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Welcome to S.1 Parents’ Briefing Session

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1 Welcome to S.1 Parents’ Briefing Session
中一家長會 歡迎!

2 Principal Mrs. Grace Tam

3 Aims To know our School, the teachers, the curriculum as well as the discipline & guidance system To reinforce the communication between parents and the School

4 School Management Committee
Chairman School Management Committee Mr. Eddie Lei 利國傑主席

5 Supervisor Ms. Julia Chan 陳怡德校監

6 Principal : Mrs. Grace Tam 譚張潔凝校長 Vice-Principal (Academic) : Ms. Catherina Cheng 鄭慕賢副校長 Vice-Principal (Non-academic) : Ms. Lo Siu Yin 盧小燕副校長 Vice-Principal (Primary & OLE) : Ms. Lee Lan Yuen李蘭苑副校長

7 Mr. Mak Ho Tai Mr. Pang Chi Yuen 麥浩泰學務統籌主任 彭志遠學生發展統籌主任
Academic Affairs Coordinator : Mr. Mak Ho Tai 麥浩泰學務統籌主任 Student Development Affairs Coordinator : Mr. Pang Chi Yuen 彭志遠學生發展統籌主任

8 Class Teachers 黃麗娟 馮漢輝 譚康妮 呂保庭 陳嘉恩 張振東 衛茼 Gp 1 Ms. Wong Lai Kuen
(Leadership & Life Education) Mr. Fung Hon Fai 馮漢輝 (Chinese) Gp 2 Ms. Tam Hong Ni 譚康妮 Mr. Lui Po Ting 呂保庭 (Mathematics) Gp 3 Ms. Chan Ka Yan 陳嘉恩 (Integrated Science, Mathematics) Mr. Cheung Chun Tung 張振東 Gp 4 Ms. Wai Tung Sheila 衛茼 (English) Mr. Nicholas Dawes

9 Other S.1 Teachers Ms. Kwan Sin Man Head of Commercial Subjects
Mr. Anthony Adames Head of Modern Languages Ms. Wong Siu Mei Head of English Language Mr. Yiu Yu Kei Head of Physical Education Mr. Alfred Lau English Stage II Coordinator Ms. Foo Tat Chun Chemistry Coordinator Ms. Jenny Kwan Integrated Science Coordinator Mr. Leung Chung Yu Religious Studies Coordinator Ms. Lie Nga Kam Asst. Head of Chinese Language

10 Other S.1 Teachers Mr. Au Yick Ho Chinese Ms. Chan Lai Wa
Ms. Chan Po Yee Chinese as 2nd Language Ms. Chan Wing Ki Liberal Studies Mr. Cheng Wai Lun Physical Education Ms. Cheung Chau Ling Mr. Cheung Kwok On I. & C. T. Ms. Chu Hiu Man Ms Ho Wing Yin Japanese

11 Other S.1 Teachers Ms. Kwok Ada Pui Man French Ms. Lai Pui Ki
Mathematics Mr. Lau Shek Yin Music Ms. Leonard Rachel English and French Ms. Leung Yi Kwan Japanese Ms. Lo Lok Yan English and Leadership & Life Education Mr. Wong Alan English Oral Mr. Yuen Pak Kei Liberal Studies Ms. Zamora Angelica De Lavergne Spanish

12 Other Supports Social Worker: HK Children & Youth Services
Ms. Kwok Ka Wai Registered Nurses: A.M. Ms. To P.M. Ms. Cheung Community Resources & Other Professionals

13 3 Major Concerns (2010 – 2013) 1. Positive Learning Attitude 積極學習
2. Better Communication 善於溝通 3. Develop Students’ Potentials 盡展潛能

14 Caring Enthusiastic Positive All-rounded Children Classes Whole School
Parents Teachers Management Common Objectives Caring Enthusiastic Positive All-rounded

15 Primary  Secondary Parents’ Opinion  Personal Identity
(Conflicts may arise) Dependent  Independent & Responsible Individuals (Guidance is needed) Physical Needs  Psychological Needs (Love & Care is the solution) CMI  EMI (Some students need to overcome a painful period)

16 Emphasis on Languages English will be taught by Native English Teachers. Chinese is taught in Putonghua. Students can choose between French & Chinese as a second language. Students must choose one more language from Japanese, French & Spanish Voluntary PTH class on Saturdays English / French / Spanish / Japanese / PTH Educational Tours

17 Teacher : Student Ratio
Our School EDB Reference Secondary 1 : 13 1 : 22

18 Joint-School Activities
26/10 & 1/11 Annual Athletics Meet Dec. “The Power of Love” Charity Show To raise funds for two non-profit charitable organizations: Little Sisters of the Poor & St. Margaret’s Educational Organization Bursary Fund

19 Parent-Teacher Association
(PTA) According to the Constitution, all parents are members. AGM : 25 September (Sat. p.m.) Please spare your time to come and join the activities.

20 Communication Two Parent-Teacher Sessions:
15 October 2010 (5:30 – 8:30 pm) 1 April 2011 (5:30 – 8:30 pm) Parents’ Day (After 1st Examination): 9 January 2011 (Sunday)

21 Communication You are always welcome to talk to us. Handbook
Telephone Letters Internet, s Interview by Appointment Class Teachers Subject Teachers Co-ordinators Vice-principals Principal You are always welcome to talk to us.

22 Thank You

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