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TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAM Information Session Welcome to the ESC Region XI The places you’ll go…..

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1 TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAM Information Session Welcome to the ESC Region XI The places you’ll go…..

2 Our Goal – Your Goal Successful teacher in the classroom We are all here for the STUDENTS. They deserve the best teachers possible. Success on ALL required state certification tests (Texas Examination of Educator Standards TExES)  Content exam  Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities ( PPR EC-12)  If Bilingual or Foreign Language: Languages Other Than English (LOTE) or Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT)

3 TPP STAFF Linda Tamburello – Director Andrea Chapman, Certification Coordinator Dr. Lisa McCool – Consultant Linda Martin – Certification Officer Jack Lewis – Administrative Assistant Alice Bush – Program Assistant

4 PROGRAM SUCCESS Intern of the Year Local Competition – nominated by facilitator based on classroom performance State Competition – sponsored and judged by Texas Alternative Certification Association (TACA) State Winners – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011  National Competition – National Winners in 2009 (Elementary), 2010 (Special Education) and 2011 (Secondary) Coordinated by Dr. Lisa McCool, TPP Consultant

5 Veterans’ Benefits and Hinson Hazelwood College Access Loan Program approved for educational benefits if you qualify : Texas Workforce Commission VA Benefits Troops to Teachers CAL Loan application and information regarding the loan is online at Troops to Teachers Information –

6 Intern Mentor TPP Staff Campus Administrators Your Support System Facilitator

7 Program Cost Registration fee with application $ Dual Language Proficiency Test * (Required if pursuing Bilingual or Spanish language certificates) Fingerprinting Fee $ (paid to SBEC) $ 9.95 (paid to L1-ID Services) Probationary Certificate (SBEC) $ Pre-Assignment Training Fee $ 1, (Two payments of $600 each) Post Assignment Program Fee – paid during Internship $ 3, Year (a paid position) or Clinical Teaching (non-paid) Mentor Fee (paid to ESC Region XI), if district allows mentor payments $ Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) per test $ For LOTE-Spanish, LOTE-French and BTLPT-Spanish exams (Oral score fee in addition to $120 test fee) $ Application for Standard Certificate $ (Apply after ALL program benchmarks are completed)

8  Out of Region Internship Fee $ (Internship is 75+ miles from ESC Region XI and district is not in ESC Region XI)  Change of certificate content/test prep fee $ (After initial review for admission to program and a second, free of charge request for change of content and test prep. This charge is for a third request.) *Note: For Spanish or Bilingual-Spanish certificate If a person passes the LOTE-Spanish or BTLPT-Spanish (state exams) prior to TPP formal acceptance, the TPP dual language test will be waived. Program Cost (continued)

9 Required Certification Tests Content Test (TExES) This is the PACT Test if you test prior to being admitted to an Educator Preparation Program Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT), if teaching Generalist EC-6 or Generalist 4-8 Bilingual-Spanish Languages Other Than English (LOTE) if teaching Spanish or French You Cannot Test Outside of Content and Pedagogy Areas.

10 Test Information Interns are expected to download the TExES PPR Preparation Manual by going to Practice tests are required for all interns when available. Interns may register for either the paper and pencil exam or computer administered test if available. Interns may not take more than ONE test per day. Interns must obtain approval to test by an uploaded approval roster from Region XI

11 Test Schedule Content Practice Test – REQUIRED for all interns if you have not already passed your content TExES Test Registration for TExES Exam Content test administration – Information Given at Test Prep Computer Administered Tests can be scheduled at flexible times if the content test is available in this format – visit for CAT details PPR exam to be taken after teaching position or clinical teaching assignment is started BTLPT for bilingual and LOTE Spanish or French foreign language interns after teaching position is secured Special Education and Bilingual requires an additional content test to meet the federal law, No Child Left Behind. These tests will require test prep and registration also.

12 Program Requirements and Benchmarks Indicators of Learning and Progress Toward Program Completion!

13 TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAM BENCHMARKS Methodology to Assess Intern Growth Assessment Tool Prior to Classroom Assignment Attend Orientation as scheduledSign-In Sheet Complete the Integrated Field Experience (IFE) Workbook – Discussed tonight in cohort group Completion of IFE book; forms submitted to TPP Demonstrate professionalism, participation, and successful completion of assessments Observation by TPP faculty, assessments for training Complete of ALL pre-assignment training hours including the online course Sign-In Sheets, Training card, 80% passing rate on online course test

14 First Semester Benchmarks Complete required post- assignment training hours Sign-In Sheet; Training card Complete monthly Reflective Journal of Teaching Practices Journal entries submitted monthly to TPP consultant Complete 1 Observation DayObservation forms Feedback from Principal (or designee) – may be walkthroughs or formal observations, announced or unannounced Observation forms Feedback from Facilitator’s observations Intern observes Mentor Mentor observes Intern Observation forms

15 Second Semester Benchmarks Feedback from Principal (or designee) Observation forms Feedback from Facilitator’s observations Observation forms Complete remaining training hours Training card Complete monthly Reflective Journal of Teaching Practices Journal entries submitted monthly to TPP consultant Complete Observation Days Mentor Observation of Intern Observation forms Receive passing scores on all required TExES, BTLPT-Spanish and LOTE exams PPR, TExES, BTLPT-Spanish and LOTE results Receive satisfactory Teacher Appraisal - Proficiency in ALL domains PDAS or other appropriate Appraisal Instrument summary forms Receive recommendation for certification by Principal, Facilitator, and Program Director Certification recommendation forms

16 Training Designed from scientifically-based research and state initiatives and aligned with new test standards and competencies Required for ALL interns; failure to attend will result in dismissal from TPP Must complete a minimum of 30 hours of classroom observation (or equivalent) and 80 hours of training before a Probationary certificate will be recommended Refer to Cohort Training Schedules online Location – ESC Region XI unless specifically stated Cost of Pre-Assignment Training – $1, Sign in Daily – Tardies /Absences must be made up Adhere to time allotments for breaks Read and adhere to General Guidelines in Intern Handbook


18 Employment With District: Apply with district and follow all instructions Job Interview: Bring Resume Bring Acceptance Letter and Highly Qualified letter from Region XI Follow-up phone call or thank you note (optional) When Employed: Send to ESC Region XI the Notification of Job Acceptance--- Form online on our website Check Post Assignment Training Calendar on TPP Website – Contact your Consultant for further details

19 Employment Not Located? Consider Clinical Teaching…. One Semester in Length (12 weeks)…similar to student teaching Same level of support from ESC Region XI’s Teacher Prep. Program You are not a paid Intern with a district Program cost is the same Must pass all content exams Must have a minimum of 80 hours of training Must have 30 hours of classroom observation (or equivalent) Deadline for Spring 2013 is October 1, 2012

20 Certification Interns in EC – 6 must teach 100% in their certification area for which they were accepted into the program. Please note that 4-8 subject specific certification may be required to also take the Generalist EC-6 or Generalist 4-8 TExES exam to meet the No Child Left Behind, Highly Qualified Requirements to teach grades 4,5,and 6. Interns certifying in Special Education EC-12 must also be Generalist EC-6 or Generalist 4-8 per NCLB requirements. Interns in grades in Single Content must teach 100% in their certification area for which they were accepted into the program. Interns teaching in the middle school must teach at least 60% of classes in the certification area for which they were accepted into the program. Interns in 8-12 must teach at least 60% of classes in the certification area for which they were accepted into the program. Before a Probationary certificate can be recommended, the intern must complete 30 hours classroom observation and a minimum of 80 hours of training.

21 State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) Web site ALL educators in Texas are required to register with SBEC and keep their contact information updated. Interns must register with SBEC and apply for their probationary certificates and fingerprinting when assigned to a teaching position. A teaching position must be in a TEA accredited school including private (TEPSAC or SAC typically is the accreditation), charter, or public.

22 Helpful Hints to Ensure Certification Be aware of certification benchmarks and meet timelines. Certificates cannot be recommended until required benchmarks are completed and fees have cleared the Business Office. Send forms to TPP office by due dates. Communication is important. Keep TPP office abreast of your situation; call the TPP office immediately when you need assistance. Be prepared for your classroom and certification tests. Be professional at ALL times with EVERYONE! Even your address and voice mail message should be professional.

23 Online Resources Available 24/7 – No Password Needed! /certification Click on Teacher Certification and then scroll down to view all active links including TPP Intern Handbook and Intern Brochure All Training Schedules are here Application and application information is located on this website.

24 Getting Organized Keep calendar handy and write down dates and projects We now have Continuous Enrollment – apply any time and request a start date for ongoing training! Summer training schedule – Mixture of day-time and evening hours Fall training schedule – Evening hours plus several Saturdays Spring training schedule – Day-time hours (Check ESC website for specific dates and time) Communication – We must know how to contact you, especially . Sign in for training; be prompt. Check ESC website for class assignments, handouts and reminders

25 Remember… The Places You Can Go Depend on You!  You must be an active listener and learner to make the most of this opportunity!  TPP is a Texas Education Agency approved program.  It is an accelerated program that allows individuals interested and dedicated in learning the art of teaching to become teacher certified in one year.

26 Questions???? Interns are assigned by last name and these change with each cohort due to numbers of admitted teacher candidates. These assignments are listed in the Online Orientation. General Application Questions – Alice Bush at She can direct you as needed to the appropriate person for specific questions.

27 Getting Started? You will need access to a computer and printer to complete training. Costs are listed in the TPP Program Brochure and Application Information. The Pre-Assignment Fee is scheduled in two payments. Other payment schedules can be requested by ing the Program Director. Please take the time to read the TPP Program Brochure online. It is a great summary of the program details!


29 Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away!

30 You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go.

31 Revised ISO September 2012 Thanks for considering ESC Region XI Teacher Preparation Program for your Training and Certification Needs!

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