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Nuts & Bolts of SLPA Training, Use, and Licensure

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1 Nuts & Bolts of SLPA Training, Use, and Licensure
Ashley Northam, M.S. CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist Director, SLPA Program, Chemeketa Community College Chair, Oregon Board for Speech Pathology and Audiology COSA Conference Eugene, Oregon October 1, 2009

2 Objectives Overview of the SLPA Program at Chemeketa CC
Review Licensure requirements and regulations for SLPAs Review Supervision requirements according to the OARs Models/ staffing ideas for SLPAs Q/A , Scenarios

3 SLPA Program Components
45 credit program consisting of coursework in technical speech language pathology topics Includes 2 terms of off site practicum with collection of a minimum of 100 clinical interaction hours ALL coursework is ONLINE

4 Coursework ED 169: Overview of Students with Special Needs
ED 229: Learning and Development ED 130: Classroom/Group Management SLP 180: Survey of Speech and Language Disorders ED 258: Multicultural Education SLP 181: Phonetics SLP 182: Intervention Strategies for SLPAs SLP 183: Introduction to Language Development

5 Coursework. SLP 184: Language Therapy
SLP 185: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech/Hearing SLP 186: Speech Intervention for Children and Adults SLP 187: Clinical Documentation and Materials Management SLP 188: Communication Disorders in Low Incidence Populations SLP 189: SLPA Practicum I SLP 190: SLPA Practicum II

6 Practicum Requirements
Student SLPA is placed under the direct supervision of an SLP who holds a current Oregon Board of Examiners for SLP/Aud license or permit SLP Supervisor must have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience before supervising an SLPA or student. ( no CFY SLP) A minimum of 100 clinical interaction hours are needed between 2 terms ( approximately a 20 week period)

7 Practicum Requirements
Supervision is 100% direct- SLP must be on-site and within sight/sound during practicum Hours are collected during “clinical interaction activities” = Hands On Therapy Activities Student SLPA can work independent of SLP- can be running separate treatment groups or working nearby Student to gain gradual independence through SLP modeling working towards running their own treatment groups within practicum time frame including materials prep and taking data.

8 Competencies Chemeketa Community College:
Student will be able to work independently by following a treatment plan developed by supervising SLP to provide treatment to a small group or individual child. Student will be able to take appropriate data as directed by the SLP to report progress.

9 Initial Licensure Requirements for SLPAs
Completion of 45 credits of SLPA technical coursework with a grade of “C” or better (* coursework must be current- completed within last 7 years approx) Completion of 45 credits of General Education coursework ( in academic areas)- no time frame for completion 100 hours of documented clinical interaction hours ( practicum)

10 Initial Licensure Requirements for SLPAs
100 hours of documented clinical interaction hours ( practicum) SLP Supervisor will complete the Oregon Board's SLPA Competency Checklist for the practicum student to submit with their application ( verification of on site competency skills)

11 Scope of Practice for SLPA
In order to practice in the state of Oregon, a person performing the functions and duties of an SLPA must be licensed by the Oregon Board of Examiners for Speech Pathology and Audiology (BSPA)

12 Scope of Practice for SLPAs
Provide Direct Treatment to students in various settings under the supervising SLP Take Data Do Screenings (w/o interpretation) Design materials for treatment Prepare lesson plan activities following the treatment plan (IEP) and with supervision Act as interpreters during assessments

13 SLPAs may NOT perform the following functions:
May not perform assessments, evaluations of any kind May not participate in IEP meetings w/o the presence of the supervising SLP May not create, modify or change a student's IEP independently May not sign any formal documents ( IEPs, eligibility statements)

14 SLPAs may NOT perform the following functions:
May not select or discharge clients for services May not make referrals for services May not communicate with families, teachers etc without specific consent of the SLP May not represent themselves as an SLP May not write formal screening or diagnostic reports

15 Scope of Practice for EA/IA
Non-instructional activities such as materials preparation Clerical duties such as scheduling appointments, meetings May not perform screenings or perform treatment activities ( maintenance and carry over practice is OK) May not collect data for the SLP in any setting

16 Supervision Requirements-
Supervising SLP must have 2 years of experience ( CFY year + 1 additional year of FT practice) Supervising SLP must have a current license or permit with BSPA An SLP can supervise no more than the equivalent of 2 FT SLPAs

17 Supervision Requirements-
Supervising SLP is required to provide a portion of DIRECT and INDIRECT supervision to the SLPA DIRECT: On Site, within sight and/or sound or via live videoconference while SLPA performs clinical interaction (treatment) INDIRECT: Activities other than direct supervision/ observation- lesson planning, consultation, record review, data review.May be done via or phone if appropriate

18 Supervision cont'd... For the first 90 days of employment with a given employer, 30% of the time the SLPA is providing clinical interaction must be supervised ( 20% of that in Direct Supervision, 10% Indirect Supervision) Subsequently, an SLPA must be supervised a total of 20% of the time spent providing clinical interaction. ( 10% of that time is Direct Supervision, 10% Indirect)

19 Supervision cont'd... SLP is responsible for ALL students on the caseload- SLPAs DO NOT have caseloads SLP must see all students at least every 60 days Supervision requirements can be met through electronic means ( , videoconference) SLP's caseload must accommodate time to meet with the SLPAs and meet the supervision requirements

20 What does Best Practice look like?
SLPAs can work independently at a site other than that SLP as long as supervision requirements are met SLPs must see all students on a regular basis to make informed decisions on treatment, planning etc. Supervision hour totalsmay be easier to figure out on a monthly basis

21 Ideas for maximizing SLPAs
Swap schedules by rotating every week, month etc Use videoconference to view sessions ( live) Multi-task while the SLPA is in the room providing treatment SLPAs can do observation in classrooms, etc

22 Creative Ways to appropriately use SLPAs
Some SLPAs can specialize in making AAC materials Serving more severe population classrooms Serving other schools than SLP (* with supervision requirements met) Distance Service- Utilizing SLP off site to provide supervision and needed caseload management

23 Future Staffing projections for SLP/SLPA
Median age of a practicing SLP is 45 years of age Graduate programs will not be able to keep up with the 11-26% job growth rate through ( Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics)

24 Future Staffing projections for SLP/SLPA
Factors: (a) Increase in baby boomer generation- which will require more neurological care related to communication services (b)Medical Advances have allowed babies to live, however, many may have multiple complications (c )Rise in Autism, as well as an increased awareness for early identification of all communication related development

25 Partnerships Dept of Education is starting a new cohort Winter 2010 (packets available now) for district sponsored SLPA students ESD collaborative partnerships for training

26 Resources Oregon Board of Examiners for Speech Pathology and Audiology * for OARs - (click on Rules/Statutes) (click on Chapter 335 OARs) (click on Division 95 for SLPAs)

27 Resources Chemeketa Community College SLPA Program American Speech-Language Hearing Association

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