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Welcomes You To Our Annual Title I Parent Meeting.

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1 Welcomes You To Our Annual Title I Parent Meeting

2 Damika Glover Principal Janet Clark Assistant Principal Marecia Gregory Parent Coordinator

3 Our Vision Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow Our Mission To graduate college and career ready students Our Motto On Time…On Task…On a Mission

4 Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides financial assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities which support students identified as failing or most at risk of failing the state’s challenging performance standards in mathematics, reading, and writing.

5 With the Title I designation comes certain federal guidelines and restrictions; however, the additional funding enables us to provide a quality education for our students. In addition to equipment and technology, we are able to hire additional highly qualified teachers to populate our classrooms.

6  Salaries and benefits for Title I paid teachers  Parent Coordinator  Substitutes for salaried Title I Teachers  Stipends for Direct Instruction  Communications  Supplies  Books other than textbooks  Computer Software

7  Additional academic support and learning opportunities to help low achieving children master challenging curricula and meet state standards in core academic subjects  Professional Development for Teachers  Enhance Classroom Instruction  Enhance Classroom Technology

8 School Wide Programs NCLB Section 1114  Option for buildings with not less than 40% of the children from low income families  Can reach any student needing services  Must meet intent and purpose of programs  Written plan must contain all 10 components and implement them (School Improvement Plan)  Successful school wide model requires the commitment from entire building and year planning process requirements

9 Fort Valley Middle School was named by Georgia Department of Education as a 2014 Alert School. This is a designation developed by Georgia officials to ensure that the state could identify both Title I and non-Title I schools that need additional support. Alert Schools are identified based on lower than average graduation rates, lower performance by the all student group and lower in particular subject areas on statewide assessments. Alert School is defined as a: A Title I or non-Title I School in state Based on the lowest achievement of the “all students” group in terms of proficiency on the statewide assessment Has demonstrated a lack of progress on state assessments over three years in the “all students” group Is not identified as a Priority School or Focus School

10 Fort Valley Middle’s school wide goals are aligned with the Peach County School District goals. Goals 1. All students will reach high standards, at minimum attaining proficiency or better in Reading/English Language Arts and Mathematics. 2. All Students will graduate from high school, college and career ready. 3. All students will be taught by highly qualified teachers. 4. Operations will enhance learning environments that are healthy, safe, orderly and conducive to learning.

11  Advanced Content in all subject areas-High ability learners  English Language Learners-ESOL  Gifted Education  RTI- Response to Intervention  Remedial Math and English Language Arts  Afterschool Tutorial –beginning in October in every subject content area  Instructional Facilitators for all subject content areas  Curriculum Coordinator for grades 6 th -8 th

12 Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) English Language Arts Mathematics Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) Science Social Studies CCGPS and GPS will ensure that all Georgia students have an equal access and opportunity to master the skills and knowledge needed for success beyond high school. The standards create a foundation to work collaboratively across states and districts, pooling resources and expertise, to create curricular tools, professional development, common assessments, and other instructional materials.

13 This year the State of Georgia is moving to a new assessment called Georgia Milestone. Grades 3-8 will take the End of Grade Test (EOG) in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. There will be  Four performance levels associated with the milestone  The levels have not yet been named.  However, they will be more prescriptive in nature and will not be Do Not Meets, Meets, and Exceeds.  Provide a clear signal of the student achievement of state content standards across the full achievement continuum.

14  Annual meeting required  Parents notified their child will participate in Title I  Parent Conferences  Regular Meetings  Notify parents of resources available to them  Assist parents in attending workshops

15 The Title I Program of Peach County School System supports and encourages parental involvement. The Peach County School system believes that effective parent involvement results from a collaborate effort among parents, the system, schools, and program personnel. All stakeholders hold the belief that parental involvement is critical to student success.

16 This plan addresses how the school will implement the parental involvement requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  How parents can be involved in decision-making and activities  How parental involvement funds are being used  How information and training will be provided to parents  How the school will build capacity in parents and staff for strong parental involvement. You, as Title I parents, have the right to be involved in the development of your school’s Parental Involvement Plan.

17 Our School-Parent Compact is an agreement that parents, students, and teachers develop together. It will explain how parents and teacher will work to together to make sure all our students reach grade-level standards.

18 At the beginning of each school year, any district that receives funds under the NCLB Title I shall notify the parents of each student attending any school receiving funds that the parents may request, and the agency will provide the parents on request and in a timely manner, the information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers including, at a minimum, the following:  Whether the teachers have met State qualifications  Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other status  The teacher’s college major, graduate certification  Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and if so, their qualifications

19 Each year (with your input during the Spring) our school reserves a percentage of funds for parental involvement. The following is a list of items that you suggested during our Spring meeting. Parent Involvement Funds  Supplies  Parent Communication and Postage  Professional Learning (Travel, Registration, and Lodging)-Georgia  Parent Workshops

20 Meetings and parent learning opportunities are scheduled during the day as well as early morning and evening hours. Throughout the year our faculty will foster a parent-friendly environment and provide you with strategies to use at home that support academic achievement. Opportunities  At least five workshops are held throughout the year such as Academic Parent Workshop, Math, Writing, Bullying and Academic,  Participate in survey to gather data  Volunteer opportunities with approved background check  Budget developed with input from parents and staff  Provide input for the Parent Involvement and FVMS Action Plan (yearly)

21 Fort Valley Middle School Grades 6-8 Damika Glover, Principal ( Janet Clark, Asst. Principal ( Marecia Gregory ( 712 Peggy Drive Fort Valley, GA 31030 Phone: (478) 825-2413 Fax: (478) 825-1332

22 Fraud, Waste, and Abuse of Federal Funds Complaint Procedures  drupal/content/complaints-federal-fraud-waste-abuse drupal/content/complaints-federal-fraud-waste-abuse   1-800-MIS-USED

23 We would like to thank all the parents and guardians that came out this evening. We appreciate all your help, support, and input concerning our school to better serve you and our students. Please fill out our evaluations forms before you leave.

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