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Report from EHS/EES (Liberia) to the 14 th. Annual Convention Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

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1 Report from EHS/EES (Liberia) to the 14 th. Annual Convention Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

2 BACKGROUND Our Organization, as it exists in Liberia today, is finally on a path of constructive collective engagement that is yielding results and positive benefits that are essential, as we continue on this journey of reconstructing our beloved institutions of learning in Robertsport, Grand Capemount County. Our challenges, while numerous, are not insurmountable. We have regularized our status as a non-profit association, conducted our elections, and are on the path of conducting our affairs in a manner that is representative of focused and principled alumni. Our collective resolve to continue our collaboration as “One EHS/EES Alumni Association” was prudent and wise; we are already benefiting from this collaboration and bond. We thank you.

3 Homecoming 2012 On June 30, 2012 we congregated in Robertsport with friends, donors, and the local community to hold an historic Homecoming and fundraising event under the theme “Restoring Quality.” This event was extremely successful. Total collections and contributions were: Lonestar Communications Foundation$50,000 Emanuel Shaw Foundation$25,000 Cash + checks$ 1,826 Pledges$ 3,420 Total$80,246 Contributions/grants from LoneStar Foundation and Shaw foundation are earmarked specifically for construction projects; there will be no cash deposits. Modalities for accessing funds for specific projects are being worked out. The funds are guaranteed.





8 EHS 2012 Graduation All seniors passed WAEC Exams Five students graduated




12 STAFFING AND SALARIES Our subsidy to salaries for teachers and staff at both EHS and EES continues to fill a critical void; this must be continued. Without our teachers and staff, our mission and vision will not be realized. It is clear that the Diocese is experiencing severe financial difficulties, and is counting on us to continue to fill this gap. Current staffing: EES13 EHS15 Total28

13 RECONSTRUCTION Our reconstruction initiatives have been sparse. While we have completed a few projects, we must now double our efforts to begin robust reconstruction projects with the funding that has been secured from our donors. Additionally, we must continue to explore every avenue in the world to bring attention to the importance of the institutions while indicating the need for additional funding for our work. The reconstruction initiatives will be capital intensive, and will require the collective participation from all members, regardless of our geographical locations.

14 PROJECTS COMPLETED Travis Building Before

15 Travis Building After


17 CCB Chemistry Lab Before

18 CCB Chemistry lab Before

19 CCB Chemistry Lab After



22 Classroom Ceiling


24 Brunot Hall Roof



27 EES Roof

28 Douglas Muir Printing Press Conversion to Computer Lab

29 Boss Washington Maintenance Shop for Storage




33 Hydro and Solar for Power Generation (Point 4 Reservoir)



36 Campus Security for St. John’s & House of Bethany The need for security on both campuses is critical, especially with the commencement of shipment of equipment and supplies. Details are being worked out with regard to staffing, training, equipment, and funding. We will present the findings, and look forward to implementation with your collaboration.

37 EHS/EES BOARD OF DIRECTORS  May 2, 2012– Meeting of Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Liberia, Episcopal Diocese Boards of Education and Trustees, the Minister of Education, and members of EHS/EES Alumni Association.  1. The proposal to accept funding/assistance from GOL to rehabilitate the facilities at both St. Johns' and Bethany campuses is accepted in principle by all parties. An MOU will be developed with the guidance of Counselor Varney Sherman (assisted by Muana Ville).  2, The general consensus is that the Alumni Association of EHS/EES does not "take over" the administration of the schools, but that a dedicated Board of Trustees is selected and approved by the Diocese to oversee all aspects of the running of the schools; the Board members have been selected. The establishment of the Board will be formalized in a document and authenticated by the Diocese. An MOU will be developed with the guidance of Counselor Varney Sherman (assisted by Muana Ville).

38 EHS/EES BOARD OF DIRECTORS  3. Gyude Bryant's suggestion to temporarily suspend activities at the the High School while placing more emphasis on the Elementary School was not generally accepted.  4. Rehabilitation of all facilities should be carried out in phases.  Members of the Board: Dr. Eugene H. Shannon Chairman Dr. Emmet DennisVice Chairman Mrs. Dabah VarpilahSecretary Mr. Ernest BruceTreasurer Ms. Elizabeth DempsterChaplain Hon. Etmonia TarpehMember (GOL) Cllr. Varney ShermanMember

39 EHS/EES BOARD OF DIRECTORS  Members of the Board cont’d: Hon. Emanuel ShawMember Mr. Abel MassalleeMember Mrs. Joanna Paasewe HillMember Hon. Gyude BryantMember Mr. Anthony DelineEx. Officio Mr. Mohammed PaaseweEx. Officio Dr. Vu GolakaiMember Dr. Jabaru CarlonMember  EHS/EES U.S. Chapter’s representation is needed on the Board.

40 SUMMARY We have entered a new phase in the development of our Association. Liberia has also entered a new phase of development and reconstruction. The Government and people have come to realize the critical role that boarding schools have played in the development of Liberia, and the consensus is that boarding schools should, and must be reactivated; even with the assistance of Government. While we began our reconstruction efforts prior to this general consensus, we must now double our efforts to take advantage of every available opportunity to ensure the realization of our Mission and Vision; this can only be done with our collective efforts. I thank you. QUESTIONS

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