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A presentation by S V Swamy Reiki Master Reiki Homeopathy 4 Everyone – January, 2007.

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2 A presentation by S V Swamy Reiki Master Reiki Homeopathy 4 Everyone – January, 2007

3 Reiki – Meaning Reiki is two Japanese words, Rei and Ki (pronounced “Ray” and “Key”) Rei means Universal Ki means Energy --this energy is known as Chi, Qi and Prana in other traditions Therefore, Reiki means Universal Energy, the Vital Force that permeates the whole universe

4 Reiki – History Reiki is quite ancient--as ancient as the Universe Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan, shaped it into a practical system, and his student Mrs. Hawayo Takata of Hawai, brought it to the west. Ms Takata initiated about 22 masters during her lifetime. Many Reiki teachers trace their Reiki lineage through these teachers.

5 The Ethical Principles of Reiki Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger. Honor your parents, teachers, and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show gratitude to everything. Dr. Mikao Usui

6 Reiki Treatments Any one can receive Reiki To give Reiki, a practitioner must be “attuned” to Reiki energy by a Reiki Master Any one with a sincere desire can learn Reiki by receiving attunements “Healing touch” is similar to Reiki but does not include formal attunements and doesn’t work over distances and time

7 Learning Reiki There are several levels of attunement – 1 st Degree 2 nd Degree 3 rd Degree Reiki Master 3 rd and Master are merged into one level in some traditions. Grandmaster is not a separate level or degree of attunement. It describes a master who has attuned several masters. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the eleven disciples of Dr. Usui, was the first “Reiki Grand Master.”

8 How does Reiki feel? Reiki is usually felt as warmth, heat, or tingling The sensations are pleasant and comforting, not threatening When Reiki is flowing, one feels relaxed and may even go to sleep!

9 1st Degree Reiki Attunement First Degree introduces the learner to energy healing as well as Reiki history and practice. First Degree teaches hand positions to allow Reiki to flow for self-healing and for healing others. One can then heal one’s self, family, friends, as well as pets, plants and trees, even stuck machinery!

10 After your attunement… The Reiki Master normally requests feed-back after an attunement. Many people report seeing colours, smelling pleasant fragrances, hearing sounds, or experiencing calm. It is also OK not to feel anything! (However, this may cause the candidate to wrongly feel that the attunement has not taken place.)

11 If you don’t feel anything … A little reassurance from the Reiki Master will restore the faith of the candidate, and that faith opens the channels for Reiki flow! I can assure you from my own personal experience that attunements are ALWAYS successful Reiki is an intelligent energy and ripens the ego carefully. So, Be calm, be patient and have faith!

12 After Attunement undertake a self-cleansing and self-healing for a period of at least 3 weeks, after each attunement This is a very important step for your own benefit and I strongly advise you to do this DO NOT rush through attunements

13 Take your time Spacing attunements is done for your own development and protection Increasing the flow of Reiki too fast may unsettle your system and cause temporary health problems

14 Second degree Reiki is very powerful Your life may not, nay, will not be the same after this attunement. I am making this statement from personal experience and also from seeing and reading experiences of other Reiki Masters. You will dramatically increase the Reiki flowing through you. You can then do distant healing and give group healing! 2nd Degree Reiki Attunement

15 2 nd degree and Reiki symbols In 2 nd degree attunement, you are given 3 symbols: CKR, SHK, and HSZSN. These are the abbreviations in English for the Japanese Kanji symbols. Cho-Ku-Rei is the Power Symbol Sei-He-Ki is the Mental/Emotional Symbol Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is the Symbol for Distance Healing

16 Cho-Ku-Rei: the Power Symbol Used to increase Reiki power. It draws Energy from around you and focuses it. It is the all-purpose symbol, used * To clean negative energies * For spiritual protection * On food, water, medicine, herbs * To aid manifestation * To empower other Reiki Symbols * To seal energies after treatment

17 Used primary for mental/emotional healing and calming the mind, it restores emotional balance and harmony. It is very good for: * Psychic protection * Cleansing * In meditations * To balance the right and left brain * Aid for removing addictions * For healing past traumas * Clears emotional blockages * Remove negative energies Sei-He-Ki: Mental/Emotional Symbol

18 Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen : Distance Healing Used to Promote Enlightenment and Peace Drawn when sending a distant attunement, to remove illusions of time and distance. Meaning: The God ( The Buddha, the Christ,..) in Me Greets the God in You.

19 Secrecy of the Symbols There is a tradition in Reiki of keeping the symbols secret. Depending upon the Master and the tradition followed by that master, you may be asked to keep the symbols secret. Respect your tradition and your Master's wish. contd...

20 More about Reiki Symbols The purpose of the symbols is to focus your intention. The symbols are now available in published literature. You may find that the symbols vary slightly from what you have been taught. The symbol is just that - a symbol. The shape of the switch is not so important as the switch itself!

21 3 rd Degree Reiki Attunement / Master Attunement When you decide to make Reiki a regular part of your life and want to become a healer and a teacher, you may take up the Master Attunement. An advanced Manual and the Master symbol (DKM) are revealed to you You may then attune other Reiki aspirants

22 The primary use of the Master Symbol is the passing of Reiki attunements to others. May also be employed as a meditative focus (as in deed may any of the other three symbols) To practitioners of a great many Reiki traditions, the Master Symbol represents the combined energies of the previous three symbols, though at a more subtle level. Dai-Ko-Myo: the Master Symbol

23 If your Master follows the 3A and 3B tradition 3A will be a Healer attunement 3B will be the Master attunement You may then assist your Master in carrying out attunements for some time, before branching out independently. 3 rd Degree / Master Degree

24 Should Attunements be free or priced? This is a very sensitive issue. My 1 st and 2 nd degree attunements were from a traditional Usui Master. She was taught that FREE attunement and healing doesn't work. So, My teacher always charged a fee for attunements and for healing. She instructed me to charge for healing services. I can attest to the high quality of her teaching and the efficiency of her attunements. contd...

25 Free or priced? I felt dissatisfied with my 2 nd degree attunement, so my teacher graciously allowed me to attend her next 2 nd degree course without charge. While she was attuning someone else, Reiki started flowing through me shaking my hands so much that I got convinced that attunement actually work! All my doubts cleared! Thanks to my Master Sowmya!

26 Free or priced? However, I grew to feel that Reiki should be shared freely. I later found the other school which shared my belief--they existed for many years without my knowledge and I came to know about them at the appropriate time! So I took my Master attunement by distant attunement technique. It was free, without any payment. Thanks to Masters Neela and Aroon! I offer my healing services freely since my own needs are taken care by God through a full time job. contd...

27 Free or priced? However, let me hasten to add: both systems are equally effective in teaching and healing. If you have no other source of income and need to live by Reiki healing and teaching, go ahead and charge. If you are taken care of by some other income and want to offer your healing and teaching free, go ahead!

28 Is Reiki a panacea? As you learn Reiki, you will come across many success stories, some really incredible. It is quite probable that all of them are true (the people who share them are absolutely sincere). You will also learn that Reiki can cure health problems, past, present, future, relationships, monetary problems, career problems... contd...

29 Reiki and Destiny You may be excused if you think that at last you found the perfect panacea—Reiki-- for all your problems! In a way, you are right if you think you found Reiki, but in another way, it is Reiki which found you! Of course, Reiki and you were always there but you have now become conscious! contd...

30 Reiki and Destiny There is a never ending debate about Free Will versus Destiny. What ever you believe holds true for you: you may believe in free will and be finally forced by circumstances to accept the power of destiny. Since we said that Reiki is intelligent Universal Energy, whether Reiki will solve all your problems or not depends upon your destiny. When you are ready, Reiki will find you. If you feel that you must make an effort, go ahead and embrace Reiki consciously. Use Reiki regularly in your life and see the results!

31 To Learn More About Reiki There are several options: Books There are a number of books on Reiki--explore your library, local book store and online. Reiki_Path – an excellent Yahoo Group where you can learn about Reiki through a lot of online manuals, receive Reiki and receive Free Attunements. Click

32 Online Course on Reiki If you prefer a virtual class room, please enroll for a FREE online course on Reiki, by clicking

33 Feedback, please Feedback on this article is welcomed, send to or Thank you.

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