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Education Un it Creating the Licensure Application Packet.

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1 Education Un it Creating the Licensure Application Packet

2 Step One Practicum/Licensure >Exit Survey - Initial License Complete the anonymous survey, ONCE Click SUBMIT and print the Thank-you page Complete the Teacher Candidate Exit Survey

3 Step Two >Licensure >ELAR Follow the steps. You are applying for Initial Licensure using the appropriate path When finished, go back into your ELAR account click on CHECK LICENSURE STATUS And HISTORY, print this page (Inquiry - Activity Summary) Create your ELAR account, apply for licensure

4 Step Three Order an official transcript Order for the Fitchburg State Licensure Office Under Delivery options, click on Processing Options. Select After degree is awarded. In the box marked Special Instructions, enter Do not send until after endorsement is posted. Be sure to return the consent page to the Clearing House! The Registrar will hold your transcript until your endorsement has been posted, and will be released upon request by the Licensure Office. Include the confirmation with order in your packet

5 Step Four Assemble your ORIGINAL Practicum documents PPA - Preservice Performance Assessment All spaces complete Including: Practicum Course number Practicum hours Mentor License number Signatures Dates Your license information on each of the 5 evidence pages and the Summary Decision page

6 Step Four con’t Assemble your Practicum documents Dispositions Assessments - from your Practicum Supervisors Lesson Plan Rubric Score Sheets (at least 3 from each station) Observation Reports (at least 3 from each station) Practicum Evaluation Report – (from supervisor and your Reflection copy) ARRANGE EACH STATION SEPARATELY - Station One -PPA, Dispositions, Lesson Plans, Observ. Reports, Practicum Evals Station Two –PPA, Dispositions, Lesson Plans, Observ. Reports, Practicum Evals. Please - No staples, paper clips, binders, sheet protectors, etc.

7 Step Five check your work  Are all copies the originals?  Is all requested information completed?  Are all required documents included?  Have you made copies for your personal file? You are now ready to bring or mail your completed and organized licensure packet to Mrs. Ann Hogan. To avoid delays in endorsement, packets are due no later than June 15; the sooner the better. Endorsement for candidates whose packets are received after June 15 may be delayed due to NCATE required activities.

8 Step Six Processing your Endorsement When degree is awarded (up to 3 weeks after commencement): 1. Endorsement is entered on your transcript 2. Your transcript is requested by Licensure Office 3. Your electronic endorsement is entered on the DESE ELAR website 4. Your official transcript is sent to the DESE 5. A letter is sent to you from the Dean with the University seal verifying completion of a licensure program You will not receive a paper license from the DESE. Instead, you can go into your ELAR account and click “print license.” Checking your status: Tk20 – your home page Transition Points ELAR Account, Check Licensure Status/History, : June 1, 2011 To Whom It May Concern, _______, SSN _______, has completed the requirements for Fitchburg State University’s NCATE/State-approved Bachelor’s degree program for Initial Licensure as Teacher of ____________. Today, we have electronically endorsed this candidate with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and we anticipate completion of the licensure process within a few weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Fitchburg State University Office for Teacher Preparation and Educator Licensure at (978) 665-3239. Sincerely, Pamela Hill, Ed.D. Dean of Education University Seal:

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