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4/25/20151 Country Presentation Malawi Presented by Dr Isabella Musisi President, National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi February 12, 2010.

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1 4/25/20151 Country Presentation Malawi Presented by Dr Isabella Musisi President, National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi February 12, 2010

2 4/25/20152 Outline of Presentation Current status of the organisation Country Context SANNAM impact Strategic Plan Political contact/Dialogue with policy makers and public actors Challenges & threats Way Forward & Conclusion

3 4/25/20153 Current Status- Historical Background –Founded 1979 as an Association; –Revamped & established Secretariat offices (2002 – 2006); –Revised constitution; Vision, mission, objectives and functions Membership, structure, powers & duties of officers; –Registered in 2007 as a Union under Labour Relations Act; –Affiliated to Malawi Congress of Trade Union (2008)

4 4/25/20154 Current Status- Vision & Mission Vision –Have a strong, vibrant, and visionary organisation that will result in a motivated and empowered nurse/midwife. Mission –Promote and maintain members’ professional and socio-economic interests.

5 4/25/20155 Current Status- Organisational Structure Biennial General Meeting (every 2 years) National Executive Committee (12) Executive Director & Secretariat (18) Zone Committees (4 + Student Rep. & District Chairpersons) District Committees (8) Branch Committees (5) Students Committees (15 college campuses) Workplace Stewards(1 per workplace with less 20 members)

6 4/25/20156 Current Status- Steering & standing committees + student representatives

7 4/25/20157 Current Status- Membership The current membership is at 6,641 (February 2010) from a cumulative total 8,000 nurses practicing in Malawi. This represents over 80 % of total nurses. 6641

8 4/25/20158 COUNTRY CONTEXT – Demographics & Health Indicators Population –13.1million –Increase of 2.8% population growth rate (NSO, 2008). Proportion of women and men –Women 51% –Men 49% Maternal mortality rate –807,000/100,000 live births

9 4/25/20159 COUNTRY CONTEXT – Key political & socio-economic events –Peaceful presidential & parliamentary elections in May 2009 –Majority ruling in parliament –Global financial crisis –Shortage of foreign exchange –Fuel shortage –Earthquakes 23,000,00 affected 4 deaths 250 injuries.

10 4/25/201510 Challenges to nursing & healthcare Shortage of nursing & other health providers High demand/expectations for health services vs supply –Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) aimed at (improving access to health care) has overwhelmed limited resources –Patient Rights Charter awareness

11 4/25/201511 SANNAM impact on NONM NONM-derived from SANNAM, twinned-ZIM Got exposed to the international partners who assist financially ( NNO,ICN, CORDAID etc.) Caring for Carers & Wellness Centre models from SANNAM influenced Malawi to establish its own. Focus Area 1:capacity building: Trained trainers & train nurses to protect themselves from HIV/ AIDS; Needlestick injury prevention training Establishment of Information Resource Centre

12 4/25/201512 SANNAM impact on NONM NONM advocates on the following issues that affect nurses and midwives and other health care workers: 1.Professional: 2.Academic: 3.Economic: 4.Social & Psychological:

13 4/25/201513 Current Status- O perational level Strategic Plan: 2008-2011 1.Sustainability 2.Caring for the Carers 3.Professionalism 4.Empowerment and Capacity building 5.Partnerships and networking 6.Lobbying and Advocacy 7.Information, communication and Technology 8.Social responsibility to the community and the environment

14 4/25/201514 1. Sustainability – National HQ & Wellness Centre -Partners support – NNO, Rose Project, B-D -Membership contribution -Well wishers

15 4/25/201515 1.Sustainability: Students Chapter –National Executive – Committee –Branches in all colleges

16 4/25/201516 2.Caring for Carers - HIV/AIDS up dates Support groups Seed money for IGAs Solidarity for needy nurses & orphans Wellness centre

17 4/25/201517 3.Professionalism Professional codes Professional updates Mobile Library

18 4/25/201518 4. Partnerships & networking: Norwegian Nurses Organisation ICN/P&G Royal College of Nursing NAC CORDAID Ministry of Health Regulatory Bodies NNO, RCN, NONM officials visit Mzimba

19 4/25/201519 4.Partnerships & Networking: International Council of Nurses-ICN Commonwealth Nursing Federation SANNAM Malawi Congress of Trade Unions-MCTU Council for NGOs in Malawi-CONGOMA Civil Society Networks & Campaigns

20 4/25/201520 5. Information, Communication & Technology Malawian Nurse magazine Strategic Alliance with the media. NONM, Minister of Information & Media- Media Conference, April 2008

21 4/25/201521 5. Information, Communication & Technology Outdoor advertising – lobby for Human Resources for Health

22 4/25/201522 6. Lobbying & Advocacy A conflict resolution visit to resolve strike at a college of nursing

23 4/25/201523 7. Empowerment & Capacity building: Participants to Lobbying & Advocacy Workshops facilitated by Registrar of labour,MCTU & MHEN

24 4/25/201524 8. Social responsibility Student nurses give health education and safer water to communities Safer water to orphans Model village supported by nurses

25 4/25/201525 8. Social responsibility Global Call to Action Against Poverty Access to Essential Medicines Campaign.

26 4/25/201526 Political Influence/ Dialogue with policy makers & public actors

27 4/25/201527 Nurses display messages on impact of human resources for health on maternal health

28 4/25/201528 Deputy Min. of Information joins NONM in celebrating Nurses Day 2009, Thyolo

29 4/25/201529 Rt Hon. Vice President visits a maternity clinic owned by a retired nurse-midwife

30 4/25/201530 Hon. Kaliati celebrates Nurses Day 2006

31 4/25/201531 Lobby for Human Resources for Health

32 4/25/201532 NONM joins Civil Society campaigning against poverty

33 4/25/201533

34 4/25/201534 Current Status - Achievements Support from partners and stakeholders Organisational capacity building in tools and procedures –Financial systems; Strategic Plan & Constitution Increased membership with motivated leadership at all levels Sustainability efforts - Own offices, Wellness Centre & Students Chapter Projects - Targeting members; other healthcare workers and communities

35 4/25/201535 Challenges Limited understanding by some stakeholders on the role of trade unions in nursing and health sector Inadequate organizational development at local level: –Zones and branches (workplaces) Financial sustainability –Donor dependency & low membership fees

36 4/25/201536 Threats-Human Resources for Health crisis Inadequate measures to address the crisis i.e. Treat, Train, Retain

37 4/25/201537 Way Forward Sign Recognition & Collective Bargaining Agreements with employers (Government, CHAM, Private) at national and enterprise (workplace) levels; Maximise membership recruitment; Regular visits to workplaces & colleges of nursing for information updates, negotiation & conflict resolution; Establish offices at zone & district levels; Conduct training workshops for representatives at all levels on: –lobbying & advocacy; union rights & responsibilities; labour laws; and collective bargaining

38 4/25/201538 Conclusion NONM is the only and a leading healthcare union in Malawi Union status gives legal mandate for NONM to lobby for members interests; Nurses and midwives effectively advocate for improved patient care & working environment; Visibility of NONM to stakeholders, public, and the media has improved professional image

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