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Point of View: Issues in Licensure and Apprenticeship in the AV Industry Melissa Taggart Vice President of Education and Workforce Development InfoComm.

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1 Point of View: Issues in Licensure and Apprenticeship in the AV Industry Melissa Taggart Vice President of Education and Workforce Development InfoComm International

2 Welcome to Point of View Series Highlights information about issues impacting the audiovisual industry and provides a forum for InfoComm to share the association’s viewpoints.

3 Apprenticeship and Licensure Experts  Alfred T. DeMaria, Esq., Clifton Budd & DeMaria, LLP  Richard E. Reed, RCDD/OSP specialist InfoComm International’s Government Relations

4 POV Overview  SOC Codes  Apprenticeships  State Licenses

5 Questions this POV Will Answer SOC Codes  What is a SOC Code?  Which SOC Codes Apply to the AV Industry?  How are SOC Codes Used?  Why do SOC Codes Matter?

6 Questions this POV Will Answer Apprenticeships  Will apprenticeships help get me business?  Will apprenticeships allow me to pay lower wages?  Will apprenticeships give me access to federal grants and funds?  Will apprenticeships help me save on workmen’s compensation costs?

7 Questions this POV Will Answer Licensure  How do I find out if I need a state license?  What is certification and how does it relate to licensure?  Will a specific certification substitute for state licensing or help me get licensed?

8 SOC Codes

9 What is a SOC Code? The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System was developed to allow government agencies and private industry to produce comparable data.

10 SOC Codes The SOC classifies workers at 4 levels:  Major group  Minor group  Broad occupation  Detailed occupation

11 SOC Codes There is no relationship between SOC codes and a certification, apprentice job or classification requiring a license

12 What Are The AV Industry SOC Codes? InfoComm secured the following SOC Codes from the Department of Labor: 27-4000 -- Media and Communication Equipment Workers  27-4011 is Audio and Video Equipment Technicians 27-4011.00A -- Audiovisual Communications Installation Technician 27-4011.00B -- Audiovisual Communications Systems Designer 27.4011.00C -- Audiovisual Communications Rental & Staging Technician

13 Why are SOC Codes Useful?  Place on job descriptions  Learn how in the new InfoComm BusinessKit CD  The Department of Labor statistics may eventually have data for comparisons of salaries or wage rates  Because of the new SOC Codes, InfoComm is included in the 2006-2007 DOL Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, used by career counselors and economists, to create more industry awareness.

14 SOC Codes and Workmen’s Compensation There is no benefit using SOC codes for Workers’ Compensation premiums

15 Apprenticeship

16 Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and related instruction in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation. Apprenticeship programs can be sponsored by individual employers, joint employer and labor groups, and/or trade associations. -- US Department of Labor

17 Will An Apprenticeship Program Help Me Get Business? We have not encountered any situation where having apprentices used as part of the employer’s work staff has assisted the employer in obtaining new business.

18 Apprenticeship Reality Check Most purchasers of AV services are not interested in whether or not apprentices will be employed, but in the performance of the contract.

19 Will an Employee Apprenticeship Program Help Me Pay Lower Wages? Most employers that hire apprentices do so to meet the ratio of journeymen to apprentices that is usually required to meet union contracts. No Union Contract? No Need for a Costly Apprenticeship Program!

20 Should The Industry Encourage Apprenticeship? Mandatory Apprenticeship Programs will subject the AV Industry to Onerous Government Regulations

21 The Cost of Apprenticeship Programs  All apprentices must meet stringent requirements established by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Apprenticeship Training or a parallel state apprenticeship agency recognized by DOL. These paperwork requirements are extensive and EXPENSIVE.  There is a reason why industries spend billions of dollars trying to get deregulated! Don’t let fear of being “left behind” convince you to leave behind your business sense!

22 What Will an Apprenticeship Program Cost Me?  Apprenticeship programs are highly regulated by the Government  It involves voluminous record keeping, company dedication of personnel to conduct the apprentice training, and adhering to a host of regulatory requirements.  Any approved apprenticeship program can be adopted by unions as a means to secure more work

23 Does the Law Require Me to Hire Apprentices? The Davis Bacon Act, the federal prevailing rate of wage program for federal jobs and related state laws do not require employers to hire apprentices.

24 Does the Government Have Plans to Require Apprenticeship? This session the states and Congress will consider over 170,000 pieces of legislation. Over 30,000 will be approved*. So far, no bills have been introduced to make apprenticeship mandatory. *Source: State Net

25 Is Apprenticeship Needed to Ensure a Skilled Workforce? Apprenticeships are just one of many options for employers seeking to ensure a skilled base of employees. These include quality certification programs that are approved by the independent Certification organizations.

26 Should Apprenticeship Be Mandatory? All levels of government should avoid instituting any required apprenticeship programs, as the regulatory requirements would be unnecessarily burdensome.

27 Will an Apprenticeship Program Help Me Secure Federal Funds? According to the Director of Apprenticeship for the State of Virginia, over 99% of companies participating in apprenticeship programs do not receive funding. “You have to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? ” – Dirty Harry

28 Licensure and Certification

29 What is Licensure? “A license is a legal credential obtained by an individual or business, usually issued by a government agency, which is required to perform work in a particular trade and/or jurisdiction.”

30 What is Certification? Certification is a process, often voluntary, by which acknowledgment is accorded to individuals who demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill required in a profession or skill set. Certification is typically qualified and issued by a trade organization or manufacturer.

31 Will An Employee Apprenticeship Program Help Me Become Licensed by the State?  If a state adopts an apprenticeship program, it may then require it for licensure. However, no states require AV apprenticeship. And no state legislation has been introduced to do so.  InfoComm endorses the concept of licensure and seeks to ensure it is an open and fair process based on knowledge and skills pertinent to the industry.

32 What is the Link Between Apprenticeship and Certification? None! Certification does not approach the status of licensure since it is voluntary, and accorded to individuals who demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill required in a profession or skill set. A license is a legal credential.

33 Can a Specific Certification Get Me Licensed in My State? Certification is not a substitute for licensure. However, if the licensure is based on the knowledge and skills needed in the industry then certification can be a process to help individuals study for the licensure test.

34 How Can I Find Out My State Licensing Requirements?  Visit the State-by-State Licensing Database on the Government Relations Section of or call Dick Reed at 717.795.9373.  Look out for InfoComm Member Government Relations Email Alerts for new legislative or regulatory action in your specific state.  Call InfoComm for more information. Contact information for Dick Reed and Betsy Jaffe is available on the Government Relations section of the website.

35 How Can I Determine if A Certification Program Meets My Company’s Needs?  Experience in Offering Certification  Recognized by Outside Certification Organizations  Complies with certification best practices  Known Internationally  Attend the next POV Webinar to learn more.

36 Future Point of View Webinars Thank you for joining us today. Save the date for:  May 3 rd : Certification  July 20 th : Best Practices  September 6th: MasterFormat™ Melissa Taggart VP of Education & Workforce Development 703-273-7200

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