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Curriculum Vitae Essentials

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1 Curriculum Vitae Essentials
Mitsue Yokota, Ed.D. Career Advisor

2 CV vs. Resume CV Scholarly identity Academic Settings Can be 20+ pages
Educational /academic background Research, publication, presentations, awards, affiliations Resume Professional identity Non-academic 2 pages or shorter Skills, experience, education Can be chronological or skill based

3 General Guidelines Formatting Consistency Readability Word Choice
Order What to include? What to exclude Work Experience

4 Sections of a CV - Academic
Publications Presentations and Posters Invited Talks Honors/Awards Grants/Fellowships Academic Service Professional Affiliation Language Skills Personal Information Education Licensure/Certification Research Interests Research Experience Teaching Experience Clinical Experience Professional Experience

5 Sections of a CV – Medical Students
Personal Information Education Honors and Award Research Publications and Presentations Activities Certifications/Languages

6 Personal Information Name Current Address City, State, Zip
Current Phone Address

7 ~Mitsue Yokota ~ Personal Information ????? 12-159 CHS
Los Angeles, CA 90095 ?????

8 Mitsue Yokota Personal Information 12-159 CHS Los Angeles, CA 90095
Home Fax Cell USMLE ID: AAMC ID:

9 Mitsue Yokota Personal Information 12-159 CHS Los Angeles, CA 90095

10 Mitsue Yokota Personal Information 12-159 CHS 310-267-1104
Los Angeles, CA 90095

11 Mitsue Yokota Personal Information 12-159 CHS Los Angeles, CA 90095

12 Things to exclude: Age Date of Birth Marital Status Social Security #
Personal Information Things to exclude: Age Date of Birth Marital Status Social Security #

13 Education Include only programs that led to a terminal degree in reverse chronological order Medical School Post Baccalaureate Programs Undergraduate Institution (Majors and Minors) EXCLUDE high school

14 Education Things to exclude: Anything before undergraduate GPA
MCAT scores Test scores Dissertation advisors Mentors Honors lists (save for Awards section)

15 EDUCATION David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 2010 - present M.D.
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA present M.D. Current Specialty Interests: Oncology, Radiology, Dermatology University of California, Los Angeles – B.S., Magna Cum Laude, Biology Dean’s Honor List (Spring 2009), graduated with “Honors” and “Highest Distinction” Cumulative GPA: Major GPA: 3.95 University High School – 2007

16 Education David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 2011 - present
M.D. Anticipated in 2015 University of California, Los Angeles – 2011 B.S., Biology, magna cum laude

17 Other items you may include:
Education Other items you may include: Latin/Departmental Honors Board Scores (can be in Licensure section)

18 Honors and Awards Name of award or distinction Time earned/achieved
Short description if necessary While it’s appropriate to list items from undergrad now, by this time in 3rd year, they should be eliminated unless TRULY exceptional

19 Honors and Awards UCLA Class of 2014 Geffen Scholar 2011 – present Annual merit scholarship awarded based on outstanding admissions application UCLA Regents Scholar 2010 – present Annual merit scholarship awarded to students demonstrating academic excellence, leadership, and exceptional promise Letters of Distinction: Surgery, Internal Medicine 2012 – 2013 Awarded to students who perform in an outstanding fashion on required clinical clerkships

20 Research Name of institution Name of mentor Name of Project
Include full name and title Include degree Name of Project Brief Description of Work Maximum 2 lines

21 Research Division of Head and Neck Surgery
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Division of Head and Neck Surgery Principle Investigator: John Smith, M.D. Studied the effectiveness of injections with botulinium toxin to the cricopharyngeus muscle



24 Publications & Presentations
Use same format throughout Written drafts of manuscripts are “submitted” or “in preparation” Accepted manuscripts not yet published are “in press” For presentations, include the institution or meeting where presented

25 Publications & Presentations
As postbac students Can include undergraduate research Can include any undergraduate fellowship programs Can include any summer research experiences

26 American Medical Association (AMA) Style Guide
Used by: Authors in compiling lists of references for their publications Editors in revising such lists Publishers in setting reference standards for their authors and editors Librarians and others in formatting bibliographic citations

27 Journal Articles

28 Books

29 Papers Presented at Meetings

30 Posters Presented at Meetings

31 Activities Can be lumped into generic experience section or divided into multiple sections Clinical Experience Global Health Experience Leadership Experience Teaching Experience Volunteer Experience

32 Activities Section Include: Title/Role Organization
Location/Institution Duration of Involvement Brief Description of your contributions/accomplishments

33 Sample Activities Section
INSTITUTIONAL SERVICE Professionalism Council Representative, Medical Student Council – present Elected to a select joint student-faculty council that provides recommendations for the overall improvement of the teaching and practice of professionalism at the David Geffen School of Medicine, while also serving as a consulting body to the Dean of Student Affairs for disciplinary issues Planned and implemented student-driven initiatives such as the Clerkship Professionalism and Abuse Survey for upper-level students and assisted in the development of an Ethics Symposium Student Co-Coordinator, Women in Surgery Student Interest Group – 2012 Helped to revitalize a student, resident, and faculty interest group committed to supporting aspiring and established female surgeons Organized group meetings and lectures, set up roundtable discussions with prestigious visiting female surgeons, and created a surgical specialty shadowing program for medical students Currently serving as senior student advisor to the group Student Co-Coordinator, Geriatric Medicine Student Interest Group – 2012 Created opportunities for medical students to explore the field of geriatrics through multi-disciplinary lectures as well as shadowing programs and community outreach projects at local nursing homes

34 Verb Choice If you are currently participating - use present tense
If it is from the past - use past tense Use a variety of verbs

35 Research Arranged Analyzed Solved Collected Clarified Explored
Investigated Experimented Compared Gathered Inspected Extracted Critiqued Tested Reviewed Formulated Measured

36 Organized Catalogued Arranged Categorized Charted Classified Corrected
Generated Compiled Coded Routed Logged Inspected Critiqued Verifed Supplied Systematized Screened

37 Helped Volunteered Supported Clarified Provided Facilitated
Collaborated Counseled Gathered Inspected Coached advocated Assisted Aided Adapted Arranged

38 Communicated Resolved Persuaded Referred Explained formulated Elicited
Mediated Corresponded Directed Gathered Conveyed Defined articulated composed Consulted authored clarified

39 Work Experience? List if they had a meaningful impact on current career choice Usually for employment between undergrad and med school Paid research should be listed under research

40 Certifications and Languages
Include depending on what you are using your CV for Scholarships or Fellowships? Global Health Opportunities? Residency?

41 Other important tips 5 minute rule Update regularly Customize
Proof read!

42 Questions?

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