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Practical Nursing Program Orientation

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1 Practical Nursing Program Orientation

2 WELCOME! NWTC Administration and
On behalf of the NWTC Administration and NWTC Practical Nursing Program instructors, Welcome to NWTC and the Practical Nursing Program! We sincerely thank you for choosing NWTC as your college for education.

3 Review of the role of a Practical Nurse:
A Practical Nurse administers care to individuals whose conditions are relatively stable; Administers care to acutely ill under the direct supervision of an RN or provider; Teaches basic hygiene, nutrition, and aspects of good health; Administers first aid And Assists with health assessments and basic health teaching in a variety of setting under the supervision of an RN or provider.

4 Accreditation: The NWTC Practical Nursing program is accredited by:
Wisconsin Board of Nursing Dept. of Regulation & Licensing 1400 East Washington St. P.O. Box 8935 Madison,Wi (608)

5 Prior to that licensure:
Upon graduation: All students are eligible to apply to the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing to take the Wisconsin State Board Examination for licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse. When you have obtained your license as a Practical Nurse, your title will then be “Licensed Practical Nurse” (LPN) Prior to that licensure: During the Practical Nursing Program, your title is a “Student Practical Nurse” (SPN). Upon Graduation, your title is a “Graduate Practical Nurse” (GPN). Note: You are NOT allowed to use the title of LPN until you have successfully completed your licensure exam.

6 Practical Nursing Education offerings at NWTC:
Upon completion and graduation from the NWTC Practical Nursing program, you will obtain a Technical Diploma. The Practical Nursing program on a full time track is consider a three semester program. The Practical Nursing program on a part time track is consider a six semester program. Both education tracks will complete 30 credits of course education.

7 Practical Nursing Education FULL TIME track
further explained:

8 Course no: 10-809-188 Developmental Psychology Course no: 10-801-196
Semester 1: Semester 2: Semester 3: Course no: Written Communication Credit: 3 Course no: Developmental Psychology Credit: 3 Course no: Oral/Interpersonal comm Course no: * Anatomy/Structure-Function Credit: 2 Course no: * PN-Nursing Fundamentals Course no: * PN-Nursing Health Alterations Course no: * PN- Nursing Skills Course no: * PN-Nursing Health Promotions Course no: * PN-Nursing Pharmacology Course no: * PN-Nursing Clin Care Lifespan Course no: * PN-Nursing Intro to Clinical Practice Course no: * PN-Nursing Intro to Clin Mgmt Total semester credit: 5 Total semester credit: 12 Total semester credit: 13

9 Practical Nursing Education PART TIME track
further explained:


11 Program Course requirements:
A minimum of a C grade (80 %) is required in the FULL time and Part time track for ALL courses marked with an *asterik. ALL students are required to be successful in ALL first semester courses to be eligible to progress to second semester course work. IF a student is UNSUCCESSFUL in any course, referral to NWTC Administration (Kay Tupala or Cindy Theys) for consultation of individual program/education plan. Two failures in the same course requires removal from the Practical Nursing program. Further explanation of each course description can be found in the NWTC PN program brochure. Course expectations (calendar, lesson plans etc) are reviewed during the course orientation by the facilitating course instructor.

12 Program Clinical requirements:
All students entering ANY program clinical are required to have current documentation of CPR, Caregiver Background Check, TB skin test. All program clinical obligations have clinical affiliation sites which require the student to attend day/evening clinical sessions. Most clinical shifts are approximately 6.5 hours. Clinical “start” times are specific to the facility and clinical specialty. Specifics of each clinical will be addressed by the program instructors with the students prior to the required clinical affiliation. Further explanation of each clinical description can be found in the NWTC PN program brochure A minimum of a C grade (80 %) is required in the FULL time and Part time track for ALL clinical courses marked with an *asterik. ALL students are required to be successful in the first semester clinical to be eligible to progress to second semester clinical affiliations. IF a student is UNSUCCESSFUL in any clinical, referral to NWTC Administration (Kay Tupala or Cindy Theys) for consultation of individual program/education plan. Two failures in the same clinical requires removal from the Practical Nursing program.

13 The first year of the PN program and the first year of the ADN program...
Many students question that the curriculum of the first year of the PN program and ADN program are identically the same. The course titles, credits and learning objectives are identical. The major difference is the “face to face” time the student as with his/her instructor during allotted theories. The PN program had DOUBLE the amount of theory time allowed. (The ADN program covers the same theory content in ½ the amount of time!!)

14 What Can I do to increase my success in the program?
As the Program Instructors and NWTC Administration, we want to see ALL students succeed. It is with our experience working with students that guide us in providing you factors to consider PRIOR to your program start date. As indicated in the previous content, successful completion of ALL first semester course work is required in order to progress to the second semester. The flow of the content in ALL of the identified program courses are complex and content flows quickly in each course. This requires significant student preparation outside of the classroom. The general rule of study is: For every one credit, allow two hours (minimally) of independent study time.

15 Personal time management:
1.Students are discouraged from attempting to work full-time while in the full time or part time program tracks. 2. Major life events: Wedding, childbirth, family vacations (may prevent lack of program progression) 3. Consider RELIABLE arrangements for child care. (Back-up arrangements are also highly recommended) Complete ALL program entry requirements: Physical exam ( injections, recommended titers, TB skin tests), CPR, Caregiver Background Check. NOTE: If ANY of these items are NOT complete, this could jeopardize your entry into the first clinical: PN-Nursing Intro to Clinical Practice. It is also your responsibility to keep these items “current” throughout the program. IF failure to keep any of these items current, may result in lack of clinical progression. (Example: expired TB skin test or CPR card)

16 On-line Math course: Course number: 76-854-746.
All students are encouraged to enroll in the NWTC on-line math course. This course is offered as a “self paced” course. It significantly will assist you in the math requirements of the program. The text book accompanying this course is a great reference! CNA Refresher: Term: 2068 This course is offered two times each semester. Please contact the Health Science Office for dates and times! The first semester PN-Nursing Skills is NOT a review of CNA skills. It is required that ALL students will be efficient in the CNA skill requirements. This course is open to ANY practicing CNA or the individual that has not utilized his/her CNA skills approximately for one year prior to program entry. **Great way to see if your CNA practice is current! Medical Terminology: Course number: This course allows you to become familiar with medical terminology identified in the program courses.

17 Contact appropriate NWTC services:
Financial Aid office Skill center (To assist in study habits, test taking, math skills, tutoring) Disability/Special Needs Office (NWTC complies with the Disability Act. All program instructors are willing to accommodate special requests) *Note: Telephone numbers for the services listed above will be addressed at the end of this power point.

18 Formulate study groups in each course:
Attend scheduled classes: Especially the first day of classes!!.... Please consider this mandatory..A significant amount of material will be addressed in each course from the theory instructor facilitating the course. Specific items not limited to include: course description, course calendar, course expectations. *Attendance is expected in all courses. Excessive absenteeism can jeopardize program progression. Formulate study groups in each course: Do not procrastinate! Studying for each class begins the FIRST day of class! Notify NWTC of personal contact changes: Please keep your name, phone number(s), address, CURRENT with the NWTC Registration department. It is difficult to provide appropriate program or campus correspondence without current contact information.

19 Familiarize yourself with your campus:
We want you to feel welcomed to YOUR campus..take a stroll and see what your campus has to offer you! Example on the Green Bay campus: The (SC) Student Center Building is a great starting point!..this building contains the Counseling Center, Assessment Center, Special Needs Office, Cafeteria, Red-Rock Cafe’ and Bookstore!

20 NWTC Administration contacts:
Kay Tupala, Dean of Health Sciences Office: Health Science Building (3rd floor) Telephone: (920) Cindy Theys, Nursing Program & Clinical Coordinator Telephone: (920)

21 NWTC Service contacts:
NWTC Special Needs Office: NWTC Assessment Center: NWTC Registration: NWTC Financial Aid office: The above services may be contacted by calling (920) , simply ask for the area of your choice. Please visit the NWTC website for other services:

22 In closing...some final thoughts...
Your time you spend with us in the NWTC Practical Nursing Program is considered the most important “job” you will have... Consider this educational opportunity as a “short term commitment for a lifelong reward”... It is in this time you are preparing, with our guidance for employment of which you have selected ....the profession of Nursing! What an HONOR! We ask you to take the experience sincerely and seriously. We look forward in meeting and working with you during your education journey! NWTC Administration & PN Program Instructors

23 END

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