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© Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Background of National IDs and the “REAL ID” Development of the REAL ID/National ID Integrated View REAL ID Specifics and.

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1 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Background of National IDs and the “REAL ID” Development of the REAL ID/National ID Integrated View REAL ID Specifics and Specifications REAL ID Costs Social/Religious Concerns References/Take-Aways

2 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Background of National IDs and the REAL ID 1981 - William French, US Attorney General under Reagan stated that the Reagan Administration was “explicitly opposed to the creation of a national identity card” 1993,- the Clinton administration advocated a “Health Security Card”. The conservative Congress rejected it. 2004 - Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge reiterated, “the legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security was very specific on the question of a national ID card. They said there will be no national ID card.” 2005 - attached to a bill for tsunami relief and military appropriations, the “REAL ID” legislation passed with very little review 2008 - In an opinion column written by Secretary Chertoff after the publication of the final rule, he said, “embracing REAL ID” would mean it would be used to “cash a check, hire a baby sitter, board a place or engage in countless other activities.” This is a description of a national identification system. Registering and tracking their own law-abiding citizens has been a hallmark of totalitarian governments in the 20 th century The Bill of Rights Amendment IX The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Amendment X The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

3 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Development of the REAL ID/National ID 1986 – Immigration Reform creates the “I-9” Employment Eligibility Verification form along with amnesty for illegals 1994 – “Motor Votor” – includes funding for an optional program for states to develop a National Drivers Registry under NHTSB, and funding for states that collect and forward SSNs. 1995,- Welfare Reform/“Deadbeat Dads” – includes funding for a database system for Employment Eligibility Verification (DOL) and requirements on states 1995 – GATT – requires all member nations of the WTO to uniquely identify all residents 1996 – Anti-Terrorism Act – requires telecommunications companies to provide standardized hookups to their routers and hubs for law enforcement 1996 – Immigration “Reform” Act – requires social security numbers to be collected for drivers license issuance 1996 – HIPAA – requires medical insurers to provide claim transaction info to US Dept. Health using SSN as unique identifier 1997 – Telecommunications Reform Act – requires two-way communications devices to be included with all new cell phones and cars made or sold in the United States on or after October 1, 2001. 2001- Section 326 of the Patriot Act – “Know your Customer” banking regulations 2001 – No Child Left Behind – funds the DOD DB to track grade and high school students 2001- Aviation and Transportation Security Act – CAPPS and CAPPS II 2005 – REAL ID legislation passed 2006 – President Bush announces $200 million for Dept Ed to track college students 2008 – FISA Amendments SSN/DL DOT SSN/EEV DOL SSN/ Telecom SSN/ Banking FINCEN SSN/Ed DOD SSN/Ed DOEd CAPPS TSA HIPPA DOH

4 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Integrated View SSA/EAB SSNs SSN/EEV DOL SSN/ Telecom IRS SSN SSN/Ed DOD SSN/Ed DOEd SSN/ Banking FINCEN REAL ID DB DHS Federal Level State Level E-Verify SSN/DL DOT CAPPS TSA Birth and Death Records SSOLV EVVE MVD Dept Health HIPPA DOH

5 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Specifics and Specifications Incorporates Biometrics Absolute place of residence verification SSN validation through SSOLV Interfaces (among others) E-Verify (Employment Eligibility Verification system, DHS/ DOL) REAL ID Database (DHS) SSOLV (Social Security Online Verification system, SSA) EVVE (Electronic Vital records Verification Exchange, NAPHSIS) EAB (Enumeration at Birth, SSA) National Drivers Registry (NTHSB) CAPPS – Federal Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (incl. “No Fly List”) Telecom router “wiretapping” Implementation May 11, 2008 Two Extensions permitted All people “recertified” by 2010/new drivers licenses issued, paid for by citizens Recent Developments June, 2008 – TSA Directive: cannot board airplanes without government issued id June, 2008 – Arizona law prohibiting ADOT from implementing the REAL ID July, 2008 – Permanent telecom tapping, 100% recording

6 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Costs State Costs of REAL ID Federal Legislation Compliance Estimates range from 9 Billion to 40 Billion Does not include state level legislation or initiative “secure ID” costs Federal Costs The claim is that “we already have the information” However, there are costs for REAL ID DB development, implementation, maintenance, enhancement and use costs. “One Time” Costs in the billions Ongoing Yearly Maintenance, Enhancement and Use in the billions Does not include the costs of the interfacing database systems, such as the Dept Ed system (200 million) NCLB tracking database at the DOD EAB (Enumeration at Birth, SSA) Regulatory compliance costs borne by telecoms passed to individuals et al. Overall costs to the American Economy 10 to 50 billion per YEAR of ZERO productive economic value The #1 spending program outside of military expenditures Larger than the Pharmaceutical Medical Benefit Program

7 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID Social/Religious Concerns Civil Liberties Massive expansion of government power Unprecedented ability to look into the private lives of law abiding citizens Constitutional There is no authorization for the federal government to surveil law abiding citizens in the constitution. There is no authorization for the federal government to tax citizens to this end in the constitution. REAL IDs + BATF 4473 forms = gun purchase registration Defense Promotes a false sense of homeland security Data and plastic cards stop zero people illegally crossing the border Increases the payoff for identification crime Religious “Mark of the Beast” that the number shall be a mark on the forehead and hand of each bearer that someone without the number cannot “buy or sell” The Social Security Administration’s “Enumeration at Birth Program” Historical No free nation has ever had to or had the power to track its own citizens Totally contrary to the principles the founding fathers fought for

8 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 REAL ID References / Take-Aways Google Searches (use “ marks as demonstrated below) “enumeration at birth” “homeland security” “REAL ID” “homeland security” “vital records” The REAL ID/national ID is ***NOT*** a plastic card in your pocket! The REAL ID/national ID is a DATA FILE or data files of all aspects of your life on record with the federal and state government, that is searchable now practically by anyone without warrant. REAL IDs + 4473s = GUN PURCHASE REGISTRATION The “RFID Chip” issue is a non-issue relative to national ids. All the chip does is present the data in another format (broadcast). The issue is that law abiding citizens are taxed billions of dollars to pay for unelected bureaucrats to spy on them. “Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.” - James Madison

9 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 End/Working Slides Follow

10 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 SSA Procedure For Objecting to "Enumeration at Birth" Orwellian Government Program Targets Newborns ---------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER POLICY AND GENERAL PROCEDURES Parent objects to "Enumeration at Birth" program ---------------------------------------------------- Recently many new parents have found that Social Security numbers have been assigned to their newborn children over their objection and against their will. It has been discovered that the Social Security Administration has implemented a program referred to as "Enumeration at Birth" and has in place a specific procedure for parental objections. Note that this is a multi-step procedure and that at each step the bureacracy will attempt to talk the parent into keeping the assigned SSN. However, if the parent is persistent, the procedure exists for expunging the record. The following was obtained in 1992 from the SSA policy manual. (Images of the manual pages may be found at the bottom of this page.)

11 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008 THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER POLICY AND GENERAL PROCEDURES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- TN 16 6-90 RM 00905.100B. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00205.100 PARENT OBJECTS TO ASSIGNMENT OF SSN TO CHILD UNDER THE ENUMERATION AT BIRTH PROGRAM A.POLICY SSA does not change, void or cancel SSNs. In special situations, SSA will delete the applicant information from the SSN record. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. PROCEDURE A parent may object when a child is assigned an SSN. If a child is issued an SSN card via the Enumeration at Birth program (the online NUMIDENT shows "FMC:6" for Enumeration at Birth items) and the mother states she answered "no" to the enumeration question when providing birth information for the newborn, assume that the State inadvertantly keyed "yes", and follow these steps: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP ACTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Explain that the child will need an SSN, by at least age 2, if he/she will be listed as a dependent on an income tax return. * If the parent accepts this explanation and will keep the SSN card, stop. * If this is not acceptable, go to step 2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Explain that on SSA's records, the account will remain dormant, unless earnings are posted on the record. * If the parent accepts this explanation and will keep the card, stop. * If the parent accepts the explanation but does want the SSN card, take the card and destroy the card (RM 00201.060). Explain that when an application is later made for an SSN card the same number will be assigned. * If the parent inists that we delete the SSN record, explain that the deletion action may take several months. (Go to step 3.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 * Document the parent's objection and advise the parent that the case must be sent to central office (CO) for review. * Explain to the parent that if we delete the applicant information from the SSN record, a subsequent SSN request (likely before the child is age 2) will result in a different SSN. In addition, if and when the parent files for an SSN for the child in the future, he/she should enter "no" in item 10 on the SS-5. * Forward all material pertinent to the situation (including the FO observation and recommendation) to CO at: Social Security Administration ORSI, DE, E&R 3-E-26 Operations Building 6401 Security Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21235 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Request review of the case and action concerning the parent's request for deletion of the data from the SSN record. Send a copy of the entire file to the appropriate regional office so that they can discuss ongoing problems with the involved State.

12 © Jeff Greenspan, 2008

13 I offer the following, with links, regarding the federal law that requires SSNs at birth. It was passed as part of the GATT/WTO treaty in 1994. Dr. Paul voted against it. Buried in a section of the bill implementing the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT)/WTO was a requirement that Social Security numbers be issued at birth. Section 742 of H.R. 5110 requires that for the purposes of the Earned Income Tax Credit, SSN's must be issued at birth. Previously, parents could wait up to one year before filing. The following is a link to the bill, brought forth in September of 1994: Please see Section 742. This legislation (H.R. 5110) implemented the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), a global trade compact that established the World Trade Organization (WTO) bureaucracy. The House approved this legislation during a lame-duck session on November 29, 1994 (Roll Call 507) by a vote of 288 to 146. Dr. Paul offered a separate resolution at that time (House Joint Resolution 90) that proposed a complete withdrawal of the U.S. from the WTO. That resolution failed. The Senate passed the bill to implement the Uruguay Round of GATT on December 1, 1994 (Roll Call 329) by a vote of 76 to 24. See:

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