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Franchisee Offer for those who are wellness savvy & seeking Great Business Opportunity.

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2 Franchisee Offer for those who are wellness savvy & seeking Great Business Opportunity

3 ABOUT KEVA  We are an innovative and technology driven wellness products and services company with global operations.  Leading brand in Healthcare & Wellness Sector  We operate in more than 60 countries world wide.  With our strong vision and able leadership, we are committed to good health, happiness and lifestyle of our valued customers with a wide range of well-researched products and innovative services.  Currently having 20 Exclusive Franchisee all over India

4 ABOUT COMPANY CEO Dr. KARAN GOEL (B.Sc., B.A.M.S, M.D - Naturopathy) o Recently Dr. Goel was conferred the ‘Distinguished Services Award’ by Her Excellency Ms Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Hon. President of India, in President House, for outstanding contribution in the field of Cardiology. Dr. Karan Goel

5 Community Services Honorable Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living inaugurated the charitable Shiva Temple in association with Keva Industries.

6 VISION We will create one of the largest global community of successful self employed Entrepreneurs who are in total control of their health, wealth and Happiness. We will help our Entrepreneurs achieve success through a structured strategic planning process, a range of well researched wellbeing products, practical marketing and selling tools, personal development, world class technology and customer management software. We will ensure that our customers are able to make Informed decisions on the appropriate products for their good health and happiness

7 Wellness as an Industry Wellness is considered to be the positive component of good health which reflects how one feels as well as one’s ability to function effectively. The Wellness industry has emerged as one of the most challenging sectors as well as one of the largest service sector industries in India with an estimated revenue of US$35 billion; it constitutes 5.2% of India’s GDP and employs 4 million people. The Indian health & wellness industry is expected to grow at 15% per annum to US$78.6 billion, reaching 6.1% of GDP and employing 9 million people by 2014.

8 HOW A FRANCHISEE MODEL WORKS ? Franchisee Benefits Exclusive Franchise for Keva Products & services throughout the city Up to 10% Return on Investment (ROI) Means monthly profit up to Rs.50000/- on sale of Rs.5 Lacs. Will enjoy 20% discount on MRP of each products.

9 (50ml Keva Ancient Mineral Drops)MRP: Rs. 715/- Distributor Price: Rs. 595/- PROFIT- Rs. 120/- per 50 ml KAMD bottle Example: If you are retailing 40 Bottles a week, Retail Margin:40 X 120 = Rs. 4800/- Free Bottle: 10 X 715 = Rs. 7150/- Uni-Level Income of your Personal Repurchase : 40 X 15 = Rs. 600/- RETAILING PROFIT on 40+10(50ml) = 4800+7150+600 = Rs 12550/- You can earn up to 44% by retailing each set of 40+10 KAMD 50ml If you Retail 40 Bottles every week, you can earn Rs.12550 X 4 = Rs. 50200/- Per Month as Retail Profit RETAIL MARGIN

10 Requirements for a Franchisee  Owned or a Rented Space of at least 200 sq ft.  Monthly Investment Capacity of Rs 5,00,000. In which World class Products worth Rs.5 Lacs will be provided from company at Distributor Price.

11 Support Provided by the Company  Complete set of marketing tools will be given free like:  Brochure  Banner  Poster  Catalogues  Full Support will be provided by the company Business Seminars,, Product Training, Health Awareness Camps, different training programs to be organized from time to time,.

12 Indirect Benefits of Associating as Exclusive Keva Franchisee Blessings from People for providing health & happiness Noble Deed for Society Fruitful relations with Naturopathy Doctors, Nursing homes & Clinics. Will give you great respect & honor in the area

13 Future Projections: Planning to open 500 Exclusive Franchisee by 2014 end.

14 Contact: KEVA INDUSTRIES AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Web: Proud Member Of:

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