 1 or more absences.

6 Other Guidelines All questions must be asked during class No question before class, during breaks, or after class Cell phones off No tardiness beyond 10 minutes No leaving early No absences

7 U.S. College/University System Course #1-49 =UC Course #1-99 = CSU

8 Earnings & Unemployment in \Documents and Settings\Huynhk\Desktop\edu pays.JPG

9 Some Common College Terms  Unit- college credit given to a course  Quarter/Semester- 2 semesters = 3 quarters  Prerequisite-a requ. that must be met before enrolling in a course  Corequisite-a requ. that must be taken at the same time with another course.  Green Sheet -information about the course (contract)  Advisory- knowledge that is advisable before course entry  GE- breadth requirements In various disciplines/subject areas.  Major-a series of courses in a specialized area of study.  Articulation Agreement- listing of DA courses equivalent to corresponding courses at another school (  GE Certification-verify completion of GE prior to transfer

10 Placement Test  Placement tests required for English, ESL, Math, Chem 1A, Biol 6A & Biol 40A Students who have taken a placement test and then enrolled in a course in that subject area WILL NOT be able to retest. (change effective April 4, 2011) Students who have not enrolled in a class can retest during the normal time frame (6 months for English, mathematics, biology, chemistry; 1 year for ESL ) if they provide documentation of their preparation for the retest.  Transcript/AP scores - used for placement must be brought to Testing office prior to registration

11 Placement into EWRT 1A is based on 1 of the following: 1. Qualifying score on De Anza English Placement exam 2. Score of 3 or higher on AP English-eligible for Ewrt 1B, Ewrt 2, Phil 3 & Spch 9 3. Completion of AA degree or higher in the US 4. Completion of ESL 5 with “C” or better 5. Satisfaction of UC subject “A” requirement or CSU EPT test for EWRT 1A equivalent.

12 English Course Sequence (no expiration date) Ewrt 211(5)Read 211(5) Read 200 (5)Ewrt 200 (5) Ewrt 1A (5) LART 200 (10 units) LART 211 (10 units) Ewrt 1A (5) Or

13 ESL Course Sequence (no expiration date) ESL 234 (10) ESL 251(3) ESL 244 (10) ESL 252 (3)ESL 253 (4) ESL 261(3)ESL 262(3)ESL 263(4) ESL 272(5)ESL 273 (5) ESL 5(5)ESL 6(5) ESL 200 (10) EWRT 1A (5)

14 Math Course Sequence (Math test results expire after 1 year) Math 210 (5 units) Math 212 (5 units) Math 114 (5 units) Math 10,11 44 or 46 (5 units) Math 41 Pre-Cal I (5 units) Math 42 Pre-Cal II (5 units) Math 43 Pre-Cal III (5 units) Math 1A (5 units) Math 1B (5 units) Math 1C (5 units) Math 1D (5 units) Math 23 Eng. Stat. (5 units) Math 2A Math2B

15 Chemistry/Biology Readiness Test This test is a prerequisite for :  Chem 1A Pass test (22/44) + H.S. Chem + Inter. Algebra ‘C’ or better. May retake after 180 days. Valid for 12 months.  Biol. 6A Pass test (22/44) or Chem 1A or Chem 50 ‘C’ or better. May retake after 180 days. No expiration of results.  Biol 40A This is a different Chemistry placement test. Pass test (14/44) or Chem 50 or Chem 1A with a ‘C’ or better. May retake after 180 days. No expiration of results. Chem 30A is advised for transfer nursing programs.

16 Chemistry Course Sequence (results expire after 1 year) Chem 50 (5 units) Chem./Biol. Readiness Test + HS Chem Or Chem 1A (5 units) Chem 1B (5 units) Chem 1C (5 units) Chem 12A,B,C Organic Chem (5 units each)

17 Which GE pattern to follow?  Vocational/career Degree  Transferring to CSU  Transferring to UC or undecided about where to transfer to  Transferring to a private school  Transferring to a UC in a high-unit major  AA/AS pattern  CSU pattern Must complete Area A & B4 before transfer with ‘C’ or better  IGETC pattern All classes ‘C’ or better Must be certified by DA before transfer)  Campus Specific pattern  7-course minimum GE pattern

18 IGETC Exceptions  High unit majors (Engineering, Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences)  Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley  UC San Diego: Eleanor Roosevelt & Revelle colleges  UC Santa Barbara: B.A. Computer Science in the College of Letters and Science

19 G.E. Group Exercise 1) How many courses are required for each area? 2) Give an example of specific courses which fulfill each section of each area. 3) What grades must you receive to satisfy GE requirement?

20 Homework find your major requirements (for transfers) find major requirements (for AA/AS degree students) Review 3 GE patterns Get ready for presentation of GE patterns tomorrow

21 Minimum UC Transfer Requirements  90 UC transferable units (#1-49)  2.4 GPA (2.8 GPA for non-resident)  EWRT 1A  EWRT 2 or PHIL 3 or SPCH 9 (for IGETC) or EWRT 1B (for major or college which do not accept IGETC)  Math course above MATH 114 (10,11,41,43,1A,etc.)  4 courses from at least 2 of the following areas: 1. Arts & Humanities 2. Physical & Biological Sciences 3. Social & Behavioral Sciences (All courses must be completed with a “C” or better)

22 Minimum CSU Transfer Requirements  90 CSU transferable units (#1-99)  2.0 GPA (2.4 GPA for non-resident)  EWRT 1A or ESL 5  SPCH 1 or 10  PHIL 3 or 4 or 5 or 7 or SPCH 8 or 9 or 15 or EWRT 2  Math course ABOVE MATH 114 (refer to your major & GE pattern)

23 Requirements for AA/AS Degree  90 units  2.0 GPA at De Anza  2.0 cumulative GPA  24 units at De Anza  De Anza GE for AA/AS (CSU or IGETC)  Major requirements listed on DA curriculum guides

24 A.A.-T/A.S.-T ( Associate Degrees for Transfer) Guaranteed Admission Jr. standing to CSU Priority admission to local CSU deemed similar to AA/AS-T Requ. Only 90 units to earn BA/BS Need to complete CSU GE or IGETC for CSU (include American Ideals); C or higher; Courses for ADT NOT count for GE 1. Adm. Of Justice 2. Bus. Adm. 3. Communication 4. Early Childhood Edu. 5. History 6. Kinesiology 7. Mathematics 8. Political Science 9. Sociology

25 Grade Point Average (GPA) Letter Grade Point Value A +=4.0 A=4.0 A-=3.7 B+=3.3 B=3.0 B-=2.7 C+=2.3 C=2.0 D+=1.3 D=1.0 D=0.7 F=0.0 Non Letter Grade I, IP, W, P, NP (These non-letter grades have no point value & do not affect GPA)

26 How to Calculate GPA? CourseUnitsGradeGrade Points HIST 17A4.0B(4x3)12 PE 21A0.5A(0.5x4)2 MATH B(5x3)15 EWRT P __________________ PE 4 0.5NP __________________ ICS 74A(4x4)16 ASTR 105.0W __________________ HLTH 214.0D(4x0) (Letter Graded Units) 45 (G.P)

27 GPA Calculation Overall G.P.A= 45 (Graded Points) _____________________________________________________________ 17.5 (Letter Graded Units) 2.57 GPA (refer to GPA Calculation worksheet on p. 33)

28 PROBATION  Academic-overall GPA is below 2.0  Check grades end of each quarter  Repeat courses with “D” or “F” Disqualification after 5 consecutive quarters on Probation  Progress-50% of units received are “W”, “I”, or “NP”  Drop courses by the end of 2 nd week  Complete all classes enrolled in Disqualification after 5 consecutive quarters on Probation

29 Course numbering  Courses numbered #1-99 are transferable to CSU (ex. ICS 7, EWRT 1A)  Courses numbered #1-49 are transferable to UC  Recommend using courses numbered #1-49 for private & out of state

30 Course Lettering  The letter following the number in a course means it’s part of a sequence (ex. ARTS 2A,2B,2C). You may or may not be able to take courses out of sequence.  Special Topic courses include X=1, Y=2, Z=3 units (ex. COUN80X = 2 units)  Z refers to Distance Education courses (ex. COUN100.64Z is taught online)

31 Non-Transferable Courses  Any courses numbered above # 99  Example: EWRT , READ 200, 211, ESL 251,252,253, MATH 210,212,114  You may choose to take them for P/NP instead of a letter grade  You need to request to take them for P/NP to avoid compromising your overall GPA  Courses numbered 200 and above are non degree applicable (ex. Math 212, ESL 200)

32 Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA) Several universities offer De Anza students guaranteed admission to the campus & major of their choice TAA is by contract to complete course requirements & GPA Only 1 TAA UC: UCI, UCD, UCSC, UCM, UCR, UCSB PRIVATE: Arizona State University, Cogswell Polytechnical College, UOP

33 Sexual Harassment Policy 1. Quid pro quo! ( Latin means “this for that”) Usually involve someone in the position of power. Campus contact person Michelle LeBleu-Burns Dean, Student Dev. & EOPS HCC164 (408) Hostile Environment Difficult to define; Can involve anyone. Campus contact person Michelle LeBleu-Burns Dean, Student Dev. & EOPS HCC164 (408)

34 Drug & Alcohol Policy  NO illicit drug or alcohol by anyone on college property or at any college sponsored activities and events!!!  Violation may result in criminal prosecution.

35 Violence Policy  NO verbal or physical violence will be tolerated in classrooms, offices or anywhere on campus

36 When should I register for class?  As soon as you are permitted to register  You may add in person during first 2 weeks of quarter  Show up in class during the 1 st day to add course  Classes are limited  Be flexible with time  You may make changes to your schedule later  You can be on wait list if possible

37 When Do I Apply to Transfer? CSU Application first Accepted: Summer semester/quarter February 1-28 Fall semester/quarter October 1-Nov. 30 Winter quarter June 1-30 Spring semester/quarter August 1-31 To apply, please go to UC Application Filing Periods (To be filed the year prior to transfer term) Winter/Spring Semester (if open) July 1-31 Fall Quarter/Semester November 1–30 Spring Quarter (if open) October 1-31 UCB- semester system UCM- semester system To apply, please go to https://universityofcalifornia. edu/apply

38 To get an AA Degree & Transfer to 4 year university You will need to complete:  Major requirements  GE requirements  Competitive GPA (above 2.0 GPA)  90 Units total (Major + GE + Electives + GPA)

39 When Do I Apply for my AA/AS degree?  During your last quarter at De Anza or  When you completed the AA/AS degree requirements (GE+ Major+ 2.0 GPA+ 90 units)

40 When do I apply for GE certification? When you completed courses for CSU or IGETC pattern and In your last quarter before transfer to the CSU or UC which admitted you Possible to do partial GE certification for the CSU Download form and submit to Admissions & Records officeform

41 My Portal Apply to De Anza Retrieve your placement tests results Get your date to register Add, drop, register or waitlist for classes Update your contact information Check your grades Pay your fees Holds Obtain your unofficial transcripts

42 Student Services….  Disability Support Programs & Services  Educatinal Diagnostic Center (EDC)  Disability Support Services  Counseling & Advising Center  Health Services  Assessment Center  Transfer Center  Tutorial Center ss/tutorial/ ss/tutorial/  Office of College Life  International Student Office

43 ASSIST Student transfer information UC and CSU lower division major requirements UC, CSU & CA community college major finder and campus explorer Access UC & CSU transferable course lists Access IGETC or CSU GE Good for many UCs and CSUs but not all.

44 Register for Classes See the Academic Calendar for important dates.Academic Calendar Get a Schedule of Classes online or at the Bookstore and choose your classes.Schedule of ClassesBookstore Your date to register will be online after your application has been processed. You will receive your confirmation of enrollment and other important information via . Please make sure yourdate to register address is current. address Need a free account?

45 Register for Classes cont. Registration dates are assigned by the total number of units completed at De Anza or Foothill Colleges only. Foothill students must submit an application to De Anza to be eligible for registration at De Anza. Register online – Check for date & registration Register online

46 Pay Your Fees!!!!! You will be informed of your fees during the online or phone registration process. To calculate your fees ahead of time, use the Fee Calculation Worksheet online or in the printed Schedule of Classes.Fee Calculation Worksheet Payment may be made online, by mail, our drop box, or in person. Payment Fees are payable at the time of registration. Review refund policy for international students Pay ASAP or you will lose your classes (refer to payment policy)!

47 Coun 100 Action Plan Check List 1. Take Placement Tests 2. Register for Classes 3. Pay your fees 4. Obtain your DASB Card 5. Attend Classes 6. See a counselor for next quarter’s Educational Plan if needed

48 Reminders 1. Register for your classes 2. Pay fees (ASAP) 3. Buy text books 4. Take picture for your DASB card 5. Attend classes (be punctual!) 6. Be aware of deadlines! (refer to quarter calendar dates) 7. Be aware of different class and college policies

49 Strategies For College Success Take no more than 12 units your first quarter. Learn how De Anza works is like taking a class in itself Come early to allow time for parking Schedule 2 hours of homework for every unit you take Find and get to know one person on campus who cares about your survival Learn how to use De Anza’s support services and resources such as the Tutorial Center, Career Center, & Transfer Center Set up a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and stick to it. Practice good time management skills

50 Strategies for College Success (Continue) Join at least one study group with other students Meet with your instructors during their office hours Choose friends who share your academic values and goals If you are undecided in your major, take CLP 70 or 75 Get involved in campus activities, and/or take a job on campus. Stay connected to the campus in some other way besides the classroom If you can’t avoid stress, learn how to live with it and reduce stress in healthy ways (exercise, nutrition, adequate sleep)

51 ……continue Recopy your notes and do your homework right after class while the information is still fresh in your mind. Buy your textbooks the week before the quarter starts to avoid long lines Learn how to navigate De Anza’s website for the information you need See a counselor each quarter to help you with your Educational Plan and academic goals Enjoy learning and develop a passion for your education. Go to class everyday!!!

52 Courses to consider…1 st Quarter  Bus 10 (5 units)  ESL 230Y (4)  ESL 254 (3)  ESL 260 (3)  CLP 70 (4)  CLP 75 (1)  EWRT 94 (2)  ESL 210 (1/2)  Huma 50 (4)  Huma 20 (4)  ICS 7 (4)  PE 70A (2)  PE 71 (1)  COUN 80 (1/2-3)  COUN 57 (2)

53 Classes for 1 st Quarter (without placement tests) 1. English Development  ESL 210 (1/2 unit)  ESL 211X (1 unit)  ESL 213X (1 unit)  ESL 216X (1 unit)  ESL 223X (1 unit)  ESL 254 (3 units)  ESL 260 (3 units)  ESL 230Y (4 units)  EWRT 77X (2 units)  EWRT 81 (1 unit) 2. Arts & Humanities  INTL 11 (4 units)  ICS 45 (4 units)  HUMI 16 (4 units)  HUMI 15 (4 units)  ARTS 2G/INTL 10 (4 units)  PHTG 7 (4 units)  PHTG 20 (4 units)  PHIL 24/ELIT 24 (4 units)  ELIT 44 (4 units

54 Classes for 1 st Quarter…cont. (without placement tests) 3. Social & Behavioral  ICS 7/SPCH 7 (4 units)  ICS 8/WMST 8 (4 units)  ICS 4 (4 units)  ADMJ 29/ICS 29 (4 units)  WMST 12 (4 units)  GEO 4 (4 units)  SOC 28 (4 units)  SOC 35 (4 units)  JOUR 2 (4 units)  CD 12 (4 units)  ES 1 (4 units) 4. GE for AA & CSU  PE 70A (1 unit)& PE 71 (1 unit)  HUMA 50 (4 units)  HUMA 20 (4 units)  CLP 70 (4 units)  NUTR 10 (4 units)  HLTH 21 (4 units)  HLTH 51 (4 units)  SPCH 16 (4 units)  PSYC 9 (4 units)

55 The Journey begins…..  De Anza welcomes you!  See a counselor when you need help  Be active! Be involve on & off campus.  Explore possibilities...  Make time to adjust and enjoy  Have a great time!

56 Questions?! 1. What are the 3 things you have learned today? 2. What questions do you have about this class or about the college process at De Anza?

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