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Behind the Scores The challenges of standardized testing.

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1 Behind the Scores The challenges of standardized testing



4 "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution." --- Clay Shirky

5 The search for a magic pill Results may vary Guaranteed to lose weight.... "You don't have to change your life, just take LIPOZENE, that's it...* "...combine with diet and exercise."

6 What's the next "pill" to cure public education? Common core state standards Teacher and school accountability Merit pay School choice (competition) Is a pill necessary, or are we just trying to give society a placebo so we all feel better?

7 What's wrong with all of these "solutions"? "They are based on an exaggeration of the problem, a misdiagnosis of the causes, and a simplistic prescription that often does more harm than good."- Alfie Kohn

8 "Our generation's Sputnik moment is back- our country is in serious danger of falling behind." President Barack Obama "For me, it is a massive wake up call." - Arne Duncan

9 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)

10 PISA Results Disaggregated Caucasian students second highest in the world behind only students in Finland Asian-American students out performed students in every Asian country, and only scored lower than Asian students in the city of Shanghai, China Hispanic/Latino students first in the world African American students first in the world

11 PISA Results Disaggregated (USA) Poverty Rate PISA Score Schools < 10% 551 Schools w/ 10-24.9% 527 Schools w/25-49.9% 502 Schools w/ 50-74.9% 471 Schools w/ >75% 446 U.S. Average 500

12 PISA Results Disaggregated Country Poverty Rate PISA Score Finland3.6%536 Czech Republic 7.2%478 Germany10.9%497 Australia11.6%515 Canada13.6%524 Japan14.3%520 United Kingdom 16.2%494 United States 21.7%500

13 PISA Results Disaggregated Country Poverty Rate PISA Score USA<10%551 Finland3.4%536 Netherlands9.0%508 Belgium6.7%506 Norway3.6%503 Switzerland6.8%501 France7.3%496 Denmark2.4%495 Czech Republic 7.2%478 USA10-24.9%527

14 What's the reason for American students' relatively low performance on international tests? POVERTY and lack of resources! POVERTY and lack of resources!

15 What testing has proven Bigger house=higher test scores Higher mobility=lower test scores Engaged adult(s) at home=higher test scores ELL students and students with special needs= lower test scores Kids who like to read do better on tests

16 Results of standardized testing NAEP results relatively flat since 1971 Achievement gains since NCLB smaller than before NCLB 2011 SAT scores lowest in history Reduction or elimination of arts programs nationwide Student apathy and disengagement; disillusioned educators $$$$$ for testing companies

17 An 8th grade student at Jenks Middle School will take... District Pre and post test in SS, Math, LA, and Science EXPLORE tests in four subjects Writing OCCT Paper OCCTs in Science and US History Online OCCTs in Math and Reading EOI exams in Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra II

18 2012 State Testing Summary Tests given Counseling hours VolunteerhoursInstr.Interrupted MS6,624820460 5 weeks FA1309311118 2-3 weeks HS3,8002,600420 3- 4 weeks

19 Closing thoughts... Eliminate all mandated testing not required by federal law (Writing, US History, Geography, EOIs) Use EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT above 7th grade Eliminate comparisons between different groups/grades of students Tying teacher and principal evaluations to student test scores is inaccurate. Carrots and sticks do not motivate and will not result in improved learning

20 Closing thoughts... Provide appropriate oversight of state assessment Testing gains are not the same as learning gains Focus limited resources on early interventions and proven remediation strategies...and leave the rest of students alone to learn.

21 OSSM vs. Jenks HS OSSM JENKS HS OVERALL ACT COMPOSITE 32.423.6 ACT TOP 25 (JHS) -----33.6 ACT TOP 50 (JHS)-----32.8


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