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D IFFERENCES BETWEEN C OUNSELING AND P SYCHOLOGY Definitions, Approaches and Accreditations Laura M. Rodríguez López.

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1 D IFFERENCES BETWEEN C OUNSELING AND P SYCHOLOGY Definitions, Approaches and Accreditations Laura M. Rodríguez López

2 C OUNSELING VS. P SYCHOLOGY The following presentation has the purpose of clearing any doubts regarding the differences between the counseling and psychology fields. The main differences between counseling and psychology strive in the approaches that each discipline uses to help people.

3 W HAT IS COUNSELING ?... Mental Health Counseling (MA) Counseling Education & Supervision (EdD) Marriage & Family Therapy (MA) School Counseling (MA) Counseling is a trans-disciplinary and multidisciplinary profession that integrates knowledge from distinct fields like education, psychology, sociology, theology, medicine and ethics, etc. Its main purpose is to bring help and aid to people and/or communities so they can achieve a full functional life. It takes into consideration cultural, social, geographic, spiritual and other affecting aspects in a person’s well being. Counseling is in demand – The 2007 Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook states that there will be more counseling jobs than graduates from college counseling programs in the future. Occupational Outlook Handbook Money Magazine named a Licensed Professional Counselor among the top 50 jobs in the U.S. This means unprecedented opportunities for counseling students.

4 W HAT IS P SYCHOLOGY ?... Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Clinical Psychology (MA) Industrial Organizati onal Psychology (MAIO) The word has a Greek origin meaning Psych-Soul and logy- Study. The study of the soul, soul that later translated into mind. It is a social science that studies human behavior, including mental processes, from a physical, cultural and internal perspective. Additional to behavior, psychology takes into consideration the cognitive and affective realms. As a science, psychology at producing new knowledge and providing rational proven explanations for its theories and practices. Traditionally, psychology has being developed and practiced from two paradigms; modern and post-modern.

5 D IFFERENCES Its an MA Program eligible for licensure at the culmination of that degree. It has a comprehensive exam and it has a practitioner- scholar base. It has a preventive approach to therapy and treatment. It’s a trans-disciplinary effort of action and study were the objective is the integral comprehension of the potentialities and eco-relational systems of persons and communities with the purpose of promoting integral development. It has a holistic approach, considering all aspects of the social being. It takes from the social sciences but differs from them in its lack of specificity. Counselor Title. A PsyD docotoral program eligible for licensure if graduated from an APA approved institution and only after achieving this degree. Its researched/practitioner based and an internship and dissertation are required. It has a remedy intervention approach, deals with more severe cases of psychopathology. It seeks the individual’s well being offering the patient/client with strategies that will influence behavior, emotions and situations. One of the main objectives is that the person gains the abilities to deal and resolve the conflict by him/herself. From the cognitive-behavioral approach it integrates human thoughts and behaviors and directs its action towards the study, diagnosis and treatment of problems or mental health disorders. Main tool is the DSM-IV Psychologist Title CounselingClinical Psychology

6 C ONTINUED D IFFERENCES “Help people improve their well being. Alleviate distress, resolve crises, increase problem solving abilities and decision making.” Uses scientific approach taking into consideration intrapersonal, interpersonal and environmental forces. It has a preventive approach. Its scholar-practitioner based, it applies interventions and evaluations. Psychologist title. Depending on the state the person may or may not be able to obtain licensure with MA, PhD or PsyD. A PhD is a doctorate in philosophy. It is scholar based focusing on research and investigation. A PsyD is a doctorate in psychology. It is practitioner based focusing on pragmatic knowledge and hands-on experience. Counseling PsychologyPsyD vs. PhD

7 Q UESTIONS ? For additional questions, please contact me directly at 813-463-7192 or at THANK YOU!

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