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LEAP OF FAITH: RE-DISCOVERING THE WONDER-FULL WORLD OF EDUCAITON Sponsored by Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management, And the.

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1 LEAP OF FAITH: RE-DISCOVERING THE WONDER-FULL WORLD OF EDUCAITON Sponsored by Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management, And the Positive Change Corps (PCC) November 6-7, 2004

2 Possibility Statements The following slides reflect the Possibility Statements Developed at the Leap of Faith conversation – Nov. 6-7, 2003

3 Group 1 – Leap of Faith

4 Group 1 Safety In an educational environment ALL basic needs are met for physical and psychological safety. It is demanded by the community and is a shared responsibility for ensuring violence never happens again. All student identities are known, allowing no unidentified students to interfere with the safety of the educational atmosphere. With a safe environment positive learning explodes.

5 Group 1 Relationship Education is rooted in relationships and positive practices involving all stakeholders. Classrooms are tailored to individual needs. Students develop relationships with educators and community. More people are involved with more students creating more opportunities for more learning for everyone in the community

6 Group 1 Everyone’s Business Every community member sees education as his/her “business” (responsibility). Each gives generously of him/herself and their resources, creating success for ALL scholars, students and our world. NCLB – variations on the No Child Left Behind legislature: - All children leading the way. - Students as partners. - Shaping the reality. - Our eyes, their eyes – Vision!

7 Group 2 – Leap of Faith

8 Group 2 The community of life-long teachers and learners creates a web of generativity, connectivity, and support which results in local and global well-being. The community forms a shared vision for learning All community members take mutual responsibility for the education of everyone Everyone demonstrates a commitment to contribute their best so that everyone benefits.

9 Group 2 The learning process shimmers and vibrates with adventure, fun and excitement and generates energy, exploration and risk taking. - There is a chain of teachers and learning sharing their wealth of resources - Relationships are fostered and celebrated as the center of learning - Conversation self respect and mutual respect meaningful dialog are actively encouraged amongst all. - We are having fun!

10 Group 3

11 Group 3 Value of the 3R’s Reach, Radiate, Reap Our school is a garden of possibilities that radiates the values we hold dearly. We reach toward others to nurture and protect the seed of wisdom. We grow stronger with each storm that not only brings challenges but new possibilities and sustenance. Through our stewardship we model the world we create anew each day.

12 Group 3 Our school has no walls… the community is resource for the school and the school is a resource for the community. We are open 24/7 as a community center. We mine the resources of the community to provide the best learning experiences for each individual student. Teachers are released one day per month to design cross-curricular activities, make community contacts, and build relationships School dollars are allocated to encourage the use of community resources and our school actively pursues alternative funding sources. Students are involved in planning

13 Group 3 At our school we team for success for all. Students, lead learners, and families enthusiastically collaborate to initiate, carry out and celebrate break through learning ventures, enabling all to achieve their dreams. - Encourage students to participate actively in how the school is run - Encourage and support parents and involvement in their child’s education.

14 Group 4

15 Group 4 LETTING THE MUSIC OUT Our learning spaces are centers in communities that draw individuals and families into collaborative relationships through active listening and abandoning our assumptions we celebrate diversity. In these centers you see scholars and lead learners of all ages engaging in lively learning and spontaneous and creative interactions. Laughter, fun and joy are evident in faces and voices of everyone in the learning community. As a result everyone knows where they want to go and what they need to get there.

16 Group 5

17 Group 5 Education that works for all, to create a world that works for all In a fun, trusting environment that feels like home, Students are encouraged to discover and develop their unique gifts and make their unique contributions - Content is used to teach collaboration, learning, research, acceptance, curiosity - School is a community resource and community is a school resource (e.g. Adopt a teacher) - Grading acknowledges what’s right with the student and learning - There is flexibility in curriculum and schedule - Every age talks and interacts with each other and learns together

18 Group 6

19 Group 6 All Students are met Where They Are: Through initiating an appreciative evaluation of his or her strengths. All stakeholders in the student’s future success, including family, are involved on an ongoing basis. We empower our students and guide their learning according to their aptitude, skill levels, abilities, interest, and passions.

20 Group 6 All K-12 schools embrace the GLEAMS concept. This “new” paradigm breaks us out of the past in favor of an entirely new education process that is affirmative. All children and youth are agents of their own learning and inclusive strategies pervade through out the community. Every teacher is a lead learner. Restructuring creates a window of opportunity for us to re-select staff based on their acceptance of our new affirmative paradigm.

21 Group 6 Our teachers are open to change and acknowledge that flux presents opportunities for growth and development and creates an innovative and thriving community when embraced. The impact of this change on our faculty is TREMENDOUS! Teachers have shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect for each other and our students. These things drive our ability to mutually adjust in order to serve the needs of every community member.

22 Group 7

23 Group 7 Student-Centered Teaching and Learning Students are empowered and engaged to become agents of their own teaching and learning everywhere and always. The core of learning for students is discovering their own voices, visions, directions, and potentials. Specific actions we took: - Developed a student-centered culture that involves union, management, students, teachers, budget, and community. - Planned curriculum and assessment that is individualized, experiential and project based. - Trained teachers and students, admin to assume new roles - There is only positive reporting of education and learning in the media

24 Group 7 Learners have equal access to educational opportunities Action taken: - Resources/funding are provided to support innovative educational plans - Individual educational plans are determined by each learner’s ability - Planned linkage and communication with diverse stakeholders - Planning and structure is in place to provide learning opportunities at the time they are needed.

25 Group 7 Collaborative Learning Environments We are providing a collaborative learning environment where everyone has a voice in their future. 1. Planned instructional overlapping includes internal and external staff 2. Monthly interactive programs involve all stakeholders with positive media 3. Design collective responsibility for education and assessment 4. Learning experiences occurring outside the classroom

26 Group 8

27 Group 8 Our schools are characterized by courage. Every single person in the community is 100% at choice and holds themselves fully accountable for their choices. They speak from their hearts, unafraid to take chances and to speak their truths respectfully. Underpinning it all is self-awareness and heart.

28 Group 9

29 Group 9 Possibility Statements

30 Group 9 School buildings are a base for learning; connecting seamlessly to the world as a laboratory for learning. - Students have creative input into the whole school environment that enhances the connection to the outside world - The world is brought into the school and students learn outside of the building - Each school building is safe because the school is a resource for and resourced by the community.

31 Group 9 The learning process is composed of the flow of energy exchange between individuals, groups and systems, embracing the whole person /whole system perspective. Patterns of ENERGY MOVEMENT that promote the learning process as Positive Change are… Freedom and autonomy World as a classroom Learning is directed by individuals, groups & systems all in collaborative relationships Persistence and determination is paramount Everyone supports a culture that accepts mistakes We redesign our perception of time usage Promotes experiences of renewal Views crisis as opportunity

32 Group 9 People are living, learning, and working in relationships - Radiating integrity - Through out - Community - Society and - The world 1. To grow the influence of BAWB (Business as an Agent of World Benefit) and similar initiatives to develop the responsibilities of all stakeholders in education 2. Redefine conversations to center on the integrity of relationships; from the local to the global.

33 Group 10

34 Group 10 Clustered learning for a new generation Students and teachers are invited into a new approach to mutual learning clusters, where engaged lead learners teach relevant topics well. In these clusters, students from diverse backgrounds and places join together for independent and collaborative learning. - With goals to be future leaders - Excellence in academics - Literacy and social literacy

35 Group 10 Community of Relationships As our administrators, teachers and students embrace their roles of teacher and learner to achieve our common goal, we all learn more and work together on mutual grounds. As our administrators, teachers and students seek to know each others’ stories, they become even more energized, and engaged, and their expectations of each other reach the sky. The evidence of learning is changed behavior throughout the whole system.

36 Group 10 Environment As our environment continues to be resource rich, physically and emotionally, it fosters this type of setting: - Positive atmosphere where everyone has a sense of belong - Learning is safe respectful and encouraged - Learning facilities are built in places surrounded by less distractions; peaceful - Mutual trust and respect - Diversity is accepted and celebrated - All students are scholars – who go deeper, all the time - Teachers adjust to students needs, beliefs, values and how they need to be taught - Schools are known as a place where scholars want to go and are welcome

37 The Dream We see in our minds’ eye A dream taking shape It gives us a desire to make All schools become new. Our vision becomes clearer And a web comes into view Linked together is a community Shimmering and vibrating all through. Firemen and executives Street workers and chefs School children and seniors Are caught in the web. Administrative & social reformers Political and faith responders Dance to a new song Creating a tune of joy for all to follow. Administrators & social reformers Political and faith responders Dance to a new song Creating a time of joy for all to follow. Teachers and learners both we have become Sharing vision and caring for tomorrow Shaping our youth and us for all to follow Into a future created for all.

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