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Division of Student Affairs UAP Presentation February 6, 2008.

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1 Division of Student Affairs UAP Presentation February 6, 2008

2 Student Affairs Mission Statement The mission of the Division of Student Affairs at Ferris State University is to promote, support, and complement the academic mission of the institution by working collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create and extend student services and student learning opportunities outside the classroom. April, 1999

3 Intentionality “I have become more interested in recent years in the concept of institutional intentionality. That is, what does the institution intend? What is it trying to do? Institutions are not simple collections of faculty, like a colony of coral…all simply doing their own thing. Once, universities were described as organized anarchy. But that won’t do in this new age of expectation and accountability. Public institutions must fulfill public purposes, and you can contribute to the development of purpose, and to the execution of that purpose. You are part of an institution’s intent.” From: George Mehaffy is Vice President of the American Association of State Colleges & Universities.

4 Intentionality Significant Accomplishments Leadership Changes Enrollment 6-Year Percentage Increase = 18% 7-Year Percentage Increase = 20%

5 Significant Accomplishments Intentionality Application Process Review Committee Orientation Planning and Implementation Task Force Scholarships Committee Admissions Completed Application List Committee Assessment (focus on student learning) Higher Learning Commission Diversity Task Force International Recruitment Full-Time Counseling Center Counselors

6 Student Affairs Priorities 1.Three Admissions Recruiters 2.Staff Positions in Admissions & Records 3.Staff Position in Financial Aid Student Services 4.Student Wages – University-Wide 5.Undergraduate Recruitment via ACT Modeling 6.Recruitment of Diverse Students (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)

7 Student Affairs UAPs 7.EMT REACH and RETAIN 8.New Student Receptions 9.“Imagine More” Student Life Bus Tour 10.Student Recreation Center Equipment 11.Commencement Sound System

8 Student Affairs Priorities 12.Assessment Software & National Survey Fees 13.Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) 14. Women’s Center Activities 15.Need-Based Scholarships

9 Student Affairs UAPs Cross-Divisional 1.Additional Software Licensure-WebFOCUS & Xtender 2.Web Optimization 3.Catalog 4.Transfer Guide 5.UA&M – Hobson’s 6.IT Services 7.Athletic Recruiting

10 Student Affairs The End.

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