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Tomorrow starts here. BITELIBS ILS Tomorrow starts here.

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3 Tomorrow starts here.


5 Tomorrow starts here.




9 Dr. Robert Lucas, Assistant Professor

10 Tomorrow starts here. Dr. Kathy Lohr, Teaching Assistant Professor

11 Tomorrow starts here. Dr. Regina Figueiredo-Brown, Instructor Dr. Martin Reardon, Assistant Professor

12 Tomorrow starts here. Dr. Charity Cayton, Assistant Professor Ms. Bonnie Glass, Teaching Instructor Dr. Maureen Grady, Instructor Dr. Catharina “Kay” Ringer, Assistant Professor Dr. Carmen Woodhall, Teaching Assistant Professor Center for STEM Education Mr. Shawn Moore, Assistant Director

13 Tomorrow starts here. Dr. Christopher Rivera, Assistant Professor

14 Tomorrow starts here. Academic Success Center Ms. Annette Everett, Academic Advisor Office of Clinical Experiences & Alternative Licensure Ms. Lindsay Jones, Clinical Coordinator

15 Tomorrow starts here. Promotion to Professor Dr. Abbie Brown, MSITE Dr. Scott Glass, HACE Tenure as Associate Professor Dr. Anthony Thompson, MSITE

16 Tomorrow starts here. Promotion to Associate Professor & Tenured Dr. Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi, MSITE Dr. Kylie Dotson-Blake, HACE Dr. Lori Flint, SEFR Dr. Eric Kisling, ILS Dr. Gail Munde, ILS

17 Tomorrow starts here.

18 2012-2013 Scholar-Teacher Award Dr. Kylie Dotson-Blake, Department of Higher, Adult, and Counselor Education Max Ray Joyner Award for Outstanding Teaching in DE Dr. Elizabeth Hodge, Department of Information and Library Science ECU Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Teaching Dr. Elizabeth A. Fogarty, Department of Elementary & Middle Grades Education Dr. Shari C. Steadman, Department of Literacy Studies, English Education, and History Education

19 Tomorrow starts here. Dr. Vivian W. Mott, Dean’s Office & Department of Information and Library Science Mrs. Amanda Pantelidis, Dean’s Office Dr. Sandra Warren, Department of Special Education, Foundations, and Research

20 Tomorrow starts here. PercentageCut AmountOperatingSalary & Benefits # of Vacant Positions 2%$420,118$111,533$308,5853 3%$630,177$123,389$506,7886 4%$840,236$154,229$686,00710

21 Tomorrow starts here.

22 CommitteeMembership: Tricia Anderson Kermit Buckner Maureen Ellis Lori Flint Al Jones Kathy Misulis Vivian Mott Ron Preston Marjorie Ringler Sandra Seay Bill Sugar Karen Voytecki Cheryl McFadden, Chair

23 Tomorrow starts here.  Spring 2013 Determined plan of action Two retreat days (May 29 th & July 9 th ) Reviewed materials internally to ECU, peer institutions, & other institutions Drafted a protocol Protocol -- Guide for annual evaluation for teaching  July 17 th --Draft protocol presented to COE Leadership Team  September 11 th- --Meeting with Dean to review  September--Meeting to review feedback & address comments  Goal: Present to COE faculty during fall semester

24 Tomorrow starts here.

25 COE Graduate Task Force Report COE Graduate Task Force Report August 19, 2013 Terry Atkinson Carol Brown 1.Current status of advanced degree programs. – Issues impacting COE graduate programs-Terry Atkinson – Identify Trends -Carol Brown 2.Review of COE Graduate portals-Carol & Terry 3.Plans for GTF for fall-Terry

26 Issues Impacting COE Grad Programs Continuing national drop in graduate enrollment Additional challenge of new NC Legislation PHASE OUT CERTAIN TEACHER SALARY SUPPLEMENTS SECTION 8.22. Notwithstanding Section 35.11 of this act, no teachers or instructional support personnel, except for certified school nurses and instructional support personnel in positions for which a master's degree is required for licensure, shall be paid on the "M" salary schedule or receive a salary supplement for academic preparation at the six-year degree level or at the doctoral degree level for the 2014-2015 school year, unless they were paid on that salary schedule or received that salary supplement prior to the 2014-2015 school year. -from p. 69, Senate Bill 402

27 Compare Student Credit Hours Fall 2012

28 Trend in SCH 2008-2013


30 Review beta version of COE Graduate Portals. – Literature Review Evaluating Education Websites [Our Baseline]Our Baseline – Rubric Validated by IT Students Rubric – Surveys/Focus Groups Provide Feedback from Students Surveys This beta version of the Graduate Portal is designed for prospective students. prospective This beta version of the Graduate Portal is designed for current students. current COE GTF survey through Qualtrics. View the portals prior to completing the survey.through Qualtrics

31 GTF-Fall Info Collection... What are the key factors impacting: -advising -recruitment/admission -advising -program completion/alumni contact in 27 graduate programs and 9 certificate programs?

32 Fall GTF Goals 1.Determine data needed to inform how we move forward. 2.Suggest how we can meet the needs of graduate students in current economic environment and in light of the new state legislation. 3.Make initial (Dec.) recommendations at college, department, and program level. 4.Suggest longer term initiatives/plan.

33 Tomorrow starts here. The 2012-2013 initiatives are ongoing. No report at this time.

34 Tomorrow starts here. ECU Policy All faculty teaching 50% or more of any course online are required to annually complete distance education training. Furthermore, it is at the Unit Administrator’s discretion to determine what “counts” as DE training.

35 Tomorrow starts here. COE Technology Committee Proposal Technology Professional Development Required Hours Faculty teaching at least one online course must complete a minimum of 6 professional development (clock) hours for technology per academic year. Appropriate Technology Professional Development Activities Two categories of activities will be considered as meeting the technology professional development requirement: 1.Enrollment either in face-to-face technology workshops or in online tutorial sessions. 2.Petitions to the COE Technology Committee for activities that do not fall into the categories determined by the COE Technology Committee.

36 Tomorrow starts here.


38 Channeling Janus Institutionalizing SACS Moving to annual program review Refining processes Preparing for NCATE/CAEP Status of NCATE TI Proposal ELCC National Recognition for MSA Program Supporting Practice-Based Research Leveraging Student Assessment Portfolios TEMS Upgrade Investing in the COE Focusing COE IT support Managing IT resources

39 Tomorrow starts here.

40 Issues for 2013-2014: Significant changes in Praxis I and II testing for Undergraduates, LO, LE, and MAT Implications for SS 1 2014 Completers MAT, UG, LO, and LE Challenges in our Recruitment Efforts Technical Standards for Professional Educators

41 Tomorrow starts here.

42 New Faculty Orientation Faculty/Staff Interest & Needs Assessment New Peer Mentoring Groups Chairs’ Brown Bag Lunch Discussion Series Update/Report on Enrollment Plans Leadership from Graduate Task Force New Initiatives Faculty Development & Graduate Studies

43 Tomorrow starts here.

44 Scholarly Activity Funded Projects Research Activities to Date: Communities of Practice (COPs) Grant Center Infrastructure Grant Administration Services Grant Development Support Partnerships with Research & Grants and Across Colleges Next Steps: Goal-setting with Faculty & Departments Facilitating Growth & Support for Scholarship, Research, and COPs Developing Grant Production Infrastructure and Resources


46 Promotion & New Hire: Janine Harrison, Dean’s Office – Promoted to Business Services Coordinator working with the departments of ELMID, LEHE, and SEFR. Continuing Searches: Grant Center Coordinator Grant Center Associate

47 College of Education: Lora Wilson King Endowed Professorship SECU Partnership East Coordinator at Wayne Community College 3 Chair Searches – ELMID, LEHE, LEED ELMID: 1 Tenure Track - English Language Learner 1 Fixed Term - Elementary Education 1 MAT Coordinator HACE: 1 Tenure Track - Counselor Education

48 LEED: Wells Fargo Endowed Chair LEHE: 2 Tenure Track - Literacy Studies SEFR: 1 Tenure Track - Special Education 1 Fixed Term - Special Education 1 Fixed Term – Foundations Advising Center: Lead Coordinator COE Instructional Technology: Instructional Consultant/Web Designer

49 The COE Volunteer Bureau continues to develop, thrive, and serve the college on a number of projects.  15 volunteers gave more than 100 hours to score scholarship applications.  In partnership with Greene, Warren, Lenoir, and Onslow counties, roughly 25 clinical teacher volunteers attended edTPA training and scored edTPA student portfolios this spring.  Assisted the Office of Student Outreach and Professional Development with events.

50 PURPOSE: Established to assist graduate and undergraduate COE students who are in the final semester of the program and experience a dire financial emergency that prevents them from completing their degree.

51 PROCESS: 1.Student: Completes application and provides supporting documentation. 2.Director of Development & Communications: 1.Reviews application & documentation 2.Consults student’s advisor and reference 3.Verifies student’s academic standing 4.Determines if situation warrants funding 5.Obtains approval from Dean to administer funds 6.Contacts ECU Foundation & Financial to arrange funding

52 College of Education Fall Family “Tailgate” Wednesday, September 25, 2013 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Club Level at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium Wednesday, September 25, 2013 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Club Level at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium Family Games! Football themed coloring for kids! All College of Education faculty, staff and their families are invited to share in the fun and festivities of our “Fall Family Tailgate.” The Dean will provide fried chicken and iced tea. Please bring your favorite tailgate side item—appetizer, salad, vegetable, dessert, etc.—and join in for socializing, games and all around fun! (No alcohol, please.) RSVP: LuAnn Sullivan at 328-1000 or at no later than Friday, September 13 th


54 Tomorrow starts here.

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