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2012 Council of College and and Military Educators (CCME) 11 Carolyn Baker Chief Voluntary Education Programs.

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1 2012 Council of College and and Military Educators (CCME) 11 Carolyn Baker Chief Voluntary Education Programs

2 Pamela Raymer Navy College Program Marines Lifelong Learning Coast Guard Institute Army Continuing Education System  Air Force  Virtual Education Center OSD Voluntary Education Carolyn Baker, Chief DoD Interservice Voluntary Education Working Board WHERE IS VOLUNTARY EDUCATION IN DOD? DOL, DoED, VA American Council on Education American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Universities, Colleges and Career Schools Postsecondary Resource Providers/Vendors PARTNERSHIPS Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support Dr. Carol Barry Principal Director For MC&FP Mr. Charles E. Milam Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta Deputy USD (P&R) Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) Mr. Robert L. Gordon III (COL Ret) Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Dr. JoAnn Rooney Lauran Mate (acting)Mary Norwood (acting)Daryl Patrick (acting)Thomas Langdon

3 3 PB2011 Voluntary Education Programs: $664.3M (Tuition Assistance and Operational Costs) Education Sites World Wide: 245 to include Afghanistan In FY11 548,908 Individuals Participated in Vol Ed Programs 325,324 Troops Enrolled in Postsecondary Courses 44,692 Troops Degrees from College 528 Certification / Licensures Awarded Voluntary Education Vision Life-Long Learning for Service Members and Adult Family Members Mission Advocate Life-Long Learning for the DoD Community by Providing Policy, Program Guidance, and Resource Oversight Educational Programs High School Completion /Diploma; Military Tuition Assistance (TA); Postsecondary Degree Programs; Independent Study and Distance Learning Programs; College Credit Examination Program; Academic Skills Program; and Certification and Licensure Programs Authorization Sections 2005 and 2007 of Title 10, United States Code Source: FY2011Voluntary Education Report

4 4 Outside Third Party ReviewMOUWithInstitutions InputCustomerConcerns DoD Voluntary Education Voluntary Education QUALTIY Assurance QUALITY REVIEW All institutions receiving Mil TA agree to participate in the review OSD will track all reviews to ensure compliance OSD will monitor all corrective actions to ensure there is continuous quality improvement. FEEDBACK - INPUT From Service members, Education Services Officers and Counselors Visibility of all complaints; all concerns will be reviewed and followed up for corrective actions. The data will be provided to the Service on a reoccurring basis or immediately, depending on the severity of the complaint(s). AGREEMENT WITH INSTITUTIONS Schools meet Mil TA eligibility criteria Schools comply with DoD and the Services regulatory guidance Strive to the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium Principles Criteria and Military Student Bill of Rights Enhanced Interagency Coordination (DoD, VA, DoED) Military Voluntary Education Review MVER

5 MOU 90-day Extension  The Department of Defense (DoD) granted a 90-day extension, from December 30, 2011, to March 30, 2012 for institutions to sign the DoD Tuition Assistance Program Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The majority of the institutions that military students attend have signed however there are schools, serving only a few military students (primarily Reserve Component), who have yet to sign. The extension will allow additional time for institutions to sign.  Institutions that have signed or are in the process of signing the DoD MOU neither have to re-sign nor make changes to their application.  Only the implementation date of the policy has changed to March 30, 2012. The policy requires all institutions participating in the Military Tuition Assistance (TA) program to have a memorandum of understanding with the DoD.  If your institution does not have an MOU with DoD please go to the DoD MOU web,, for additional information. 5

6 DoD MOU UPDATE 6  Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee Staff members  National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU)  American Council on Education (ACE)  American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO)  Association of American Universities (AAU)  Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU)  National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACACNET)  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)  Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)  Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)  Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (IAVA)  Vets Blue Star Families--support for military families (by military families for military families)  Institutes for College Access and Success (TICAS) Stakeholders provided recommendations and verbiage January 13, 2012 Met with Key Stakeholders

7 Key Stakeholders Concerns Institutions 3.d. (1) Adhering to the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium Principles, Criteria, and Military Student Bill of Rights; especially waiving degree residency requirements. 3.d. (2) Recognize, accept, and award military training and education credit where appropriate, from the Army/ACE Registry Transcript System IHE 4. c. Educational Plan (1) Institutions will provide an evaluated educational plan to the Service member and his or her Service Military and Veteran’s Organizations Aggressive marketing and loan defaults Skill required for employment Schools meeting Service members and Veteran’s special needs Health Education Labor and Pension (HELP) Committee Ensuring quality – Service members and Veteran’s are receiving an education that will lead them to employment, certification and licensure Disclosure of information Aggressive marketing and loan defaults 7

8 MOU Status Report TOTAL NUMBER OF SCHOOLS WITH EXISTING MOUS : 1902 (listed as a Participating Institution) Total number of sub-campuses of above schools: 2937 Total number of above schools are SOC Members: 901 Total number of schools with National Accreditation: 512 Total number of schools with Regional Accreditation: 1390 Total number of schools selected Public School Type: 897 Total number of schools selected Private not-for-profit School Type: 519 Total number of schools selected Private for-profit School Type: 489 Total numbers of Degree Types offered by the schools: Career Training: 1028 Associate Degrees: 1345 Bachelor Degrees: 937 Master Degrees: 756 Doctorate Degrees: 367 Method of Delivery: Distance Learning: 1424 Classroom Learning: 1837 Correspondence Learning: 189 Total number of schools ‘Awaiting Signature by Institution’: 293 On February 13, 2012

9 DoD Third Party Education Assessment Assessment is contracted and managed by DANTES Contractor: Management and Training Consultants, Inc. Dumfries, Virginia 9 INFORMATION ON THE PROCESS: EXHIBIT HALL BOOTH 425 OR

10 Third Party Review 2012 DATE MILITARY SERVICE INSTALLATIONSCHOOLS OPERATING ON THE INSTALLATION April 30, 2012Air ForceAltus Air Force Base, Oklahoma Embry-Riddle Wayland Baptist Western Oklahoma State University May 21,2012NavyNaval Station Great Lakes, Illinois College of Lake County Columbia College Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Webster University July 9, 2012Marines MCAS Beaufort & MCRD Parris Island South Carolina Embry-Riddle Park University Technical College of Lowcountry University of Phoenix University of South Carolina Webster University August 13, 2012ArmyFort Benning, Georgia Chattahoochee Valley Community College Columbus State University Columbus Technical College Georgia Military College Troy University Vincennes University 10 DISTANCE LEARNING SCHOOLSOFF INSTALLATION SCHOOLS Grantham UniversityAshford University American Military UniversityLiberty University Kaplan University DeVry University

11 Register Voluntary Education Concerns Feedback From:  Servicemembers  Education Services Officers and Counselors  Institutions Visibility of all complaints/concerns:  All concerns will be reviewed and followed up for corrective actions.  The data will be provided to the Service on a reoccurring basis or immediately, depending on the severity of the complaint(s). 11 via email voledconcerns@navy. mil 250

12 12 Military Tuition Assistance FY06FY07FY08FY09FY10FY11 Army 277,419275,171306,809321,494365,703 377,175 Navy 208,598186,200153,354161,971144,687 136,917 AF 269,581276,310284,365278,716270,570 273,932 MC 74,60567,73471,21372,41176,827 78,764 DoD Total 830,203805,415815,741 834,592857,786866,788 FY11: 325,324 Service members Participated in TA $542M FY11 $562.3M FY10 $224.1M $90.4M $189.6M $58.2M 212,601 177,712 223,643 60,045 377,175 136,917 273,932 78,764 Courses Taken COST COURSES FY10 FY11 857.8K * Does not include NCPACE $17.4M $64.1M $38.0M $72.9M FY 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Marines Air Force Navy Army 866.8K Source: FY2011Voluntary Education Report FY11 Avg Cost Per Course: $648.76 ($631.86 in FY10) UndergraduateGraduate FY02 $276.79$461.70 FY03 $421.76$687.34 FY04 $500.18$696.97 FY05 $498.31$715.06 FY06 $512.52$728.90 FY07 $545.62$746.63 FY08 $536.31$743.03 FY09 $547.49$750.00 FY10 $644.26$750.00 FY11 $634.54$750.00 Avg Cost Per Enrollment

13 DELIVERY Undergraduate Courses Graduate Courses Source: FY2011Voluntary Education Report UG & Grad Courses Taken 866,788 Traditional Classroom Courses 216,799 Distance Learning Courses 649,989 *FY10 Traditional 29% & Distance 71% Traditional 25% & Distance 75%* 73% of the all Servicemembers Participating in TA Are taking DL courses

14 45,220 Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates Earned (FY 11) Active Duty Diplomas/Degrees/Certifications Awarded Diplomas/Degrees/Certifications Awarded Source: FY2011 Voluntary Education Report Associate Degrees 31,720 Bachelors 9,503 Masters 3,440 HS/GED 1 Doctorates 28 Certificates/Licensures 528

15 Personnel and Readiness

16 16 Carolyn L. Baker Chief, Voluntary Education Programs OUSD (P&R) MC&FP (SL/Ed) 4800 March Center Drive, Suite 14E08 Alexandria, VA 22350-2300

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