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2 Introduction of students Why Occupational Therapy Assistant?

3 Definition of Occupational Therapy Restoration and development of a person’s occupation (daily routines, activities and social roles) OT helps people fulfill their roles and responsibilities as student, worker, friend, parent, significant other OT uses work, play, and self care OT helps people achieve independence OT helps people live productive and satisfying lives

4 Films on Demand dmissions.htm Can be seen from any WITC campus 22 minutes Overview of what the OTA does

5 OT Practitioners COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Associate’s Degree Work under the supervision of the Registered Occupational Therapist OTR Registered Occupational Therapist Entry Level Master’s Degree

6 What diagnoses can be treated by Occupational Therapy? Heart attack or stroke Arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases Children with birth defects, learning difficulties or developmental disabilities Mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder Substance abuse issues and eating disorders

7 Burns, spinal cord injuries or amputations Broken bones or injuries from falls, sports or accidents Work related or age related injuries Low vision Cognitive deficits such as brain injury or Alzheimer’s Disease Health promotion or wellness

8 Where do OT Practitioners work? Hospitals Rehabilitation Centers Skilled Nursing Facilities School systems Home health agencies Community programs Early intervention programs Residential facilities

9 Hospice Volunteer agencies Private practice Work hardening Day programs Assisted living Sheltered workshops Hand therapy

10 Description of OT—Faculty Perspective Laura Schulte Barb Kloetzke Mari Jo Ulrich Pediatrics, Mental Health Assistive Technology, Geriatric Practice Physical Rehabilitation

11 2 areas of employment Traditional COTA Under supervision of OTR Provide OT services Hospital, School, SNF Emerging orNon- traditional No OTR needed Using skills from this degree in work setting

12 OT Practitioners Must pass a national certification exam to practice (NBCOT) Must attain state licensure to practice Must have a background check

13 What attracts students to OTA? Chance for direct service career Diverse opportunities for employment Possible progression to OTR Fieldwork and practical based curricula Working directly with people

14 What attributes should an occupational therapy assistant have? Creativity Flexibility Desire to work with people Patience Warmth

15 Data

16 NBCOT The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. (NBCOT) Credentialing agency that provides certification for the occupational therapy profession NBCOT serves the public interest by developing, administering, and continually reviewing a certification process

17 NBCOT Prometric Test Centers Online testing 200 Multiple Choice questions 4 hours $500.00 online application $540.00 paper application

18 NBCOT Results2012

19 National Data 2010 Occupational Therapy Compensation and Workforce Study, AOTA

20 Primary Work Settings 2010 Occupational Therapy Compensation and Workforce Survey

21 Annual Salary Median $34, 298 0-1 year Experience $41,000 1.1-2 years Experience $37,000 Wisconsin Average 2010 Occupational Therapy Compensation and Workforce Survey

22 General Information

23 Calendar Campus Contacts Student Biographical Change Request Student information sheet

24 Admission

25 Attend OTA orientation High School Chemistry or College Chemistry as a pre-req to General A and P Complete Criminal Background Check Physical exam Immunization Record

26 Admission View Films on Demand from WITC campus Occupational Therapy Assistant

27 Approx costs Curriculum Plan

28 Curriculum Plan Curriculum Checklist E1 Must take all 514 courses at one time Must be successful in all 514 courses each semester to progress to the next semester Anatomy and Physiology is a pre-req for 2 nd semester of the OTA program

29 3 Year Plan Some students take General Studies courses prior to 514 (core) courses

30 Fieldwork Reliable transportation needed Fieldwork I is 3 rd semester One day per week off campus (6 hours) May be up to 2 hours from your campus

31 Fieldwork II 4 th semester Full time (35-40+ hours per week) 2 different 8-week rotations Training and supervision provided by therapist at setting Time commitment and travel make employment difficult during FW II

32 What to expect

33 Academic Rigor 3 hours outside work for every 1 hour in class Work load Textbook readability(text list) Learning Style High expectations Employment Reliable Transportation Missing labs/hands on Computer use

34 Academic Rigor 3 hours outside work for every 1 hour in class Work load Textbook readability High expectations Employment ReliableTransportation

35 OTA Program Standards Require a “C” or better in all courses All OTA courses must be passed with an 80% average on exams Repeat Core or occupational support course only once (G1) Dress Code (D6)

36 ITV Courses All lecture courses are ITV format Lab courses are in person at each campus D4

37 Blackboard Computer component to all OTA courses. Required to have 24 hour access to Internet and computer Will need to check Blackboard daily Will need capability to print...will need to print some things in color

38 Requirements

39 WI Caregiver Background Check Must be completed before September 1 2014, but no sooner than 30 days prior (August 1, 2014) $10.00 Turn into Mari Jo Ulrich, Ashland Campus

40 Background Check Self Reporting Requirements Dean’s Letter Students who complete FW or off campus activities in Minnesota are required to have a Minnesota Background Check Students completing FW in other states will be required to have additional Background checks

41 Background Checks The cost of background checks is the responsibility of the student Students can not participate in off- campus coursework until BG check is completed Students may not be able to meet course competencies with negative information on a BG check

42 Health Form --handout 1.Family History 2.Immunizations 3.Physical 4.CPR—(H4) Red Cross or American Heart Association

43 Turn in all forms (4) to your academic advisor on the first day of spring semester

44 Physical Must have a physical and form completed by Physician, Physician’s Assistant, orNurse Practitioner Form must be filled out

45 OTA WEB PAGE Directions

46 Other information Malpractice Insurance Health Insurance Name Badge

47 Powerpoint Fieldwork

48 Send the following requirements to Mari Jo between August 1 and Sept 1 of 2014. Caregiver Background Checks Information and Statement of Understanding for OTA students Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check, Self reporting document $10.00 for Background check Functional Ability Criteria for OTA Program

49 Mari Jo Ulrich, OTR, MA OTA Program Director WITC 2100 Beaser Ave Ashland WI 54806 800.243.9482 Ext 3167

50 Give a man a fish Feed him for a day… Teach a man to fish Feed him for a lifetime.

51 How many OTA’s does it take to change a light bulb? None An OTA will teach the light bulb to change itself!



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