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Chapter # 2 Fall 2010 EDU 103. The Teaching Profession Chapter 2 EDU 103.

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1 Chapter # 2 Fall 2010 EDU 103

2 The Teaching Profession Chapter 2 EDU 103

3 Describe the beliefs of beginning teachers. Explain differences between traditional and alternative licensure and the essential factors involving a desirable job. Identify factors that contribute to a successful first year of teaching. Describe career-long professional development opportunities available to teachers. Learning Objectives

4 EXPERIENCES OF TWO TEACHERS Shelley, a new third-grade teacher – reflecting upon her first faculty meeting Urban school Low income homes English is not the first language Teachers tend to “write the students off” Teachers “assume the students can’t learn” Shelley “can’t believe how much there is to do”

5 Beliefs of Preservice and Beginning Teachers 1. When I begin teaching, I will be a better teacher than most of the teachers now in the field. 2.As I gain experience in teaching, I expect to become more confident in my ability to help children learn. 3.The most effective teachers are those best able to clearly explain the content they teach their students.

6 Beliefs of Preservice and Beginning Teachers 4.I will learn about most of the important aspects of teaching when I get into a classroom. 5.If I thoroughly understand the content I’m teaching, I’ll be able to figure out a way of getting it across to students.

7 Check Your Understanding How effective do beginning teachers believe they will be compared to teachers already in the field? Describe beginning teachers’ beliefs about what makes a teacher effective. Describe how beginning teachers’ confidence in their ability to help students changes as they gain experience.

8 Entering the Profession Traditional and alternative licensure Developing a professional reputation It starts now – suggestions for how to do this Making yourself marketable Building a portfolio and a resume Credentials file Writing a successful letter of application

9 Entering the Profession Finding a job Where are the jobs? How to interview effectively Possible questions Tell me about yourself is usually the first question Additional questions – page 50

10 Entering the Profession Assessing prospective schools Check the restrooms, observe students, teachers, & administrators when you are in the school building, talk with people who live in the city, but don’t teach or work in the school Interview is a two-way street Private school employment Pros & cons

11 Check Your Understanding What are two differences between traditional and alternative licensure? What are the two most essential factors involved in finding a desirable job? In which areas (places and content) are teaching jobs most plentiful?

12 Your First Year of Teaching What will it be like? What types of problems will you face? Survival skills for the first year Book by Harry Wong is helpful Organization Classroom management

13 Your First Year of Teaching Teaching effectively Knowing your students Induction and mentoring programs Teacher evaluation Formative and summative Merit pay Pros and cons

14 Check Your Understanding What are four factors that will determine whether or not your first year of teaching will be successful? Describe the characteristics of successful induction programs. How are teacher-evaluation systems created and used?

15 Career-Long Professional Development Membership in professional organizations Pros & cons NEA or AFT Student chapter of KEA Union or professional? Curriculum content organizations NSTA

16 Action Research Designing action research projects

17 Attaining certification The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Designed for experienced teachers At least three years of teaching Must pass exams, submit video tapes, portfolios, etc. Indicates a high level of skill & professionalism Significant increase in salary Only good for a certain number of years – Ten years, as I recall

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