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Wilkes Community College, Wilkesboro Beginning Spring Semester 2010 Bachelor of Science (BS) – Child Development: Birth-Kindergarten Off-Campus, Degree-Completion.

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1 Wilkes Community College, Wilkesboro Beginning Spring Semester 2010 Bachelor of Science (BS) – Child Development: Birth-Kindergarten Off-Campus, Degree-Completion Program BS/ Child Development: B-K

2 EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTS College of Fine and Applied Arts Students … Should pursue this program with ENTHUSIASM & PROFESSIONALISM Should be prepared to meet the rigors of college courses. This cohort provides the same education as the on-campus program. Should be responsible for meeting program requirements on time. Should review information and take appropriate actions on time. Must abide by the regulations, including University Code of Student Conduct & Code of Academic Integrity, as well as facility usage at Wilkes Community College.University Code of Student Conduct & Code of Academic Integrity Should notify the Program Manager of any questions, plans, or changes regarding courses, registration, or status with the cohort.

3 PROGRAM OF STUDY 122 semester hours (sh) are required for graduation Upper-division courses required for the major, will be delivered to the cohort by Appalachian Lower-division courses transfer from a community college (or other accredited institution) There is a precise schedule for delivery of cohort courses that students must follow. Courses are delivered only once to each cohort. Lower-division community college courses are responsibility of student. Equivalency information is provided for required courses.

4 PROFESSIONAL CORE CURRICULUM CI/SPE 2800Teachers, Schools, and Learners PSY 3000Educational Psychology FDN 3800Foundations of American Education CI/FDN 3850Literacy, Technology, and Instruction SPE 4900Student Teaching (full-time semester) (12 semester hours. 10 weeks in a public school setting, 5 weeks in an individualized setting)

5 COURSES FOR THE MAJOR FCS 3544 Introduction to Birth-Kindergarten (approved elective) SPE 3272 Developmental Assessment and Program Evaluation for Programs Serving Preschool and Kindergarten Children SPE 3273 Educational Assessment and Intervention for Infants with Disabilities and Their Families SPE 3100 Introduction to Special Education CI/FCS/SPE 3104 Practicum I in Early Child Development FCS/CI/SPE 3105 Practicum II in Early Child Development CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE …

6 RE 3902 Emergent Literacy FCS/CI/SPE 4553 Issues in Transdisciplinary Service Delivery FCS/CI/SPE 4554 Infant/Toddler Curriculum FCS/CI/SPE 4600 Curriculum and Instruction for Young Children: 3-K CI 4200 Families in the Educational Process for Children: Birth through Kindergarten COURSES FOR THE MAJOR, continued

7 TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE SUMMER 2010 TERM. These c ourses are pre-requisites for enrolling in the cohort’s Summer 2010 courses: FCS 2101 ( EDU 144 or PSY 244, Child Development I) FCS 2104 ( EDU 145 or PSY 245, Child Development II) To be completed before Fall 2011 : FCS 2102 ( EDU 146, Child Study & Guidance) FCS 2201 ( EDU 153, Health, Safety, Nutrition) PRIOR TO FALL SEMESTER, 2012 (Student Teaching, CI 4900) – you must complete ALL required core and major courses.

8 TIME IN SCHOOL SETTINGS Certain cohort courses require time in actual school settings. You must plan ahead to ensure this additional time can be committed for each: CI/SPE 2800, Teachers, Schools, and Learners - 35-40 hrs in a public school setting; often accomplished in after-school programs CI/FCS/SPE 3104, Practicum I - 150 hours minimum CI/FCS/SPE 3105, Practicum II – 150 hours minimum CI 4900, Student Teaching – a 12-credit course/full-time in a classroom setting

9 Wilkes BS/Child Development: B-K Cohort Tentative Schedule of Courses Complete PRAXIS I !

10 PRAXIS II (taken during Student Teaching) All students must take PRAXIS II prior to completion of student teaching. This is a graduation requirement; however a passing score is not required. A passing score on PRAXIS II is required in order to be considered “highly qualified” to teach in KINDERGARTEN (based upon current state requirements). The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction periodically changes testing requirements. Licensure candidates must meet testing requirements in effect at the time of application for licensure.

11 DELIVERY OF INSTRUCTION ** Follow Appalachian’s academic calendar, not WCC’s Courses will be offered only ONCE to each cohort ; students must take courses as they are made available. Any courses not satisfactorily completed must be accomplished asap, where and when possible. Faculty travel to the site Evening courses (typically 6:00-9:00 pm) 1-2 days per week Weekend courses possible (e.g. 6:00-9:00pm on Fridays and/or 9:00am-3:00pm on Saturdays on selected weekends) Web-based coursework

12 REQUIRED GRADES You must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) on Appalachian coursework, in order to continue to meet Teacher Education requirements. You must earn a minimum grade of 2.0 (C) in each required major course. C- is not adequate.

13 TRANSFER/Lower-division COURSEWORK The General Education Core is to be completed outside the cohort program (either before or during), by one of the following methods: CAA/44 hour community college core (transfer program) AA (Associate of Arts) AS (Associate of Science) Transfer coursework applied to Appalachian’s General Education core Note: The AAS (Associate in Applied Science) will not automatically meet the general education core requirements; individual courses are reviewed for transfer to Appalachian.

14 Wilkes Community College contacts For advising on the following: CAA/44 hour community college core AA (Associate of Arts) AS (Associate of Science) Please contact (if you are a WCC student): Ms. Lynda Black: 336-838-6148; Or Ms. Roberta Harless: 336-838-6139;

15 TRANSFER/Lower-division COURSEWORK cont. Concurrent enrollment = ASU + community college coursework - is allowed during this program Community college grades do not transfer; only courses & hours. However, at least a 2.0 gpa must be maintained on transfer coursework Transcripts of new community college transfer work must be sent to Extension & Distance Ed. at the end of each semester

16 ADMISSION TO TEACHER EDUCATION Teacher Education status is required of all education majors. In order to register for cohort courses Fall 2011 and beyond, you must meet all requirements and be admitted to Teacher Education by the College of Education. The cohort’s Program Manager will assist you with the teacher education application process. Before the Fall 2011 semester – you must meet all Admission criteria to Teacher Education.Admission criteria to Teacher Education

17 SAT or ACT in lieu of PRAXIS I Students may be exempted from PRAXIS I (PPST) with sufficient SAT or ACT scores: Test Exempt from PPST reading, writing, & math tests Exempt from PPST reading and writing tests Exempt from PPST math test SATTotal score of 1100If total less than 1100 & SAT Verbal 550+ If total less than 1100 & SAT Math 550+ ACTComposite score of 24 If composite less than 24 & ACT English 24+ If composite less than 24 & ACT Math 24+

18 PRAXIS I PREPARATION provides PRAXIS registration and preparation information – including free, downloadable test prep Search the Appalachian Library catalog: “Pre-Professional Skills Tests Study Guides” Info can be mailed to you, and is shelved at selected Appalachian Learning Alliance libraries. The Distance Learning Reference Library desk: toll-free 877-423- 0086 or live chat Workbooks are available online and through bookstores Community college developmental courses focus on subjects Online assistance is available through Appalachian’s Learning Assistance Program

19 GRADUATION Appalachian’s commencement occurs each May and December. On- and off-campus students graduate together on the Boone campus. This cohort is scheduled to graduate December 2012 to graduate December 2012 …

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