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From Engagement to Empowerment: A Holistic Approach to African-American Student Achievement Hinsdale South High School (Darien, IL)

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1 From Engagement to Empowerment: A Holistic Approach to African-American Student Achievement Hinsdale South High School (Darien, IL)

2 Overview – Who is Hornet Nation? Equitable and Accessible AP Program Guided and Structured Support for Students Inside and Outside of School Tier 1 and Tier 2 Academic Programs Tier 1 and Tier 2 Behavioral Programs A Holistic Approach… in segments!

3 Hinsdale South High School is located in Darien, Illinois in Chicago’s western suburbs. A large, comprehensive college-preparatory high school with approx. 1800 students, 75 extra-curricular activy programs, and 31 athletic programs. Hornet Nation: We A.R.E. Accountable, Respectful, & Engaged Who A.R.E. we?

4 Student Demographics – 1,779 students 62% White, 19% Black, 9% Hispanic, 8% Asian, 27% low- income. Since 2007, our Black population has grown from 10% to 19% and our low-income population has grown from 12.5% to 27%. Of our Black students, 74% are low-income. Our presentation focuses on how we have embraced our changing demographic as an opportunity to revolutionize our approach to public education by embracing the notion set by NCLB --- Every child that walks into the doors of our school will experience success and we will build any and all necessary support systems to make this vision a reality. Who is HORNET NATION?

5 Snapshot of Performance Data: Celebrations and Challenges Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE): Illinois’ assessment to track AYP via NCLB PSAE compares cohorts of students to one another ACT’s EPAS Program Local assessment to track individual student growth from Explore (8 th grade) to ACT (11 th grade)

6 Explore to ACT Reading Growth by Explore Score Bands HSHS Class of 2011

7 Explore to ACT Math Growth by Explore Score Bands HSHS Class of 2011

8 A Holistic Approach: Part One Re-designing our AP Program to Mirror the (changing) Demographics of Our School Presenters: Mr. Matt Guritz, Social Studies Department Chairperson Mr. Michael Holland, Director of Guidance

9 Two AP Support Programs: RISE (for AP Psych and AP Env.Science) No previous honors or AP enrollment Concurrent enrollment with their AP course For credit-Pass/Fail Taught by their AP teacher with a focus on content/test prep AP Summer Bridge (For AP Eng Lang ) Skill focused AP enrollment is the goal but not required for this course Taught by an experienced AP English teacher AP Parent Night (Jan.)





14 ILLINOISStates with No Federal Grant Money AP Exam Fee$87 College Board Fee Reduction-$26 *increased from $22 in 2011 -$26 Federal Grant Subsidy-$38 *for first 3 tests Forego AP Refund for Administrative Costs -$8 Cost to Register FRL Students$15/test$53/Test District 86-$15 *from AP G Fund Cost to Student$0$53

15 A Holistic Approach: Part Two The Creation of Student Support Structures Presenters: Mr. Michael Holland, Director of Guidance Ms. Ayesha Truman, Excel Program Director


17 Support for Transfer Students Mentoring Mentor Recruitment  Voluntary  no extra pay Mentor Training  One Time Training Session  Packet  Continuous Support Mentor/Mentee Pairing  Schedules  Preferences  Compatibility School Counselors Coordinate Identification: EXPLORE Reading Test  Every incoming transfer student is given the EXPLORE Reading  Raw Score cut off of 14 or below Counselors screen for other at-risk factors during intake  Low academic achievement  Disciplinary/Truancy Problems  Family Issues  Drug/Alcohol use  Coming from a school with greater use of tracking and different academic expectations

18 EXCEL- Academic Support 50 minutes/ day with 5 to 1 student- teacher ratio Teaching staff communicate with various departments in order to advocate for student’s needs Continual communication with parents Administer tests/ provide student with modifications Help students plan/ meet short and long-term goals Executive Functioning Skills Planner Usage Materials Organization Goal setting Self-Advocacy Test-taking strategies Post-secondary planning

19 Excel Program Data (Day)

20 OFF-SITE EXCEL Generated from community liaison role Students earn credit- meet 2 nights/ week Community based Aligned with same goals as the day program

21 Off-Site Excel Class Data

22 CREDIT RECOVERY Students who have previously failed a course Online courses- with academic support Student directed- can recover courses more quickly than the allotted time Increased probability of on-time graduation Success Stories!

23 A Holistic Approach: Part Three We Cannot Do This Alone – Bridging the Gap Between School and Community Presenters: Dr. Brian Waterman, Principal Ms. Denise Verdun, Community Liaison

24 Dream Deferred, 2009 Timeline/Original Goals Connection between HLT and HSHS Community Engagement Identification – Engagement – Empowerment Funding – Job Posting - Interviews The Role of the Community Liaison

25 Important Events/Milestones Spring, 2010 Town Hall Meeting Collaboration w/ Willlowbrook Corner Coalition Summer, 2010 Job Program through DuPage County Fall, 2010 Formation of Teens for Excellence

26 Important Events/Milestones Fall, 2010 College Job Fair (parent engagement soars!) Spring, 2011 Off-site Excel Program (HTL Resource Center) Job Skills Workshop Fall, 2011 Transition to adult focus – Parent Workshop Series Winter, 2012 African-American History Celebration


28 Looking Ahead – Next Steps Summer, 2012 Off-campus academic camp for students …and beyond! Adults, Adults, Adults Moving from Engagement to Empowerment!

29 A Holistic Approach: Part Four A Rigorous Academic Program for Every Student: A Philosophical Shift Presenters: Ms. Arwen Pokorny Lyp, Assistant Principal Ms. Lisa Elo, English Teacher

30 Tier 1 (For All Students): Reading Leadership Team/Common Reading Strategies Across the Curriculum (based on CRISS) Comprehensive 4-Year Teacher Induction Program linked with Teacher Evaluation System Based on Improving Professional Practice Tier 2 (For Groups of Students): Designed to remediate specific skill deficiencies – not remedial courses! Tier 1 and Tier 2: Academic Programmatic Interventions

31 Tier 2 (For Groups of Students): Designed to remediate specific skill deficiencies – not remedial courses! Students are identified by 8 th grade Explore scores and teacher recommendations. English: English 1/Academic Reading Block and English 2 AR Math: Algebra 1 Block/Restructured Math Sequence Science: Science Academic Reading Program Social Studies: World Cultures (Content Area Reading & Writing) We also provide a fully inclusive Special Education model with co-teaching in all core content area courses.

32 The Big Question: Are our Tier 2 courses lessening the achievement gap? The very scientific answer is Yes…and no. All students in Tier 2 courses were labeled as “off-target” for college readiness by ACT based on their 8 th grade Explore scores. As a group, students in these programs are outperforming the nation in terms of their growth:  Reading: 6.3 points growth compared to 4.8 points  Math: 5.1 points growth compared to 4.0 points However, when we disaggregate our Tier 2 students by NCLB subgroup, our black students are not growing at the same rate as their non-Black peers. This year, we are presenting our APPROACH, we hope to come back again and present our DATA.

33 A Holistic Approach: Part Five The Implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (Hornet Habits) Presenters: Ms. Lisa Elo; English Teacher and PBIS Coordinator Mr. Alex Bitto; Dean of Students

34 PBIS: Tier 1 (For All Students) We A.R.E. Hornet Nation (Accountable Respectful Engaged) Hornet 101 for all freshmen First day of school Hornet Habit lessons Stamper program and booster activities Hornet Academy Truancy Task Force Behavioral Programmatic Interventions: Making the PBIS Framework Our Own

35 PBIS: Tier 2 (Groups of students needing interventions beyond T1) Appointment of Tier 2 Coordinator (.2 FTE 2012 -2013)  First Initiative: Check In/Check Out (A.R.E)  Beginning with freshman students only (25 – 45)  Launch 4 - 5 weeks into school year  Identified Through Fluid Data Parameters (1 st Data Run)  Combination of 3 Ds/Fs  Attendance: Missed between 25 – 35 periods  ODR (Office Disciplinary Referrals) TBD: 1 – 3?  Second Initiative: Social Academic Instructional Groups Behavioral Programmatic Interventions: Making the PBIS Framework Our Own

36 We have created a website to host all relevant information from this session: You can also contact us at 630.468.4210 or email Principal Brian Waterman at Questions? We are happy to help.


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