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Nursing Information Session Please sign in and have a seat- clinical applications will be handed out at the end of the session DO NOT take handouts from.

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1 Nursing Information Session Please sign in and have a seat- clinical applications will be handed out at the end of the session DO NOT take handouts from the tables– Please listen to the information presented first to see if you are in need of the handouts at the end of the session – they may be things you already have

2 Nadine Larson 908-526-1200 Ext. 8610 – Room H213 Email is the fastest way to contact me Open office hours for admission criteria or clinical nursing course questions Spring 2015 TBD- no walk in hours 1.15.15-3.1.15 due to priority of clinical application review

3 Qualities of a Nurse – words from the RVCC Nursing Faculty Focused Self directed and self driven A life long learner FLEXIBLE Multi-tasker Humanistic Caring Able to critically think and problem solve

4 ESSENTIAL COMPETENCIES Skills needed to administrate good care to patients – Observation, communication, motor skills, cognitive-intellectual, behavioral and social attributes, and hearing and visual abilities

5 Clinical applications to be given and sign in will be at the end of the presentation If you leave early, you will not receive an application and will need to attend another session to receive one

6 Where do I start? RVCC Application The application to the Associate Degree Nursing Program at RVCC is a two-step process. First, you must apply to RVCC with Pre-nursing (AS in Health Science) as your intended major – you then are considered a PRE- NURSING STUDENT. When you have completed all prerequisites for the Nursing/RN AAS, you may then apply to the clinical nursing program.

7 PLEASE NOTE: As of May 1, 2014, students interested in pursuing the nursing program will initially be enrolled into the AS in Health Science degree as pre-nursing students. Students must complete the prerequisites in order to become eligible to apply for selective admission for entrance into the nursing program. Pending review of the selective admission criteria with ranking of scores and acceptance into the nursing program, the major will be changed to the AAS in Nursing/RN degree upon official notification of acceptance into the clinical nursing program.

8 If you are already a student at RVCC and had picked nursing as your intended major and have not yet be accepted to the clinical nursing program/NURS classes, after May 1, 2014 your major will be changed to Pre-nursing (AS in Health Science) RVCC will do this, there is nothing for you to do

9 Have all college transcripts sent to RVCC admissions office Send high school transcript/proof of GED to admission office Accepted to the college – nursing packet of information mailed to you Appointment with Advisor

10 What do I need? Prerequisites Residency – Hunterdon or Somerset Degree Requirements Clear Criminal History Background Check attached to clinical application

11 Prerequisites (Complete RVCC application on file (including HS transcript) and all prior college transcripts have been evaluated by the Registrar’s office; you are a Pre-nursing major (AS in Health Science) or PNAD mjr) Developmental and ESL courses complete-must place into ENG 111 Math through Elementary Algebra Anatomy and Physiology I & II- 2 grades of D, F, AU after the 10 th day or W will disqualify you GPA of 2.75 Technological Competency- test or course (within past 7 years) ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS Version V with all 4 parts of test) – taken no earlier than 9.2013 for Fall ‘15 admission (this is a Nursing/RN prerequisite route only )

12 For RVCC admission, students can take TEAS test once every 4 months, either at RVCC or another location. We are currently administering TEAS Version V with all 4 parts of the test. If the test has been completed elsewhere, scores may be submitted for review with the clinical application. For 2015 admission, TEAS results will only be accepted from tests taken since September 2013.

13 PNAD 85% (3.25 GPA) average from an accredited LPN program 6 months full time work experience for new graduates, 3 out of the last 5 years full time work as an LPN if graduated from PN program more than 5 years ago NO TEAS, but will be required to take an LPN Step Test

14 (Continue PNAD) The LPN STEP test is held once every Fall for students applying for the following summer. For students applying for Summer 2016, the test dates will be posted August 2015 on, posted on the Lion’s Den, and sent via email to PNAD There is a minimum score to achieve, closely reflecting the national average of the LPN Step Test score

15 Residency Requirement Somerset or Hunterdon County When you qualify for clinical you must provide proof of residency (one document – attached to clinical application) Permanent Resident NJ Driver’s license, Rental Agreement, Mortgage Statement, Utility Bill, Telephone Bill, NJ Resident Income Tax Return Permanent Employee Letter from employer on company letterhead PNAD – applicants with the highest LPN Step scores and residency will get priority placement

16 The NJ Board of Nursing has regulations regarding citizenship and eligibility for taking the NCLEX exam. Our clinical application will ask a question regarding citizenship so any questions/concerns can be clarified before a student is accepted into the nursing program. The RVCC student application also identifies citizenship status. Some of our clinical agencies require we track citizenship status as well.

17 Criminal History Background Check(CHBC) A completed criminal history background check must be done through PRIOR to applying to the clinical nursing program. Results need to be attached to the clinical application, along with the residency proof. It can take 4-6 weeks for the background check to be processed. Do the CHBC no later than 4-6 weeks before the application is due

18 Failure to do the CHBC and attach results to the clinical application will not allow the student to have the application evaluated and will be mailed back to the student to submit when the application is complete, and for the next admission period. Clinical agencies will not accept a student for clinical with a positive criminal history background check. The NJ Board of Nursing also has regulations regarding applying and taking the NCELX – a positive background check may disqualify you from taking the NCLEX

19 Other Degree Requirements Co-Requisites First Year - Fall ENGL-111 English I FITN-115 Dynamics of Fitness & Wellness First Year - Spring ENGL-112 English II PSYC-103 Introduction to Psychology Second Year - Fall Humanities elective BIOL-133 Principles of Microbiology SOCI-101 Introduction to Sociology Second Year - Spring Free Elective

20 How do I apply to the clinical Nursing courses? Submit an Application to Clinical after all prerequisites are complete Generic- Day or Evening/Weekend – you MUST only CHOOSE one or your application will NOT be valid, and will be returned to you. ANY info missing and the form will be returned to you – applications must be submitted no later than the deadline to be evaluated PNAD Be sure the residency/employment proof is attached, as well as the clear criminal history background check results

21 Application to Nursing Clinical Courses Early Admission Generic RN (RVCC and transfer students) Turn in by February 2, 2015 for Fall 2015 Late Admission Generic RN (RVCC students only, no new transfer students, have taken 6+ RVCC credits) Turn in by May 15,2015 for Fall 2015 PNAD Turn in by December 31, 2015 for Summer 2016 Make sure you have completed ALL prerequisites Proof of residency required & CHBC results Read application so all documents needed are attached Don’t lose it!

22 Admission to Nursing Clinical Courses Applications evaluated based on: A&P grades Most recent college GPA TEAS scores

23 What do I do if I’m not accepted? Raise ranking score GPA Retake A&P Retake TEAS Reapply- Late Admission if you are an RVCC student or next year

24 What do I do if I’m accepted? Complete other required courses- maintain 2.75 GPA Attend Health Maintenance Meeting Study for Pharmacology Clinical Calculations placement test Complete health maintenance Register during the designated time Attend Camp I Can Orientation session

25 Nursing Program Response Form Must be returned to the finance office by the date specified on the form – given to a student with the acceptance letter $200 non-refundable deposit will be applied to tuition If it is not returned by the deadline, the student will lose their seat in the program and will have to apply for the next admission period, and meet all admission criteria

26 Health Maintenance Meeting Immunizations and tests Liability Insurance CPR certification (AHA BLS for health care provider) Pharmacology Clinical Calculation test info Urine drug screen – urine drug screens must be negative/clear for a student to continue in the nursing program – a clinical agency will not accept a student for rotations with a positive drug screen. Student will be given specific time frame to go

27 Camp I CAN (Can Achieve Nursing) Required orientation Program information Library search engines Study skills Time management ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) Self assessment Critical thinking inventory

28 A Walk Through the Program Cost Schedule Progression Exit exam Graduation NCLEX

29 How Much Does it Cost? First semester Health maintenance Background check ATI Uniform Tuition RVCC fees Books Nursing fee Nursing Kit Approximate total Cost varies $ 60+ $ 551 $ 150 $2000 $200+ $ 850 $ 400 $100 $4400.00

30 Financial Aid RVCC Financial Aid Nursing scholarships Employers Community groups

31 Foundations of Nursing & all clinical nursing courses Rigorous Schedule & may not fit everyone’s lifestyle and schedule Day or Evening/Weekend- NO Part-time students – this is not a work-study program! 20 hours/week – physical presence Additional 20-30 hours/week (2 hours for every classroom hour) Preparing for learning lab Preparing for class Preparing for clinical experience *Students who are unsuccessful in nursing courses admitted to working 30+ hours/week

32 Clinical Facility Sites Carrier Clinic, Center for Autistic Children (Princeton), Children’s Specialized Hospital, Eric B. Chandler, Kessler (East Orange & Chester), JFK, Lyons VA (Liberty Corner), Matheny (Peapack), Morristown Memorial, Overlook (Summit), RWJ, SPUH, SMC, Warren Hospital (Phillipsburg), HMC & Princeton Hospital, Willow Creek (Somerset NJ)

33 Progression in the Nursing Program Progression Policy Two failures (D, F, W, AU after the 10 th day) – not eligible to apply to the program with 2 required science courses previously failed Fall Foundations of Nursing Spring Nursing of Adults I Fall Nursing of Adults II Psych/Mental Health Nursing Spring Nursing Care of Families with Children (Peds) Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family (OB) Trends in Nursing

34 Exit Examination ATI Comprehensive Predictor Minimum score required – the score needed to achieve is equivalent to the student having a 95% pass rate on the NCLEX.

35 Graduation and Licensure Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Eligible for Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) Pass/Fail Passing NCLEX-RN = you becoming a Registered Nurse!

36 Email me with any questions regarding clinical nursing courses or the admission criteria If you are not applying until Fall 2016 or later, come back next year to a nursing information session to get the most accurate information regarding the admission process or stay up to date by viewing the HSE website –

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