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N URSING P ROGRAM M EETING Jillian Heist MSN, RN July 1 st 2013.

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1 N URSING P ROGRAM M EETING Jillian Heist MSN, RN July 1 st 2013

2 T HANK Y OU !!!! You have all demonstrated why you are going to be amazing nurses! Great thoughtful questions Fantastic critical thinking Advocacy of each other and future students Solution based discussions Research Clear communication Thank you for all that you have been sharing and communicating over the past month or so

3 Q UICK R EVIEW Accreditation- This is voluntary and through NLNAC/ACEN June 10 th report presentation Recommendation to remove accreditation July 11 th and 12 th meeting to finalize decision Letter to come within 30 days of that date Appeal will be evaluated at that time Appeal process- see FAQ

4 Q UICK R EVIEW Approval- Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission Approved with conditions is current status NCLEX is a go and the program will continue to teach students Program Current Students Support you all to finish out program, help with educational and career planning, resource access to help plan your path in nursing. Revamping program Curriculum re-design. FAQ as current:

5 N URSING P ROGRAM O PTIONS A variety of programs in WA state: Remember that to sit for the NCLEX in Washington State you need to have graduated from an approved program, which SPSCC is currently: Nursing Commission Website Approved Washington State Programs Pass Rates Questions

6 N ATIONALLY A CCREDITED P ROGRAMS Accredited schools in WA state: Skagit Valley CC North Seattle CC Big Bend CC Columbia Basin CC Everett CC Grays Harbor CC Olympic College (both ADN & BSN) Lower Columbia CC Pierce CC Spokane CC Walla Walla CC Wenatchee Valley CC Yakima Valley CC Bellevue CC Clark CC Highline CC Peninsula College Seattle Central CC Shoreline CC Tacoma CC Whatcom CC Gonzaga University Northwest University Pacific Lutheran University Seattle University University of Washington Seattle Bothell Tacoma Walla Walla University Washington State University St. Martin’s is in candidacy for accreditation

7 O NLINE R ESOURCES There are so many programs that reach over state lines, you would need to contact them individually to assess their approval and accreditation status. Always be aware of states you are desiring to work in and their acceptance of these education centers as sources of nursing education to obtain licensure by examination US News Walden University University of Phoenix Capella University Kaplan University Washington Governors University

8 T RANSFERRING N URSING P ROGRAMS This is a question without a definitive answer, but here is the synopsis: All colleges and universities contacted stated a desire to have SPSCC graduates apply for their programs None of the colleges and universities contacted promised admission to their program Some of the colleges and universities looked at have “accredited” language on their applications for potential students What does this mean… admission to a nursing program is multi-factorial and thus you cannot predict effect of graduating from an unaccredited program on your application ranking. Contact your schools of interest to see if accreditation status is used to eliminate applicants from the pool of potential students.

9 T RANSFERRING N URSING P ROGRAMS C ONTINUED Out of state transfers This is still being explored. You would need to contact those education centers you are interested in to obtain an answer regarding graduation from a nationally unaccredited nursing program utilized as a ruling out factor. BSN and MSN programs: All programs examine your transcripts regardless of your schools national accreditation status at the time of your graduation

10 L ICENSURE BY ENDORSEMENT OR EXAMINATION Examination= graduate from approved program and take NCLEX (we are here)NCLEX Endorsement= held nursing license in one state but are moving to another (when you move) Nursys through NCSBN Nursys This can be used to get licensure verified to another state ALWAYS contact the board of nursing where you plan on moving!board of nursing Nursing Licensure Requirements from NCSBN

11 E MPLOYMENT Accreditation affecting employment is a individualized discussion depending upon where you want to work. Federal/Government jobs typically are not offered to those who graduate from an nationally unaccredited program MultiCare is moving towards hiring nurses from nationally accredited programs and BSN only Local health care agencies have been hiring nurses who graduate from nationally accredited and unaccredited programs.

12 SPSCC NEXT STEPS NCLEX- PN and NCLEX- RN Step by step instructions will be emailed out… first step is filling out transcript release forms Course work at SPSCC Teaching assignments: NURS 240= Heist NURS 241 (all sections) = Adair NURS 242 = Berg, Adair, and two other staff TBD NURS 248 = Stiles NURS 249= Heist NURS 251= Cumberland NURS 255= Heist

13 SPSCC NEXT STEPS Support each other There is no need for this to divide you all as a student body. Part of nursing is that you do not agree with your peers, so you must find ways to support each other in positive ways. The program has the opportunity to be revamped, which is a positive as in nursing change is always occurring… be a voice as a student about what has worked well and what you see as areas of improvement. Focus on your course work and learn You must continue to learn in order to sit for your NCLEX… so stay focused on that. Appeals and letters In nursing we talk a lot about advocacy… but for advocacy to be effective one must communicate effectively and timely. NLNAC/ACEN must complete their processes to finalize a decision. Once that decision is made there is potential for opportunity for appeal and advocacy.

14 SPSCC NEXT STEPS Educate yourself on your options. St. Martin’s July 2 nd at 11am in 34-207 WSU- Vancouver July 10 th 11am in 34-208 WSU-Vancouver July 15 th 4pm in 34-208 Other nursing education information sessions are in the works… so keep checking your email! Self reflect on what you want to do in your nursing career next steps. You have had a lot of information provided, but it will not be all that helpful unless you can identify in yourself what it is you want next. Once you identify that, paths can be planned and options ruled out. Any questions you need assistance with, we are here to help you find the answer!!!

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