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Applications for Licensure You Won’t Know Unless You Ask.

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1 Applications for Licensure You Won’t Know Unless You Ask

2 Two Main Public Protection Functions of Regulation APPLICATION:Insure the Applicant has the Required Medical Training, POST LICENSURE COMPETENCE: Insure ongoing Clinical Competence and Ethical Behavior

3 Applications are Critically Important United States has 70 Licensing Boards for Physicians Alone!

4 VERIFICATION OF CORE SET OF INFORMATION Identity of Applicant Premedical Education Medical Education (Transcript Scores) Post Graduate Training

5 Physical/Mental Health Questions Treatment and monitoring In-Patient Treatment - Practice Time Out Any of these issues within the last 5 years?

6 Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Current or within the past 5 years abuse alcohol or drugs? In patient or outpatient treatment for alcohol or drugs Failed a mandated chemical or substance abuse screening?

7 Conviction of Health Care Fraud? Medicaid/Medicare or Government Payer Fraud? Private Third Party Payer Billing Fraud

8 Malpractice Are any lawsuits pending for professional Liability? Subjects to judgments or settlements of professional liability claims

9 Criminal Actions Plead guilty or convicted of crimes including felonies, misdemeanors, or municipal ordinances Driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs

10 Thank You! Bruce W. McIntyre, JD Acting Chief Administrative Officer Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline 3 Capitol Hill RM 205 Providence, RI 02908 (401) 222-7890

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