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Howard R. Mzumara; Leah Kirkpatrick; Clifford Marsiglio IUPUI Testing Center Main Office: Lockefield Village, 980 Indiana Ave., LV.

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1 Howard R. Mzumara; Leah Kirkpatrick; Clifford Marsiglio IUPUI Testing Center Main Office: Lockefield Village, 980 Indiana Ave., LV 1166

2  TC “Service with Distinction”  Placement Testing Update  Collaboration/Partnership  Seating Capacity for IUPUI Testing Center facilities o Proctoring of academic tests in SL070 Testing Center facility  Other Related Updates … 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff2

3  What value does the Testing Center bring to our campus and our community; and who needs to better understand this?  Service to students or faculty  Placement tests via unproctored Internet testing: ALEKS Math Assessments including Online Learning Modules World Language Placement Tests (French, German, & Spanish)  Proctored tests in the IUPUI Testing Center facilities: English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Placement Tests (COMPASS/ESL tests & IUPUI Essay Test) Credit-by-Examination; Course Test-Out; Independent Study Exams; Prior Learning Assessments Admissions/Certification/Licensure Exams (e.g., MAT, TEAS Nursing Exam, TOEFL iBT, CASA, etc.) Make-up class exams Proctored Computer-Based Class Tests [School of Nursing, School of Science, Economics Dept., etc.]  Campus access to potential students  Revenue (via proctoring of state or national exams)  Community service (outreach testing) 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff3

4  Communicate to campus constituencies of services TC provides, and the value added …  Utilization & Efficiency of testing facilities ◦ Empty seats are bad (build volume of test-takers…) ◦ Maintain suitable & convenient hours of operation  Utilize computer labs for multiple purposes and multiple clients 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff4

5  Recently established test components (PLTIN): ◦ MA700 – ALEKS Mathematics placement test ◦ IUPUI World Language Online Placement Tests  FL101 – French Placement Test (unproctored version)  FL202 – Spanish Placement Test (unproctored version)  FL301 – German Placement Test (unproctored version)  For Placement Charts, click on webpage links under “Advisor Information”: 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff5

6  IUPUI TC plans to stop offering COMPASS Mathematics Placement Tests on June 30, 2014 ◦ Pre-algebra Test MA601 ◦ Algebra Test MA602 Scores valid one year from test date ◦ College Algebra Test MA603 (thru June 2015) ◦ Trigonometry Test MA604  Replace COMPASS Math with ALEKS Math (MA700) for course placement in MATH and/or first-year Chemistry (CHEM-C 101 & CHEM-C 105)  Continue to offer COMPASS/ESL test package (Grammar/Usage, Reading, Listening) and IUPUI Essay test for EAP course placement purposes 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff6

7  Discontinue to offer paper-and-pencil Chemistry Placement Test (CH105) -- use ALEKS Math assessment scores for placement in first-year Chemistry courses  Chemistry Placement Chart (based on ALEKS Math -- MA700) ◦  No change made to English Guided Self-Placement (GSP) process for placement in first-year writing courses ( 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff7

8  New “Testing Fee”: $50 (flat fee) ◦ Assessed to incoming Fall 2014 Admits and future cohorts…  See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): ◦  General FAQ  ALEKS FAQ  World Language Placement Tests FAQ 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff8

9  Daily automated score upload to SIS: ◦ MA700 ALEKS Math placement scores are uploaded to SIS within 24 to 48 hours from completion of online test ◦ [Note: Students Math placement scores are available in ALEKS system]  Periodic manual score upload to SIS: ◦ FL101/FL202/FL301 (world language) unproctored online placement tests are uploaded weekly (or as needed)  Total # of placement tests completed (Test Date Range: March 1, 2014 to May 7, 2014) ◦ ALEKS Math (MA700): 812 ◦ French (FL101): 43 ◦ German (FL301): 22 ◦ Spanish (FL202): 241 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff9

10 Collaboration Model Technology Partnership Model 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff10

11  BS3000 Testing Center (placement testing and state/national exams): o BS3003: 34 seats; expandable to 55 seats during peak times o BS3001: 25 seats (overflow lab)  SL070 Testing Center (academic testing)  computer-based class tests offered by schools/academic units o SL070 A-D (4 computer labs): 124 seats; expandable to 142 seats during peak times o SL070 Testing Center Hours of Operation (Spring 2014): Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Friday & Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM  SL 064: Evaluation & Data Processing Unit (2 staff offices, open work area, & locked storage)  LV 1166 Suite: Testing Center Administrative Offices (Lockefield Village, 980 Indiana Avenue) 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff11

12 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff12  34 Seats  Expandable to 55 seats during peak times

13 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff13

14 SL070 suite (total number of seats):  124 Seats  Expandable to 142 seats during peak times 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff14

15  Pleasant for students  Easy to use  Increased efficiency  Security (proctored/ monitored environment)  Access control  Leverages campus resources 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff15

16  IUPUI Test Scheduling Development Project: ◦ Short-term solution: Currently using a ‘vended solution’:  Appointment-plus ( online appointment scheduling ◦ Long-term solution: Collaborate with external vendor and UITS to develop a custom scheduling solution for IUPUI Testing Centers 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff16

17  Summer Session: Revised business hours for Testing Center facilities (BS3000 and SL070 suites) will be posted at the TC website: http://tc.iupui.edu  Testing Center policies and procedures for test administration are developed, reviewed or approved by appropriate university authorities or campus-wide advisory committees including: ◦ Placement Testing Advisory Committee  Chair: Kathy Johnson, Dean of University College ◦ Classroom Testing Advisory Committee  Chair: Peggy Stockdale, Chair of Psychology Department 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff17

18 Question & Answer Session … and Thank You! 5/9/2014Orientation Kickoff18

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