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Organization & Administration of Physical Education By Miss T.

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1 Organization & Administration of Physical Education By Miss T.

2 Research Project Current Issue in Athletics or Physical Education Administration Problem related to Athletics or Physical Education

3 Research Process Select & Focus your Topic Prepare a preliminary Outline Select Search Terms Get an Overview of our Topic Identify appropriate Research Tools Use Sources to Find more Sources Evaluate Sources

4 Research Guides Research Guides & Tutorials  –General Research Guides  Research Worksheet Evaluating Resources –Topical Research Guides  Liberal Studies Physical Education (to view this slide presentation) –Copyright Information  Copyright for Higher Education

5 Strategic Planning GeneralSpecific Focus your Topic Prepare an outline Ephesians 5:15-16 Select Search Terms

6 Selecting Search Terms Synonyms – Thesaurus –Visual Thesaurus –Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors LC Subject headings, descriptors, keywords OED Online – definitions, etymology (Oxford English Dictionary)

7 Selecting Search Terms Broader/narrower/related terms Professional jargon, colloquialisms Persons, places, events Variant endings, Variable spellings (British cf. Colonial English)

8 LC Subject Headings



11 Research Process Get an Overview Use Every Source To Find Other Sources Identify Available Research Tools

12 Get an Overview Answer who, what, when, where, why Major divisions, common approaches, topical boundaries Larger discipline; Parameters defined Bibliography of standards works, recognized authors Ready made outline Increased comprehension

13 Overview Materials = Reference



16 Access eBooks - “Online Resource:”

17 Access E-Books MasterNet id/password –Xrefer –Oxford Reference Online NetLibrary (while on campus) – “Create a free account” Special password: (See John Stone or Miss T.) –Puritan Bookshelf

18 From Campus:

19 Identifying Resources

20 OPAC Help

21 Databases/Indexes Page


23 Examine Database/Index Information icons, Help menus, “About” links Drop down menus Search Options, Limiting Features Topic Guide, Browse Index Publications/Source List

24 Other Sources Anthologies, Multi-author works, Monographs, Essays, Audio-Video materials, Web sites –OPAC –Databases, Indexes –WorldCat Periodical Articles, Theses, Dissertations, Professional Conference Proceedings, Organizational Proceedings, Personal Interviews –Indexes, Database –WorldCat

25 Databases/ Indexes Physical Education Index –P–Print available in library’s Periodical Indexes Section –O–Online Trial access available until March (CSA)

26 Physical Education Index (CSA)




30 BOOLEAN OPERATORS AND - Narrows the search - Can be thought of as BOTH - Requires that both terms be in the results - Used for combining differing concepts Physical AND Education the INTERSECTION of two sets -Sometimes referred to as “All of these” Physical Education

31 BOOLEAN OPERATORS OR - Broadens the search - Used to find one term OR another - Can be thought of as EITHER - Used to search synonymous/closely related terms Physical OR Education the UNION of two sets -Sometimes referred to as “Any of these” Education Physical

32 Education Physi cal BOOLEAN OPERATORS NOT -Narrows a search -Used to eliminate records -Exercise extreme caution; needed concepts may be eliminated unintentionally Physical Physical NOT Education Null Set

33 Applied Boolean AND Phrases –Narrow form of AND –Double quotes = Typical command used to indicate a phrase “” “physical education” “sports medicine”

34 Applied Boolean AND PROXIMITY: NEAR or WITHIN –NEAR / WITHIN is a restrictive AND –designates the closeness of terms within a source document –Designates the number of words by which search terms can be separated

35 w/n: within the same document where n = the maximum number of words that can come between them physical w/1 education Applied Boolean AND PROXIMITY: NEAR or WITHIN w/s: within the same sentence w/p: within the same paragraph Pre/n before the term where n=designated number physical education physical pre/1 education

36 Applied Boolean OR Truncation/Stemming -plurals -variant endings: ed, es, ing; banks, banking, bankruptcy -variant spelling: women/woman; color/colour; encyclopedia/encyclopaedia; judgment/judgement Typical commands used * ? + # ! Synonyms –Default On/Off –work, job, career, –thought, think, cogitate

37 Research Process Continued Get an Overview Identifying Available Research Tools: find articles using –Periodical Holdings –Journal Linker –Interlibrary Loan Use Sources to find Other Sources

38 Databases/ Indexes ERIC – FirstSearch Essay & General Literature Index (FirstSearch) Arts & Humanities Citation Index (FirstSearch)

39 ECO – pay per view

40 Cited References

41 Databases/ Indexes SIRS Researcher (FirstSearch) Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center (OVRC) Proquest Research Library Academic Search Premier

42 Business Source Premier Lexis/Nexis – Business News ABI Inform (FirstSearch) Business Management (FirstSearch) Alternative Press Index (FirstSearch) Alternative Press Index Archive (FirstSearch) Databases/ Indexes

43 Additional Research Tools Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Philosopher’s Index (CSA) WorldCat - FirstSearch

44 Additional Research Tools Search Engines –search the public Internet by keyword Subject Directories –search the public Internet by subject category –Computer generated viz a viz compiled by human experts Portals –gateway to selected Websites

45 Intelligent Searching Use specialized scholarly subject directories: BUBL link ( Digital Librarian ( INFOMINE ( Librarian’s Index to the Internet ( (public library audience) Scout Report (

46 Additional Research Tools Google Scholar ( –peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles –from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations

47 Use Every Source To Find Other Sources Authors Titles Subject Headings Call Numbers Jargon Persons Places Events Bibliographies Outlines Descriptors

48 Series: Application: Using Sources

49 Evaluating Resources Authority Authenticity Accuracy Applicability Library Web site  Research Guides & Tutorials  General Research Guides  *Evaluating Resources *Web Page Evaluation Worksheet

50 Summary of the Research Process How: Focus Topic List Terminology Get an Overview Identify Research Tools Use Sources to Find Other Sources Evaluate Sources

51 Summary of the Research Process Where: OPAC – Books, Audio-Videos, etc. Indexes – Periodical Articles Databases – theses, dissertations, multi- author works, essays, news, proceedings, etc. Subject Directories – Reputable Web sites Use Sources to Find Other Sources

52 Find Articles and other resources Periodical Holdings –Journals held by the library Journal Linker –Full-text Articles in other databases –Journals held by the library Interlibrary Loan –Articles obtained from other libraries –Books and other resources obtained from other libraries

53 Periodical Holdings





58 Business & Economic : Management Styles & Communication; Management Theory Health Sciences – Medicine – Sports Medicine Social Sciences – Recreation & Sports

59 Journal Linker


61 Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

62 Check OPAC & Periodical Holdings before ordering ILL!!!!!

63 Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Check OPAC & Journal Linker before ordering ILL!!!!!

64 Help with Writing & Citing For books, Web sites, manuals and help finding more information on how to do research, write papers and cite sources: Library Web site  Research Guides & Tutorials  General Research Guides  Writing & Citing

65 Copyright: Purpose Nature Amount Effect Research Guides & Tutorials  Copyright Information  Fair Use Checklist Educational Fair Use

66 Copyright: Educational Fair Use Additional Handouts cprtindx.htm Research Guides & Tutorials  Copyright Information

67 Internet Searching Search Intelligently Evaluate all Web sites Use Subject Directories created by specialists Check Domain Names

68 Intelligent Searching Use specialized scholarly directory services: Google Scholar ( BUBL link ( Digital Libarian ( INFOMINE ( Librarian’s Index to the Internet ( (public library audience)

69 Process – Internet Searching indInfo.html HOW TO:

70 Process Evaluate sources nternet/Evaluate.html

71 Intelligent Searching A ~”name” reflects a personal site representing a personal viewpoint Clues of Caution… in the URL: typically provides biased information

72 Intelligent Searching …on the site itself: Comic or incendiary language Lack of citation or authority Lack of currency Bias towards audience, or slant of information; positive without the negative; one sided

73 Intelligent Searching Check domain names with a registry agency: InterNIC What are domain names: names/background/domainnames.html Search Smart: Check underlying pages, top level pages, and links

74 Look up the domain registry at these registry agencies:,.edu,.net,.org : bin/whois/whois (U.S. government) : For American Registry for Internet Numbers: For Asian-Pacific : For European : The rest of the world:

75 Intelligent Searching Does it have the HON seal: Health on the Net foundation Visit web sites that post hoaxes Professional associations

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