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September 14, 2009. Testing Problems noted in previous testings Teachers reading, studying, discussing test items Test administrators and/or proctors.

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1 September 14, 2009

2 Testing Problems noted in previous testings Teachers reading, studying, discussing test items Test administrators and/or proctors not receiving training Failure to follow Teacher’s Manual Cell phones Accommodations coded incorrectly Retesters coded incorrectly Proctors and/or administrators not circulating Only one person in testing room

3 Test Security Plan District Plan not yet approved Test Security Plans have not changed Make sure you include Accommodations 24, 25 and 73 in Test Security Plan. Go over Test Security Plan in school training.

4 District Forms Use of Electronic Devices Form Absentee Form Allowable Accommodations/Communications Log Secure Sign-in Sheet Check-in Sheet Invalidation/Exclusion Report Material Receipt Verification Form Seating Chart

5 SATP Information DTC is the point of contact. Preprinted answer sheets are for Dec and Apr Answer sheets are a new design which will have an accommodation code for each part of Eng II Section F of answer sheet must be darkened for retesters Passing scores: English II 645 Algebra 647 Allowable calculators-no change Scratch paper-Algebra I only

6 English II Vocabulary/Reading Section administered first Read alouds must have the same form of test. Dec will have two forms of test Highlighters can be used on test, but will invalidate test if on answer document

7 Online reminders Must validate all students Validation window begins Sept. 14. Verification of validation due Friday, Sept. 18 Add a student forms must be signed by DTC

8 Administrations Sept. 2009 Paper/Pencil Retest-first time test takers in or after 07-08. Sept. 2009 Online Retest-first time test takers prior to 07- 08 Dec 2009 Paper/Pencil-first time testers block schedule and retesters from 07-08 Dec 2009 Online Retest-First time testers prior to 07-08 April 2010Retest Paper/Pencil-SENIORS ONLY April 2010 Online Retest-first time test taker prior to 07-08 and seniors. April 2010 Paper/pencil First time test takers and retester from 07-08 and after.

9 Caveon If students receive a conditional code, do not put label on cumulative folder District must investigate conditional codes

10 Security Inventory materials immediately upon receipt using materials checklist Test materials must be stored according to School Test Security Plan No longer will receive an extra booklet in teachers bucket Appendix F #8 should be stressed in trainings Read aloud teachers must understand strict nature of confidentiality and have read Appendix F.

11 Appendix F #8 Reproducing (by any means)or disclosing secure test material (including pilot material) and student responses before, during or after test administration are prohibited. Reproduction or disclosure of secure test materials includes but is not limited to the following: reviewing, reading, or looking at secure test material in a manner that is inconsistent with test security regulations and/or procedures as outlined in the test administrator’s manual. Use of unreleased test items in any form (including rewording of such test items) is strictly prohibited.

12 Mississippi Writing Assessment E/PP is an orange test. It is for students enrolled in Eng II for the first time in 08-09. E/PP/R is a blue test. It is for students enrolled in Eng II for the first time in 09-10 E is a green test. It is for students enrolled in Eng II for the first time prior to 08-09 Students who pass the wrong writing assessments have not met the state graduation requirement. No scratch paper allowed. Can use highlighters, but can not be on answer document

13 Mississippi Writing Assessment Leave Box E, race, blank Verify MSIS numbers Verify GIS numbers Write VOID on voided answer documents Make sure response booklets are not in nonscorable materials Invalidated booklets must be placed with other scorable materials in the appropriate teacher with appropriate status code.

14 Mississippi Science Test Regular Test Administration March 3 for 5 th and 8 th grade Last year for cumulative test Test Security- #8 Appendix F Untimed test No extra test booklet in teacher tubs Pre-ID answer documents-if any part is incorrect, you must code a blank answer document Field Test May 3, 2010 only Grade 5 & 8 framework

15 MCT2 3 day administration As a district, once again 8 th grade will test Math on Wednesday One test booklet with 3 seals Two scores reported-Language Arts and Mathematics Scratch paper only on math, must be sent to DTC May use highlighters, but will invalidate answer documents if on answer document Can not go back to previous sections

16 Test Security No extra test booklet in teacher’s tubs Administrator/Proctors can not look at student booklets (even over student’s shoulders) Read aloud administrators/proctors must receive additional training on test security Review #8 Appendix F

17 Formula Chart 8 th grade students must receive a formula chart

18 Calculators 7 th and 8 th grade students are allowed to use calculators Sharing calculators is prohibited. Calculators do not have to be cleaned prior to testing. Students are only allowed to use one calculator

19 Reminders Answer documents returned with non-scorable materials will not be scored Write VOID on any answer document that should not be scored. Any invalidations must be approved by DTC and MDE If using Large Print or Braille, the bubble must be darkened in the “For Administrative Use Only”section Make sure accommodations are coded correctly Make sure GIS number is correct

20 Test Security We will be audited at least once a year by MDE Each school will be monitored at every testing by in- district personnel WIDA is a secure test and should be in Test Security Plan Test Security Plan must be signed and dated for at least two weeks before the first test administration Auditor’s notebook should be complete and on-hand for monitors

21 Problems Unsigned or out-of-date Test Security Plan Two people not present at all times Administrator or proctor sitting Staff members broke seal on test booklets No hall monitors Not following published test schedule Subject relevant charts on the wall Using nonallowable accommodations

22 Problems Not providing allowable accommodations Coaching Student (including strategic throat clearing) Attempting to make a list of test questions Reading the test and answering the questions on the test Students not issued the correct form of test Changing answers after the test Too many students under one test administrator/proctor Students seated too close together

23 Problems Improper storage of materials Staff not adhering to test security procedures School handing out scratch paper with answers and formula charts on them Staff did not verify the correct number of test booklets needed for test administration Secure test materials were reproduced and distributed to staff Missing test booklets Invalidation bubble incorrectly marked

24 Consequences Appendix F, Standard 22, Section VI, A: Multiple and/or repeated minor violations that indicate the district and/or school has not corrected issues addressed in previous letters of warning or that the district and/or school has continued to be in noncompliance with the numbered issues listed in Requirements (Section IV) may result in a recommendation for a citation to be placed on the accreditation record. Miss. Code of 1972 Sec. 37-16-4: Any person violating any provision of subsection (1) of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not more than one Thousand Dollars, or imprisoned for not more than ninety days, or both. Upon conviction, the State Board of Education may suspend or revoke the administrative or teaching credentials, or both, of the person convicted.

25 Special Populations Eligible student for assessment includes: All students in grades3-8 All students enrolled in subject area testing program courses All students completing a vocational program Ungraded students 8 to 13 years of age on Sept. 1 of the current school year Grade 12 students and ungraded students 18 years of age on Sept. 1 of the current school year who have not previously enrolled in Alg I, Biology I, and English II and have not take a Subject Area Test for Alg I, Bio I and English II

26 Methods of Participation MCT2 SATP MAAECF SATP AA

27 Accommodations Manual Accommodations 24 and 25: relate to administering the test over several session and/or days. Use must be approved by the MDE prior to their use and must be in Test Security Plan. Accommodation 51-53: Can be used on any test. They relate to reading directions, but not test items. Accommodations 54, 55 and 58: Relate to reading test items. Can not be used on MCT2 Reading or SATP English II Reading/Vocabulary. Accommodations 56 and 57: NO LONGER EXISTS, IEPS MUST BE REVIEW/REVISED TO REMOVE THESE ACCOMMODATIONS

28 MAAECF Only for SCD students. SCD status is determined by indicators on IEPs. Handled by the Office of Special Education

29 SATP AA SATP AA is designed ONLY for students with a disability that required a non-allowable accommodation for participation Request must be supported by the student’s IEP. Must participate in regular SATP administration first. Not an easier way to pass the SATP test. Portfolio style

30 Accommodations Certification STCs should request and receive the Supplementary Aids and Services, Personnel, Supports in General Education page of the IEP for all special education students at their schools. The STC and LSC for each school will use these sheets to code accommodations on student answer documents. After completion of accommodations codes the STC, LSC and principal must sign Accommodations Certification Form and send it to the DTC.

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