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Mrs. Carol Lynch Nursing Department Chairperson.

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2 Mrs. Carol Lynch Nursing Department Chairperson

3 CONTACT INFORMATION Toni Johnson – Admission Specialist, Health Careers B216E, ext 3723 Sandra Berryhill - pre-nursing counselor A-106E , ext 3369

4 Nursing Education Practical Nurse – LPN Registered Nurse – RN
A.A.S. Degree – Community College B.S.N Degree – University M.S.N – University (specialty degrees) Doctoral Degrees - University Earn AAS Degree at Triton Become licensed R.N. Pursue B.S.N. at a University Triton partners with Benedictine University BSN completion program on Triton’s campus and Aurora University (off campus)

5 Triton’s Nursing Program
Associate Applied Science qualifies graduates for RN licensure Practical Nurse certificate is an option after one year and summer session. It can be an early exit option. Students are encouraged to remain for the full two years Admission criteria is the same for PN as the RN. PN is not a separate track.

6 Admission Deadlines Rolling Admission Cycle-Materials due
September 15 (with applicants notified by December 15) February 15 (with applicants notified by April 15) March 15 (applicants eligible only if a seat is available) Accepted applicants are randomly designated for fall and spring admission

7 Admission Process Triton College Application
Attend an Information Session (OPTIONAL) Apply to Nursing Program through the link listed below Have official transcripts sent to Triton College Records Department. Must complete a general petition requesting the transcripts to be evaluated Maintain an unofficial copy of transcripts for meeting with counselor.

8 In District Communities
Bellwood Berkeley Broadview Brookfield (part) Elmwood Park Franklin Park Forest Park Harwood Heights (part) Hillside Hines LaGrange Park (part) Maywood Melrose Park Norridge (part) Northlake North Riverside Norwood Park (part) Oak Park River Forest River Grove Riverside Rosemont (part) Schiller Park Stone Park Westchester

9 Placement Test Take College Placement tests if you have not previously completed college level English and math courses Room A 126, no appointment needed Given Mon - Thur 8 AM – 8 PM Fri 8AM – 4PM Sat 9 AM – 2 PM Required score of 4 in reading, writing, math

10 Nursing Pre-admission test Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS
Take the TEAS (unless you have qualified ASSET scores) Multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge in reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage deemed most appropriate and relevant to measure entry level skills and abilities of nursing program applicants. To schedule TEAS contact Triton College Testing Center  Room A-126 (Learning Resource Center) Link to website information: or go to website Test requires advance registration (held in A 126) – register early! Schedule testing ext 3341 Cost= $66.00 (cost may vary) Need a picture ID

11 Resources for TEAS Academic Success Center - A-106 ext. 3341
Provides a TEAS overview /study skills Tutors available for one-on-one assistance in each content area : Reading, Math, Writing , and English/Language usage iPad2 tablets available with TEAS study guide Library Circulation Desk ext or 3216 For room use only, Nursing Resource material (2) copies ATI Applicants may purchase study materials from the or Triton College bookstore. When ordering preparation material for the TEAS exam; please order for the 5.0 version of the test.

12 ADMISSION POINTS Minimum is 6 points (may vary), max is 10 points
Work to earn the highest possible points Those not admitted one year are NOT automatically accepted for the following year – they enter the pool of new applicants if they reapply through the student portal. Triton does NOT maintain a “waiting list”

13 ADMISSION POINTS TEAS Test Scores (2-4 points possible)
or previously acceptable minimal Asset scores (math and writing 41, reading 42) G.P.A. for college level pre- requisites (1-4 points possible) Previous College Academic History (0-2 points possible)

14 TEAS POINTS Exemplary 90% > 4 points Advanced 78% > 3 points
Proficient 58.7% > 2 points

15 GPA POINTS GPA for College Level Pre-requisites:
RHT 101, PSY 100, BIS 136 or 240 G.P.A Points 3.0 – 2.5 –

16 Pre-requisites vs. General – Education Requirements
Pre-requisites – must be completed prior to admission deadlines. General – Education Requirements Required for PN certificate or AAS degree Not nursing courses While not required, it is very helpful to complete prior to the start of nursing courses. Some gen-eds are also pre-reqs to specific nursing courses.

17 Pre-requisites High School Graduate or GED
Triton College Placement test if you have not previously completed college English & Math require 4 in reading, writing, and math. Nursing Pre-admission test –TEAS required overall score of 58.7% with minimum in each content area Computer Proficiency or CIS100

18 Nursing Computer Literacy
Complete the computer literacy requirement with CIS 100 course or evidence of: Word processing Internet Several online courses Dept communication is by online Nursing Student Forum Toni Johnson to document having computer literacy skills

19 Pre-requisites CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY ALGEBRA Must be equivalent to: CHM 110 or 140 BIS 101 or 103 MAT 055 or score of 4 on the placement test High School or College Level Pre-reqs must be within 5 years prior to program admission with a grade of “C” or better.

20 Pre-requisites All required math and science course will be considered only if completed within the five years of admission into the program. The five year limit for biology and chemistry may be waived provided BIS 136 and BIS 240 is taken with five years of program entry.

21 Pre-requisites College level cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better is required for all three college-level course pre-requisites. No substitutions RHT 101 PSY 100 BIS 136 or 240 (completed within 5 years of program entry) Note BIS 240 is transferrable

NUR 105 is a pre-requisite if students : Earn an pre-determined score on TEAS (58.7%-77%) or ASSET (41-43) Earned a “C” in math and science pre-requisites Graduated from High School within 8 months of program entry STUDENTS ENROLLED IN NUR 105 AS A PRE-REQUISITE MUST EARN A “B” OR BETTER TO BE OFFICALLY ACCEPTED INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM.

23 General Education Requirements Optional prior to admission
EDU 206 (pre-requisite to NUR145) BIS 137 OR 241 BIS 122 prior to fall 12 BIS 222 begin fall (pre-requisite to NUR 245/255) SOC 100 SPE 101 HUM 3 CREDIT HOURS

24 Summer LPN Exit Option Nursing Student LPN exit option: an option for nursing students who have completed the 1st and 2nd semesters of the nursing program. Program Pre-requisites = credits Successful completion of semester 1 & 2 = 28 credits NUR 190 = 4 credits Comprehensive Exam required with an established minimum score Total credits for graduation = 42 credits

25 LPN Bridge (for current LPN’s)
LPN to Associate Degree Upward Mobility Pre-Requisites Completion of all Program Pre-requisites with a “C” or better. Illinois LPN license (active) NUR 105 if “C”- Biology, CHM, A & P, or pre-determined TEAS score. Students enrolled in NUR105 must earn a “B” or better. LPN who have completed State of Illinois approved pharmacology course or equivalent will petition to receive credit for NUR 146 and NUR 156 upon completion of NUR 185 Successful completion BIS 136/137or BIS 240/241 EDU 206 NUR 185 Transition from LPN to AD student = 5 Credits

26 Additional Program Requirements
CPR Health requirements Criminal background check – CLEAR Start expunging or pardon procedure NOW Reference – Drug screening Alcohol breath test Annual flu shots

27 Licensure Application Questions
Convicted of a criminal offense Convicted of a felony Issued a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities by the Prisoner Review Board Health condition that interferes with ability to perform essential functions of profession Prior denial of a professional license or permit Dishonorable discharge from armed service or from a city, county, state or federal position Delinquent in complying with child support order Defaulted on educational loan or scholarship provided by IL Student Assistance Commission or other governmental agency of IL

28 Maintain Current Contact Information Keep contact information current and accurate with Admissions residency is what is on record Jan 1st or at deadline dates If out of town during December through August, provide contact information to Admission Specialist, Toni Johnson in B 216E, ext 3723 If you do not respond by the deadlines your seat may be given to the next available student.

29 Make a Plan Identify desired date of program entry
Determine number of semesters and summer sessions available to complete pre-requisites Evaluate finances, job and personal responsibilities Determine how many credits to take per semester and summer Modify desired date of program entry as necessary Designate which pre-reqs to take each semester and summer Include completion of program gen-eds in plan

30 Tuition and fees subject to change at any time
NUR course tuition – effective fall ‘13 In-district $ per credit hour Out-of-district $ per credit hour Non NUR courses In-district $103 per credit hr Out-of-district $ per credit hr Total cost for in-district students $14,200 plus books, insurance, uniforms, etc. Tuition and fees subject to change at any time

31 STUDENT RESOURCES Financial Aid Office: B 216W, ext 3155
Federal & State Grants, awards & work study Local & private scholarships Student Loans Institutional awards Veteran’s Office Programs B 216W, ext 3651 OR 3531 Triton Retraining Assistance Center (TRAC) B ext 3709 Chargeback programs B 216E, ext 3725, 3726

32 TIME MANAGEMENT Clock hours vs. credit hours
Large number of clock hours 2-3 hours per week of study for every hour in class Travel to clinical agencies Family endeavor Need to balance other commitments to make time for nursing.

British Home Central Baptist Village Children’s Memorial Elmhurst Memorial Gottlieb LaGrange Loyola Madden Oak Park Hosp Res Medical Center St. Elizabeth’s Westlake Hosp West Suburban

Tues/Wed AM, Thur/Fri AM, Sat/Sun AM Mon/Wed PM Mon/Fri PM Fri PM/Sat AM etc Times 12 hr 7 AM – 7 PM 7 AM - 11:40 AM, 7AM – 1:45 PM 3 PM - 8:50 PM, 4:30 PM - 10:20 PM Various combos to provide best clinical experiences and faculty Students need to be flexible Changes can occur and do occur anytime

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