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The Visual Thesaurus is: an animated display of words and meanings – a visual representation of the English language.

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2 The Visual Thesaurus is: an animated display of words and meanings – a visual representation of the English language.

3 With the Visual Thesaurus you can: Find the right word and explore Improve your grasp of the English language Hear words pronounced correctly Understand the relationships between English words and meanings Expand your search to the Internet Check spelling

4 See how the Visual Thesaurus works with the following step-by-step Product Tour: View the interactive version of this Product Tour at:

5 To start using the Visual Thesaurus, type a word in the search box…

6 … and click “LOOK IT UP”.

7 To listen to the audio pronunciation of the center word, click the speaker icon next to it.

8 You can click on any word to make it the new center and see the words and meaning related to it.

9 Clicking on “exercise” will make it the new center, revealing its definitions and word relationships.

10 With the Visual Thesaurus, you can filter by parts of speech. For example, turn off nouns by clicking the “off” button next to nouns.

11 By turning off nouns, you have simplified your results to display the verb meaning and word relationships of “exercise” only.

12 With the Visual Thesaurus, you can search words or meanings (represented by circles).

13 Roll over a meaning (circle) to see its definition and usage examples. Bring it to the center by clicking on it to make the meaning, not the word, the center of your search.

14 The Visual Thesaurus reveals many types of word relationships. Synonyms are connected by solid lines. Dashed lines show other types of relationships.

15 Roll over a dashed line to learn what kind of relationship is being revealed.

16 The meanings on the screen are listed on the right, in the Meanings List, organized by parts of speech.

17 Rolling over a meaning in the list is the same as rolling over its circle in the main display.

18 You may right click (command click on Mac) to reveal a “pop-up” menu showing optional actions that may be taken on a word or meaning.

19 Actions include: Pronounce Word, Search Internet (for content), Search for Images (internet images), Expand Selection (revealing more words and relationships), Make Center (the same as a single click).

20 For example, “Search for Images” will pull up Google Images of the word in question.

21 At any time, you may look up another word by typing it into the search box. Not sure how to spell it?...

22 … The word suggestions panel will open. (At any time, additional word suggestions are available.)

23 You may turn on “Help” and roll over items on the interface to reveal navigational tips.

24 The help tool tips will explain what you are looking at and what actions you may take to proceed.

25 You may open the settings panel to adjust display, relationships, dictionary, languages, and much more.

26 Simply click on “Settings” to open the panel and reveal your options.

27 The settings panel has many sub-panels where you can control various aspects of how the Visual Thesaurus works, allowing for a customized and user-friendly experience.

28 For example, simply move the “Font Size” slider to the right to increase the font size.

29 Press apply to apply the changes and close the settings panel. Once you have applied the settings you prefer, you may save your changes, creating a personalized, customized, default view.

30 The Visual Thesaurus benefits students of all ages. The Visual Thesaurus can be incorporated in a broad range of curricula from elementary school to college and continuing education courses. Educational accounts include the ability for central administrators to choose settings and displays appropriate for their educational purpose and use.

31 Curricular Use: Elementary Education (grades 3-8) Secondary Education (grades 9-12) University Education Secondary Literacy Gifted/Talented Remedial Education Continuing Education Online Teacher Resources! Student Workbook Included!

32 Elementary Curriculum: Explore parts of speech Turn on/off nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs Explore words that are used in multiple ways Explore and construct sample sentences Explore antonyms and synonyms Practice basic word replacement exercises Explore basic word relationships See also Similar to Use in introductory composition Use for vocabulary building This is just the beginning of a life-long visual and interactive relationship with the English language!

33 Secondary Curriculum: Review correct use of sentence elements Build advanced vocabulary Use for composition Use for reading comprehension Explore advanced word relationships: Is derived from (fond/fondly) Is a participle of (applied/apply) Pertains to: academic/academia Entails: snore/sleep Verb group: harmonize/jibe Attribute: light/weight In addition to weeks’ worth of assignments, build special assignments around remedial learners or encourage exploration by gifted and talented students…

34 Administrator/Educator Features: Standards Compliance The Visual Thesaurus helps teachers and students meet educational standards as set forth by IRA, NETS, NCLB etc., as well State Standards. Teachers’ Guide and Student Workbook We offer a Teachers’ Guide and Student Workbook designed to improve reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. These lessons can be used as the basis for integrating the Visual Thesaurus into your curriculum. Administrator Control of Content Filtering As an administrator, you decide which of the four levels of content filtering is appropriate for your students.

35 Quotes from the Educational Press: “Once again, my favorite of the show was not the latest hardware gadget or some technology wonder; it was in fact a small little English utility that just astounded me. The Visual Thesaurus… is just what I need to get students excited about learning vocabulary.” – Tech Edge “The Visual Thesaurus is a superbly conceived and designed piece of software that is as addictive as it is useful, and is suited to ages ten to adult.” – ITC For Education “…an engaging way to explore the English Language.” – Magazine Education and Reference “A+.” – Education World

36 Quotes from Educators: “What a great way to project similar words for my students!” “It is a informative site, designed beautifully and is above expectations. Thanks for providing us with such a helpful tool.” “I was doing homework with my 11 year old son and he was dealing with synonyms… I looked up your site on the web and...WOW. What a great site. It made his learning really fun. It was great and easy to use. Thank you so much.” "Wow! I'm an English teacher who is also an ESL tutor... This is just what I've been looking for… Great job..." "The Visual Thesaurus is a revelation… more than an aid in finding the right word, it also assists in making the appropriate, and often unexpected, connections. The program's think maps… literally clarify one's thought processes and spark one's creativity…”

37 We offer two options for unlimited access: Desktop EditionOnline Edition

38 Online Edition: Simply go to No need to install software Updates/Upgrades included Internet Connection required Educator Resources available online Language Lounge (a monthly column for word lovers) Tips and Tricks (useful tips that will help you get the most our of your Visual Thesaurus subscription) Get access to our International Edition (Beta Version) Search and View Results in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish Priced from only $1.25 to $0.20 per user Multi-year licenses available at deep discounts.

39 Desktop Edition: Installed on your computer Hybrid PC/Macintosh CD-ROM shipped to you Perfect for small classrooms and labs Internet connection optional Priced from only $29.95 to $9.95 per computer Software ownership vs. online licensing Educator resources available at (Required for audio pronunciation feature)

40 Get excited about words with Visual Thesaurus! Available Online or via CD-ROM VISUAL THESAURUS phone. 212.285.8600 fax. 212.285.8999 web.

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