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Elementary Ed / Early Childhood Ed Orientation Meeting Winter 2014 Start McKay School of Education.

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1 Elementary Ed / Early Childhood Ed Orientation Meeting Winter 2014 Start McKay School of Education

2 Introductions (People you should know) Tim Morrison – Associate Chair/Teacher Education El Ed Program Coordinator Kendra Hall-Kenyon – ECE P rogram Coordinator Contact Info: Phone – 801-422-4542 Email – Contact Info: Phone – 801-422-4439 Email –

3 Education Student Services 120 MCKB 801-422-3426 Director Jay Oliver El Ed (M-O) ComD Brandan Beerli El Ed (A-H) PETE/Coaching Tara Goulding El Ed (W-Z) Sec Ed Kristen Betts El Ed (I-L) ECE Solana Cooper El Ed (P-V) Special Ed Student Assistants Alex Hirst Chelsie RichieJohn CarterLindsey PotterEllen Weatherford Michael Dinwiddie Advising Staff

4 Important Places on the Web McKay School of Education Websites ▫MSE, Teacher Ed, and ESS ▫http://education.byu.edu McKay School Blog ▫http://mckayschooleducators.wordpress.com

5 Other Important Info Praxis 2 Test (5031) ▫Content knowledge test, required for licensure & graduation. ▫Computer Delivered – Multi-subject test; 4 content area subtests:  Reading & Language  Mathematics  Science  Social Studies ▫ETS website for dates, test locations & registration: ▫Need to pass prior to graduation. Take it prior to student teaching.

6 Student Teaching or Internship? Student Teaching ▫Traditional capstone experience ▫1 semester / 14 weeks  4 weeks TESOL Practicum; 10 weeks Student Teaching ▫Work in mentor teacher’s classroom. ▫Can do in fall or winter. ▫National International Student Teaching Program (NISTP)  Houston, Washington DC, or China (spring/summer only) Internship ▫Full year. ▫Only available in fall. ▫You are the full time classroom teacher  With support from Facilitator; CFA; Liaison; Faculty; and ESS ▫District Employee; ½ pay & district benefits. ▫You will be considered a 2 nd year teacher when finished. ▫ECE – 20 days pre-K student teaching during Spring term.

7 Study Abroad in New Zealand El Ed Only Available for Winter – pre-Student Teaching Semester only $8000 + Airfare. Includes tuition, room & board. Study with experts in: Multicultural Ed, ELL Ed, and Literacy Ed.

8 El Ed and ECE (simplified?) El Ed K-6/TESOL Program ▫Students licensed K-6 ▫TESOL K-12 Minor included (ESL endorsement) ▫Administration has flexibility for scheduling classes. ▫El Ed program is 86 credits that will take 4 semesters of coursework (excluding student teaching/internship) Early Childhood (Starting Fall 2013) ▫Specialization in PreK-3 rd grade education. ▫TESOL K-12 Minor included (ESL endorsement) ▫Emphasis on child development ▫Some states require licensure in PreK (*not UT) ▫Some states do not have ECE licensure & will give a regular El Ed licensure. (*Check with state of interest) ▫Some schools may prefer candidates that are specialized in ECE. (*Check with school administrators) ▫ECE program is 81-84 credits that takes ~4 semesters of coursework (excluding student teaching/internship)

9 El Ed Program Pre-Req’s & GE requirements Program Requirements ▫Cleared Background Check ▫Pass Technology Skills Assessments (TSA’s) ▫≥ 2.85 GPA (Major & any Teaching Minor) ▫No grade below C- in Major & Teaching Minor classes Dr. Morrison & Dr. Hall-Kenyon El EdECE



12 mYlink Application Process

13 mYlink Application Process Fingerprinting

14 mYlink Application Process TSA website TSA website

15 What to do now? In ESS office (120 MCKB) ▫Declare Major & Minor ▫Finalize Grad Plan with an ESS Advisor ▫Get Fingerprinted by Sept 25, 2013  (Bring USOE authorization form.) In TEC Lab (180 MCKB) ▫Do TSA in your scheduled window. (Next 2 weeks) In mYlink ▫Turn red X’s to a green √’s ▫Complete Assesments ▫Submit Application by September 25, 2013 Congrats for choosing to be a teacher!

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