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September 26 Seminar Insurance Institute of Harare.

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1 September 26 Seminar Insurance Institute of Harare

2 Purpose of the Seminar 5 2 3 1 4 1.Create a relationship between the university and the insurance industry 2.Bridge the gap between theory and practice 3. Raise student’s awareness regards the existence of industry bodies’ existence and their roles esp. IIH 4.Raise level of awareness on career paths students can follow through upon graduating 5.Find out what students expect from the industry and structure strategy in that line

3 Topics to be covered Over view of the Insurance Industry in Zimbabwe Career Guidance in the insurance industry Industry’s expectation from students Regulation of Insurance Industry

4 Name: Mr Alson Nhari Designation: - Insurance Institute of Harare President - Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe Board Member - Portfolio Manager at Alexander Forbes Risk Services Experience:5 Years risk advisory & broking (Minerva & A Forbes) Qualification : - B. Comm (Hon) Risk Mngt & Insurance (NUST) - Master of Science in Strategic Mngt (CUT) - Associate of the Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe - Diploma in Insurance (IIZ) Name: Mr Christopher Tapererwa Designation: Business Analyst & International Operations at Nicoz Diamond Experience : 9 Years working experience of business analysis and modelling, enterprise risk management, strategic management and QMS ISO 9001:2008 lead auditing Qualification : - MBA (UZ) - MSc Risk Management & Insurance (NUST) - B. Comm Actuarial Science (NUST) - Advanced Diploma in IT - Certificate in QMS ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditing Name:Mr Murairo Ndemo Designation: - Account Advisor at Minerva Risk Advisors - Board Member IIH - Education Officer IIH Experience : 3 Years Broking & Reinsurance (Baobab Re, Marsh, & Minerva Qualification : -B.Comm Risk Management & Insurance (NUST) - Diploma in Insurance (CII, UK) - Associate Member of CII, UK (intermediate) Seminar Facilitators

5 To promote good feeling and friendly relations amongst members of the Insurance Industry. To encourage the dissemination of business knowledge and the inculcation of sound Insurance practice by the reading and discussion of papers. To promote and organize meetings, discussions and social activities for the benefit and interest of members. To provide facilities for the instruction of students in Insurance knowledge and to assist in the holding of recognized examinations. To encourage and foster high ethical standards throughout the Insurance Industry. To offer prizes to successful students of the recognized examinations To affiliate to or associate with such bodies as may be deemed beneficial to the interest of the Institute. To do such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them INSURANCE INSTITUTE OF HARARE MEMBERSHIP Those employed in the Insurance industry. Insurance Students (MSU, IIZ, IISA, CII)

6 Insurance Institute of BulawayoChattered Insurance Institute UKInsurance Institute of Zimbabwe OUR SISTER & AFFILIATE ORGANISATIONS

7 About Zimbabwe’s Insurance Industry

8 Medical Insurance & Funeral Assurance

9 Career Options Agent / Broker Underwriter /Claims Processor Loss adjuster/Assessor Risk Engineer Financial Risk Manager Actuary

10 Road Map Industry Expectations  Bridging the gap between theory and practice  Bringing innovation  Hard work and commitment  Personal Branding  Professional Courses and Short Courses Attachment Student - Companies to approach  Broking Firms  Insurance Firms (short term and life)  Reinsurance Firms  Funeral Assurance  Medical Aid houses  Financial Institutional  Manufacturing Firms  Pension Fund administrators

11 Commissioner of insurance... suggestion on what IIH should do for MSU Qualification to be a risk engineer # of short term insurers in Zim Any one objective of IIH

12 Question & Answer

13 Thank You Thank You

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