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Using My Learning Plan (MLP) for Re-licensure PDC Supplemental.

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1 Using My Learning Plan (MLP) for Re-licensure PDC Supplemental

2 MLP The Vehicle to Licensure Recording Professional Development Turner School District Professional Development and My Learning Plan

3 Getting Re-Licensed Bachelor’s Degree 160 points 80 of the approved points must be college credit Master’s Degree 120 points Can be PDC points only or a combination of PDC and College Credit

4 Points 1 Hour of Prof. Dev. = 1 point 20 Hours = 1 college credit Points are earned through approved learning activities Collaboration time District professional development days Conferences Workshops Book studies Action research Peer observations Serving on an educational committee Study groups Applying knowledge in the classroom and recording Training or coaching others In your groups, brainstorm as many professional development activities as you can.

5 College Credit Used for movement on the salary schedule and re-licensure. Things to Remember: 1.Must fill out a pre approval form for district 2.Must enter into My Learning Plan 3.After course work is complete and credit is earned 4.Must have an official transcript sent to district office 5.Must complete the Intent to Change Salary form by the date in the negotiated agreement

6 Levels of Points Impact – 3 times knowledge level points What result am I getting from what I’ve learned? Application – 2 times knowledge level points What am I doing now that I didn’t do before I gained knowledge? Knowledge – 1 point per contact hour What do I know now that I didn’t do before?

7 Turner School District uses My Learning Plan to keep track of points. The information that you enter into My Learning Plan is what Human Resources uses to complete their section of the licensure application.

8 What Needs to be in my MLP Individual Growth Action Plan Knowledge Level Leave Request College Course Request

9 Complete validation (when required) Mark activity as complete

10 Renewing Teaching License Start the process early. You can renew your license up to 18 months before your expiration date if you have all requirements met. The minimum time recommended is 2-3 months before your teaching certificate expires. Request an Official PDC Transcript from Becky Billigmeier.

11 What Your Building PDC Rep. Does in MLP Enter some school site-based professional development activities. You will need to sign in on the roster. Mark the activity as complete in MLP. Periodically offers training and individualized help to complete the required elements of MLP. Please contact your building PDC Rep. any time with questions and for individual help.

12 Review 1. Name three levels of points. 2. Name the four goals of the PDC identified in the IGAP. 3. How many points are needed for re- licensure with a Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree? 4. How many college credits are required to re-license with a Bachelor’s degree?

13 Review 1.Describe what must be done to use college credit to advance on the salary schedule? (5 things) 2.Describe learning activities that could be used for earning points. 3.Talk about the difference between a knowledge leave request on MLP and a leave request on a form 5. 4.What must you do when you have completed any activity?

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