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A Presentation on Issues Related to the production & Coverage of 2010 Commonwealth Games Kulbhushan Bhatia Secy. General Anil Kumar.S Chairman NFADE National.

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1 A Presentation on Issues Related to the production & Coverage of 2010 Commonwealth Games Kulbhushan Bhatia Secy. General Anil Kumar.S Chairman NFADE National Federation of Akashwani & Doordarshan Employees

2 Depriving Doordarshan – the Host Broadcaster- of production & coverage of 2010 Commonwealth games

3 Prasar Bharati has invited Expression of Interest – Global Tender- for the production & coverage of commonwealth games to be held at Delhi in October 2010. The excuse given in various fora are that :  Doordarshan does not have the High definition television (HDTV) technology,  Employees are not capable to operate the system in HDTV and  Doordarshan doesn’t have Programmers of international Standards.

4 Doordarshan –Asiad 1982 to Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 The history..

5 It is a well known fact that when Doordarshan was entrusted with the job of the covering the 1982 Asian games, that too in colour transmission, it was in its childhood. Though Doordarshan started its service in India in the year 1959, it was running with skeleton service in black & while till Asiad 1982. The staff who were familiar with audio broadcasting took the challenge and proved their worth with very good coverage, even though it was totally a new system- not only technology but the whole concept.

6 Thereafter the same Doordarshan proved its broadcasting capability for the last 27 years with countless events of National & International importance such as : Independence Day, Republic Day, NAM Summit, CHOGM Meet, National Games, SAF Games, Afro - Asian Games, Olympics, Asiads, Military Games at Hyderabad, Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 etc..etc.

7 Prasar Bharati Management made its efforts to outsource 7 out 8 events of the Commonwealth Youth Games. After the intervention of the then Hon’ble Minister & Secretary for I&B it was finally granted to Doordarshan. We provided a flawless coverage of International Standards, even though the decision for the same was taken at the last minute.

8 Change in Technology (HDTV)

9 It is told repeatedly by the Prasar Bharati Management in various platforms that Doordarshan is not capable of HDTV coverage. As on today we don’t have the equipments for the production and coverage of the Games in HDTV format. But, as per our information no other TV broadcaster in India is different in this matter.

10 Financial Implications: It is learnt from one of the well known manufacturer of HDTV system that one full unit ( OB- Outside Broadcast- van with 8 cameras, mixer, supporting equipments along with converter for Standard Definition-SDTV) will cost upto Rs.18 crores only. If we procure 20 units ( total places of events is 17 – 12competitive and 5 places non competitive events) the total cost will be Rs.360 Crores only. It has already been announced by Ministry of I&B that Rs.430 Crores is ear marked for Prasar Bharati for the preparation for coverage of Commonwealth Games.

11 Doordarshan can take a lead for future in India:

12 DD – Future: It is a golden oppurtunity for the National & Public Service Broadcaster to procure the HDTV System for the longer interest, as HDTV will be the system to be followed for another 10-15 years to come. These units, after the commonwealth games, can be deployed at 20 major Doordarshan Kendras (preferably metros and State capitals) for the production and coverage of HDTV programmes. This will boost the conversion to the HDTV transmission in the country. It is worthwhile to note that Doordarshan will probably be the only Broadcaster to own HDTV system and thereby will be in position to earn a very good revenue from these units for the years to come. It will give an upper hand to the National Broadcaster of the country & a source of immense revenue.

13 Expertise to operate the system:

14 There is not much difference in the operation and maintenance of the camera and other equipments, as the HDTV equipments are similar to the SDTV (existing) ones with some added facilities like super slow motion technology and some more colour mixing facilities. The employees can adapt to these additional facilities with a workshop/training for 7-10 days.

15 System with other broadcasters:

16 As per the information available with us, the private broadcasters worldwide do not maintain such large number of units, instead, they pool from different agencies for such coverage's. This is basically because they are depending on one or two production houses whereas Doordarshan have 66 production centres so that we can deploy these equipments at various DDKs even after the Commonwealth Games.

17 Programmers of international standard:

18 It is argued repeatedly by the management that Doordarshan doesn’t have the programmers of international standards. It is a blind allegation to justify the global tender as the reality proves the other way. We have provided international feeds for a number of coverage's including the Military Games held at Hyderabad and Commonwealth Youth games held at Pune in the year 2008. Broadcasters worldwide appreciated our programme standards in all these coverage's. It may kindly be noted that there is no change in international standards when the technology is changing from one mode to another mode.

19 Time needed for procurement The normal procedure to procure the equipment in normal system will take one year as the details given below. However the time lag can be reduced by sincere efforts. Where there is a will there is a way.

20 Time needed for various procedures Time for preparation of Specifications: 1 month Notice Inviting Tenders(by DAVP): 15 Days Submission of Tenders: 2 months Technical Evaluation: 45 Days Opening of Commercial Bids/ Making : 3 months proposals/Concurrence by Finance/ : including Approval of Competent Authority : approval by : Ministry. Placement of Order & Delivery of : 4 months Equipment Note: the specifications & other formalities has already been prepared by O/o DG:DD during last year.

21 Move to declare DD employees redundant

22 All of sudden it was decided that 38000 workforce working in more than 1800 stations throughout the country are worthless to cover this event. It may kindly be noted that if the Prasar Bharati Management is putting a tag on the employees of AIR & Doordarshan, who are working across the length and breadth of the country in the interest of the Nation, are incapable of the production and coverage of the proud event, then these employees will prove their incompetence by NOT transmitting someone else’s baby.

23 We are confident that your kind intervention will make the difference and help grant the production and coverage of commonwealth Games 2010 to the Host Broadcaster, Doordarshan & All India Radio.


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