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Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAP)

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1 Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAP)

2 Foundation Background
The Health Professions Education Foundation (Foundation) is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit public benefit corporation that was created by the Legislature in 1987. Since 1990, the Foundation has awarded over $25 million These awards have helped over 2,700 students and graduates practicing in medically underserved areas The Foundation improves healthcare in underserved areas of California by providing scholarships, loan repayments, and programs to health professional students who are dedicated to providing direct patient care.

3 Current Foundation Programs
Allied Healthcare Scholarship Program Vocational Nurse Scholarship Program Licensed Vocational Nurse Loan Repayment Program Licensed Vocational Nurse to Associate Degree Nursing Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program Bachelor of Science in Nursing Scholarship Program Bachelor of Science in Nursing Loan Repayment Program Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program Mental Health Loan Assumption Program Health Professions Education Scholarship Program Health Professions Education Loan Repayment Program Steven M. Thompson Physician Corp Loan Repayment Program

4 Financial Resources for Health Professionals

5 Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAP)
MHLAP is supported by funds from the Mental Health Services Act, under the Workforce, Education and Training component. $2.6 million dollars for this fiscal year. Serves individuals currently working in the Public Mental Health System, in a “hard to fill” or “hard to retain position”

6 MHLAP Summary Statistics
The Foundation acknowledges that there is a high need in the mental health field for additional funding to support loan repayment. Applications received: 1,222 Applicants awarded: 283 Dollars awarded: $2,246,874.31 Average Award: $7, per person

7 Eligibility Criteria for MHLAP
Eligible Applicants: Licensed Psychologist Registered Psychologist Postdoctoral Psychological Trainee Postdoctoral Psychological Assistant Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate Clinical Social Worker Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Licensed Psychiatrist Registered Psychiatrist Licensed/ Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Registered Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

8 Eligibility Criteria for MHLAP
MHSA funding is for mental health professionals working in the “Public Mental Health System.” Publicly-funded facilities administered in whole or in part by the Department of Mental Health or by the County. Does not include programs and/or services administered by federal, state, county or private correctional entities or programs and/ or services provided in correctional facilities. Does include programs and/or services in juvenile hall facilities.

9 Eligibility- Practice Location
Participants may receive up to $10,000 in exchange for 12 consecutive months of employment in a designated hard to fill or retain position in the Public Mental Health System. Any award recipient who changes County of Employment or who does not comply with his/her loan assumption contract during their service obligation shall be removed or suspended from the program.

10 Scoring and Criteria Applicants will be scored based on:
Work Experience Cultural and Linguistic Competence Career Goals Community Service Community Background Fluency

11 Eligibility- Service Obligation
The service obligation begins upon signing a contract with the Foundation; previous years of work experience cannot be applied retroactively. Applicants who currently owe an existing service obligation are ineligible to apply for this program until the current obligation is completed.

12 Deadline Applications are currently being accepted. It is strongly encouraged that you submit all application materials at least three weeks prior to the final filing date. December 10, 2010 (to County Mental Health Director): County Employment or Volunteer Verification Form January 24, 2010 (to Foundation): Application Educational Debt Reporting Form Lender Statements Personal Statement Two Letters of Recommendation Proof of Licensure, Registration or Waiver

13 The Role of Counties in MHLAP
Each County receives a specific allocation of the $2.6 million Fund, as determined by the State Department of Mental Health, to guarantee at least one award per County. Counties play an integral role in the selection process: County Mental Health Directors verify employment in a hard to fill or retain position within the Public Mental Health System Both Small and Large County representatives participate on the MHLAP Advisory Committee

14 Advisory Committee and Selection Process
Dec. 10: Postmark deadline for applicant to mail Employment Verification Form Jan 24: Postmark deadline for applicant and County Mental Health Director to mail Application materials to Foundation. Jan- April: Applications are reviewed by the Foundation, the Advisory Committee, DMH and Board of Trustees. May -June: Applicants are notified of award status

15 County representatives
Advisory Committee Composition County representatives DMH representatives “At large” representatives from Licensing Boards, professional associations or other Foundation Staff

16 Application Workshop Topics to Cover:
What do I need to know about the Instructions? How do I fill out the Application? What are Lender Statements? County Employment Verification Form How do I write a Personal Statement? What should Letters of Recommendation include? What does proof of licensure, registration or waiver mean? When and where do I submit the materials?

17 Application Instructions
First two pages of packet Contains background, definitions, scoring criteria and guidelines Explains what to submit and what information we are looking for in each of the seven required submission items

18 Application Page 1 contains Part A: Personal Information
Page 2 contains Parts B-F: Work Experience Community Background Personal Statement Questions Questionnaire Application Certification Additional Note on Page 2: Utilize Submission Checklists to Ensure that all portions of application are complete

19 Educational Debt Reporting Form
If awarded, the Foundation will use this form to make payments to your lender(s) Fill in all spaces on the form Please verify the Payment Address. This is where the Foundation will mail your loan assumption check. If your lender requires that you include any special information (i.e. Social Security Number, Account Number, Name, etc.) in order to process payments, please indicate on the Form.

20 Lender Statements

21 You mail form to County Mental Health Director
Part 1: You fill out, and your direct supervisor signs to verify the information You mail form to County Mental Health Director Part 2: County Mental Health Director checks appropriate boxes, signs and mails to Foundation

22 How do I write a Personal Statement?
Question and Answer format Provide as much detail as possible, within two pages. Only the first two pages will be read and scored Mention specific examples as they relate to the question

23 Letters of Recommendation
Formatting requirements: Dated and signed Written on the author’s letterhead OR it includes the author’s name, title, address, phone number, and relationship to applicant Content may include, but is not limited to: Mental health work experience, cultural and linguistic competency as it relates to your work, community service, work habits, commitment to the mental health field, and so on. Who should write the letters? Past or current employers, supervisor of volunteer activities, educational instructor

24 What does proof of licensure, registration or waiver mean?
Licensed Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, and Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Provide a copy of your license Registered Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Marriage and Family Therapy Interns, and Associate Clinical Social Workers Provide a copy of your Board registration Postdoctoral Assistants and Trainees or individuals who are not required to register through their Board Provide a copy of the letter, stating that you have received a waiver

25 When and where do I submit the materials?
By December 10, 2009 Complete Part 1 of the County Employment or Volunteer Verification Form and postmark to your County’s Mental Health Director By January 24, 2010 Postmark the following items to the Foundation: Completed Application, Educational Debt Reporting Form, Lender Statements, Personal Statement, Two Letters of Recommendation, and Proof of Licensure, registration or Waiver

26 Reasons for Ineligible Applications (Mar. 2009)
Application materials postmarked after March 24, 2009 (12) Applicant owes an existing service obligation (10) Health profession does not qualify (1) Loans do not qualify (1) Outdated application used (4) Applicant not employed in a hard to fill or retain position or the Public Mental Health System (366)

27 Reasons for Incomplete Applications (Mar. 2009)
Application missing required documentation or information (67) Application not signed (3) Educational Debt Reporting Form insufficient (11) Lender statements missing required information (15) Letters of recommendation insufficient (47) Personal statement insufficient (14) Proof of licensure or registration insufficient (8)

28 Contact Information Judy Melson Program Officer (800) or (916)

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