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Taking Flight… Making the Transition to High School.

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1 Taking Flight… Making the Transition to High School

2 Purpose of the Orientation To provide information about : The importance of the 8 th grade year The graduation requirements High School options within Wake County

3 High School Graduation Requirements English I,II,III,IV 4 Math 4 Science 3 Social Studies 4 Healthful Living 1 10 Total Electives: Subject electives: 2 Electives (from CTE, Arts or Foreign Language) and 4 “Concentration” Electives = 6 4 Electives from any area. 4 Total Credits 26

4 English – 4 Credits English I, II, III, & IV

5 Math – 4 Credits Common Core Math I (i.e, formerly Algebra I) Common Core II (i.e., Geometry) Algebra II (will be called Common Core III in 2014- 15 academic year) and a 4 th Math Course to be aligned with the student's post high school plans (example: Advanced Functions and Modeling, Honors Pre-Calculus, Discrete Math, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB & BC). It is recommended by colleges for a student to take a math class in the senior year. In the rare instance a student is unable to complete the math requirements, upon principal approval, they may be exempt (see your high school’s Program Guide).

6 Social Studies – 4 Credits -World History -American History I -American History II -Civics and Economics If a student is taking Paideia, World History, the Social Studies for 9 th grade, will be combined with the English class, as a yearlong class.

7 Science – 3 Credits Earth Science/A.P. Environmental Science Biology or Hon. Biology (paired with Common Core II, i.e., Hon. Geometry) Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics, etc.)

8 Health and Physical Education – 1 Credit We highly recommend it be completed during freshman year!

9 Foreign Language Foreign Language is generally not recommended for 9 th graders unless continuing the language from middle school. Spanish, French, German, Latin Language course offerings vary from school to school!

10 End of Course (EOC) Requirements Students must achieve a level 4 or 5 for proficiency End of Course Exams (EOCs) in:  Biology  Common Core Math 1 or 1B  English 2  EOC exams count as 25% of the final course grade!  Career & Technical Education Courses count as 20% Of the final course grade!

11 It All Starts with Recommendations… The eighth grade teachers will make ninth grade course recommendations

12 The School’s Foundation The 3 “Rs” Rigor Relevance & Relationships

13 Rigor, Relevance & Relationships Preparing Students for the 21 st Century  Rigor:  Delivery of the highest level of quality of teaching and student learning  Utilizes challenging and innovative instruction such as critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills to promote academic success  Relevance:  The application of what is learned and how it applies and relates to the real world  Provides students with a variety of opportunities for persuasive discussion  Internships/apprenticeships and community service  Relationships:  Utilizes collaboration and communication skills to create an environment that engages in healthy and productive relationships with teachers, peers and administrators  Promotes academic and personal success and good citizenship

14 The High School Transcript The 9 th grade year is extremely important:  Every course taken in high school (passed or failed) will appear on the student’s transcript and is used to calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA)  The GPA is a critical component in the college admission process  Course selection and the level of difficulty is also heavily considered for college admission  The GPA, entrance exams and other criteria are the primary indicators of scholarship offers

15 High School Lingo PowerSchool Number—Student identification number Blackboard—Website allowing parents and students access to class assignments and syllabi VoCATS—State-mandated final exams for CTE courses NCVPS—North Carolina Virtual Public School, online courses available to students enrolled in NC public schools NCAA Clearinghouse—National Collegiate Athletic Association, student athletes must register with this organization in order to participate in varsity college sports, see Athletic Director or coach for more information NHS—National Honor Society, organization for academically successful students SAP—Student Assistance Program counselor, works with all students ACT—American College Testing, another admissions assessment accepted at almost all colleges and universities IB—International Baccalaureate, advanced academic program available at some Wake County high schools Three EOC’s students must pass in order to graduate (Common Core Math I, Biology, English II) FRC—Future Ready Core, NC graduation requirements for students entering high school in 2009- 2010 and beyond CDC—Career Development Coordinator, coordinates career development activities for the entire high school

16 Clubs & Organizations Get Involved! Spanish Beta Club National Honor Society Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student Government Association PTSA FFA ETC

17 Get Involved Science Club Yearbook Drama Step Team Fashion Club Marching Band ROTC Team Sports

18 Driver Education Students may take Driver Education at 14.5 years of age To be eligible to obtain a Driver’s Permit or maintain driving privileges, student must pass 3/4 (75%) of their classes each semester Only juniors and seniors are eligible to drive to school and they must meet the guidelines of the school

19 So… What Are Your Choices Millbrook Sanderson Leesville Panther Creek Broughton Enloe SouthEast Raleigh

20 And……Wake County’s Early Colleges And Leadership Academies Wake Early College of Health and Sciences Wake NC State STEM Early College High School Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy Vernon Malone College and Career Academy

21 Wake Early College of Health and Sciences WTCC Health Science Campus Health Education Building 2901 Holston Lane, Raleigh NC 27610

22 Unique Features of WECHS Wake Early College of Health and Sciences (WECHS) is a magnet school focused on health and sciences. WECHS features a partnership among the Wake County Public School System, Wake Technical Community College, and WakeMed Health and Hospitals. The school is located on the Wake Tech Health Sciences and Northern Campuses. WECHS students have the opportunity to graduate in five years with a high school diploma and an Associates of Arts (AA), Associates of Science (AS), transferable diploma in science or arts, or a health science certificate. College credits completed while enrolled in the school are tuition-free and are transferable to one of North Carolina’s sixteen public universities.

23 Wake NC State STEM Early College High School Five year program earn your high school diploma and earn college credits that can transfer to other colleges or universities 715 Barbour Dr. Raleigh, NC 27603

24 What is STEM? Science Technology Engineering and Math Physics Robotics Engineering Food Science Biotechnology Aerospace Chemistry Forensic Science Veterinary Science Biomechanics Meteorology

25 A Unique Focus

26 Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy 303 Ashe Ave Raleigh, NC 27606

27 WYWLA Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy (WYWLA) is a 6-12 single-gender academy Young women are inspired to lead and to learn as they travel a path to academic and personal excellence.

28 Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy 567 E. Hargett St. Raleigh, NC 27601

29 WYMLA (WYMLA) is a 6-12 single-gender academy WYMLA’s mission is to develop young men into leaders who have a positive impact on their communities through Scholarship, Service, and Success.

30 Magnet & Application Schools’ Fair When: Saturday, November 1, 2014 Where: Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School Time: 9am - 12 noon The magnet application period will be January 26 - February 6, 2015

31 Open House and Application Deadlines Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy Open House Nov. 4 th Deadline:Early December Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy Open House: Nov. 13 Deadline:Early December NC STEM Open House: November 4 th Deadline:Early December

32 Open House and Application Deadlines Wake Early College of Health and Sciences Open House Nov. 4 th Deadline:Early December Vernon Malone College and Career Academy Open House Nov. 4 Deadline: Early December

33 Enloe High School School Tours November 6, November 20, December 4, December 18, January 8, January 15, January 29, and February 6 Tours begin at 8:15, parents should arrive no later than 8:10. Tours will run from 8:15-9:25..

34 Southeast Raleigh High School School Tours October 23 November 6 Tours will begin at 8:00 am Open House Dates November 13 January 27 6pm – 8pm

35 To Be continued….. Part 2… “Let’s SOAR” When: TBD Time: 6:00

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